Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Round 16 Tipping

Launceston United v Devonport 230pm (Birch AVE)

Somerset v Riverside 230pm (Shark Park)

Burnie United v Rangers 230pm (Montello)

Knights v Ulverstone 230pm (Prospect Park)


Gibbles 57

Patty L.A 54

Ben Foote 49

Donk 48
Bobby 48
A.B 48

Twang 46

Sam 44

N.Balls 43

Chance 38

T.D 36

1 Devonport14111244202434
2 Nth Rangers13110247153233
3 Ulverstone14102257144332
4 Riverside135442429-519
5 Prospect135172028-816
6 L'ton City144371834-1615
7 L'ton United134182733-613
8 Somerset132382043-239
9 Burnie1301121455-411

Australia Four Four Two Victory League Article

For those interested, Australian Four Four Two have penned an article on the new Victory League.

And before you ask or abuse, they assumed I was president, I didn't tell tell them.  Sorry Jeffo.


Monday, 30 July 2012


I know that most times when a referee gets a mention on here it is to take the Mickey out of him or them. But this time I would like to thank fft and the referee who was in the centre for the Devonport v Knights game. It's not very often they get credit but Simon who was sent up from Hobart deserves credit. In all the games I have played over the years I have never seen such a referee like him. If we are worried about refs that will be doing the V league next year fear not any more. For some one from Hobart to be able to call every one in that game and I am guessing every game he does by each players first name and even the juniors who were in their second or third game was brilliant. No I'm not in love with him but as I say credit where credit is due. The game was never interrupted by Dubois calls and when a call was made he was more than happy to tell the player in question why. So if you do read this blog Simon, thanks again mate.....

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Rangers V Riverside Goals

Saturday Results

Northern Rangers 4 (C.Hunt, P.Lanau-Atkinson, M.Ambrose) def Riverside 1 (R.Mccaragh)

Devonport City 3 (N.Gratton, J.Toner, B.Chilcott) def Prospect Knights 1 (T.Omenihu)

Ulverstone 6 (B.Mann 4, H.Cocker, A.Conkie) Def Somerset 2

Thursday, 26 July 2012

State League Teams Announced

And They are:
From the North
Northern Rangers
Devonport City
Launceston City
From the South
Kingborough Lions
South Hobart
Hobart Olympia
Glenorchy Knights
Hobart Zebras
Some surprises there from the South with most expecting Clarence to get in and Newtown to miss out along with Glenorchy.  We wait for the southern fall out.

FFT set to make a Further Announcement today.

Football Federation Tasmania are set to make a further announcement today.  While we don’t know exactly what that will be, one would expect it to be around the make up of teams in the Victory League.
Stay Tuned to find out more.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Short list for Tasmanian squad announced

From the FFT website:
The 50-man shortlist comprises two training squads of 25 in the South and North, which will be whittled down to a 16-man state squad following two training matches.
The squad includes players from 15 different clubs and the NTC program. Southern League leaders South Hobart has seven representatives; Northern Rangers has contributed six, with New Town Eagles and Riverside Olympic close behind with five.

Northern Tasmanian Training Squad
Thomas Newman Launceston City
Shannon Rumbal Launceston Utd
Jason Singleton Ulverstone
Sam Morley Launceston City
Nathan Bartlett Launceston Utd
Nathan Gratton Devonport City
Ryan McCarragher Riverside Olympic
Todd Hingston Northern Rangers
Mark Baker Prospect Knights
Jesse Curran Devonport City
Scott Murray Northern Rangers
Nick Lanau-Atkinson Riverside Olympic
Todd Mitchell Riverside Olympic
Oliver Edmondson Riverside Olympic
Agele Luate Northern Rangers
Mark Cristy Riverside Olympic
Chris Hunt Northern Rangers
Kieran Mulraney Devonport City
Brayden Mann Ulverstone
Aidan Rigby Launceston Utd
Joel Stone Ulverstone
Patrick Lanau-Atkinson Northern Rangers
Mitchell Hawksley Launceston Utd
Toby Emenihu Prospect Knights
Declan Cuschieri Northern Rangers

Southern Tasmanian Training Squad
Nathan Pitchford New Town Eagles
Matthew Ferguson South Hobart
Jayden Hey Glenorchy Knights
Andrew Clark New Town Eagles
Eli Luttmer Taroona
Alex Holmes Glenorchy Knights
Paul Stevens NTC
Hugh Ludford South Hobart
Cameron Williams South Hobart
Jordan Muller Tilford Zebras
Liam Scott New Town Eagles
Nick Meredith Olympia FC Warriors
Shae Hickey South Hobart
Henry Fagg Tilford Zebras
Loic Feral South Hobart
Bobby Eaves South Hobart
Jamie De Smit NTC
Adam McKeown New Town Eagles
Aaron Cairns Clarence Utd
Kurt Engels Tilford Zebras
Harry Woolley Olympia FC Warriors
Warren Wadawu Olympia FC Warriors
Alex Lezczynski New Town Eagles
Andy Brennan South Hobart
Joel Schuth Kingborough Lions

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

FFT - Melbourne Victory FC partnership announced!

