Saturday, 2 July 2011

Ulverstone v Burnie Match Report

I don't know what to write really. It was a really even game with very few chances for either team. We scored first from an unlikely source. Ben Hutchinson hit a rocket from about 35 metres that took the Bradley Ryan in goal by surprise. Ryan could only get fingertips to it before it crossed the line. Burnie Struck back through Paul Bremner after he pounced on a loose ball after a free kick. Half time score 1-1.

The second half was much the same really. There were only one or two decent chances for both teams. It took a special goal to break the deadlock. Mitchell Stitz pick the ball up on the half way line, skun his defender Brian Tabrett, and, from 30m out, powered the ball into the top corner.

Burnie's defensive efforts won them the game. Sam Cocks started himself at sweeper and didn't allow our strikers in behind the defence. He was probably best on ground. Ash Smith sacrificed his game to stop Michael Grey having any impact on the game. Cocks will be more than pleased with Burnie's newer inclusions, Andrew Gibson, Malcolm Walters, Josh Daley and Connor Parke, whom all played solid roles for their team.

Ben Hutchinson was our best player today but no one else really stood out. There were some disappointing performances from a few of our players today. There will be at least 2 changes to our side next week and probably a couple of positional changes also. Some players are either not getting the message from training or are not fit enough to put the message into action, so things have to change.

Burnie certainly turned around their discipline issues. Things weren't really going either teams way with the refereeing decisions. There were a few incidents where, in the past, they could have been blown up and became out of control. To Burnie's credit, they accepted these decisions and brushed them off and in the end they got the result they were after. To our credit, we managed to do the same minus the result.

3 - Sam Cocks
2 - Ben Hutchinson
1 - AshSmith


  1. It was a pleasant change to witness a match with no send offs. Our sport is being treated by our league administrators like a Sunday school picnic.Whilst not supporting anarchy or profanity the over use of the Red Card is akin to using a Sledge hammer to crack a Walnut. As a spectator I pay through the gate to watch an even contest between to teams of eleven. Not a ruined lop sided affair. Why are referees not allowed in the first instance to issue a warning. Three to Four matches suspension out of a 16 match season. No wonder certain players get frustrated. Ulverstone v Burnie through the eyes of a Burnie follower. Sam Cocks showed his versatility switching to the back line. Paul Bremner covered every part of the pitch. Andy Gibson one of the longest serving members of the team ,whose efforts in the mid field often go un noticed along side Ashley Smith with the telescopic legs.It was to the credit of the fitness of the Burnie boys that half of them had already played in the Unders or Reserve matches.

  2. The referees are allowed to, and regularly do, issue warnings Gerry. It's just that some players aren't clever enough to take the warnings on board & play with the necessary discipline from there on. Well done to both teams yesterday, the report I got from the ground was that it was a scrappy game that was very fiery early but settled down from there. I agree with your thoughts on Andy Gibson also, I've always rated him as a player & he seems to have his head screwed on unlike some of his hot headed, mostly former, teammates.

  3. gerry - the three match suspensions are earned by a player when they use abusive, offensive, or insulting language or gestures directed AT the referee. Sounds reasonable to me. The penalties are also set out quite clearly in the competition rules so alclubs know what they are.