Football Federation Tasmania (FFT) and Melbourne Victory FC are pleased to announce a unique sporting partnership that will benefit Tasmanian football.
Media Release From Football Federation Tasmania
Today, FFT unveils Melbourne Victory FC as the naming rights sponsor of the new Tasmanian state league, which will be known as the Victory League.  FFT is also pleased to announce that Melbourne Victory will be undertaking a pre-season tour of Tasmania involving all three regions of the state.
Melbourne Victory head up a suite of sponsors that have each committed for at least three years, ensuring the Victory League’s sustainability. FFT will add to this list of partners in coming weeks.
A further announcement on the clubs that will be invited to join the Victory League will be made shortly.
FFT President Sean Collins said today’s announcement was an important milestone in the organisation’s strategy to grow the sport in Tasmania.
“The speculation is over – the Victory League is go for 2013,” Mr Collins said.
“In Melbourne Victory we have a major partner who can deliver huge benefits both on and off the field. We’re delighted with their commitment and look forward to a strong partnership.”
The Victory League will kick off in March 2013.
To ensure strong club buy-in to the league, FFT will consult widely with the football community – addressing areas such as
Victory League competition regulations
Overall competition structures and player pathways
Victory League marketing and promotion
Rostering and the match day experience
The creation of a state league is an important step for Tasmanian football in aligning the state’s competitions and player development within the framework outlined by Football Federation Australia’s National Competitions Review.
Additionally, Forestry Tasmania has given in-principle support to continue its sponsorship of the Southern and Northern Premier Leagues, which will ensure ongoing support for regional football.
Overall, the sponsorship achieved is the most significant ongoing private investment in FFT programs in the history of Tasmanian football.
Melbourne Victory Pre-Season Tour
Melbourne Victory have also announced their commitment to partner with FFT to provide regular A-League content for Tasmania, beginning with a pre-season tour in August this year.
This tour will include junior football clinics, school visits, chances for the football community to engage with Melbourne Victory FC and two matches.
The senior Tasmanian team will play Melbourne Victory at KGV Park on Tuesday 21 August, followed by Melbourne Victory playing Adelaide United at Aurora Stadium on Friday 24 August.
In Hobart, Victory and Tasmania will compete for the inaugural PFD Shield – named after major sponsors PFD Foodservices, Tasmania’s leading distributor for fresh and frozen foods, drygoods and an extensive range of paper products.
PFD joins Optus, Forestry Tasmania, Boag’s, Glenorchy City Council, Launceston City Council and Football Federation Australia as key sponsors or partners for the week.
“We know the football community are keen for more A-League content in Tasmania and we’re delighted that Australia’s biggest football club, Melbourne Victory have agreed to spend a week in Tasmania on a pre-season tour,” Mr Collins said.
“Having Victory in the state for a long stretch of time enables us to run clinics for junior footballers, visit schools, run sessions for up and coming coaches and to engage the whole football community.”
Melbourne Victory Coach Ange Postecoglou and Assistant Coach Kevin Muscat will be bringing Victory’s full squad – including new marquee signing Marcos Flores, Socceroos Archie Thompson, Danny Allsopp and Mark Milligan – to Tasmania for matches in the north and the south.
FFT last hosted an A-League team in Hobart in 2010, when on just two weeks notice more than 2000 punters packed KGV to see Tasmania compete against Central Coast Mariners.
Tickets will go on sale from Wednesday 1 August and will be available from the FFT office, KGV Park, and ‘yes’ Optus stores in Hobart, Eastlands and the Launceston CBD.
“We expect the KGV game to sell out so I would urge fans to pre-purchase their tickets to avoid missing out,” FFT CEO Mr Boulous said.
Further information regarding Melbourne Victory’s week in Tasmania will be released in coming days.
FFT-MVFC Key Partnership Benefits
FFT and Melbourne Victory’s partnership is a unique one in Australian sport, and will help to increase Tasmanian engagement with the sport at all levels. FFT hopes that the partnership will also achieve growth in two key streams: elite player pathways and ongoing A-League content.
Elite Player Pathways
Melbourne Victory and FFT’s partnership will align the FFT Elite Player Pathway into Melbourne Victory programs, ensuring that talented Tasmanian players within the NTC program can train under Victory coaching staff – both in Tasmania and within the Victory setup in Melbourne.
“Melbourne Victory’s coaching and scouting team will be regular visitors to Tasmania, working with Tasmanian technical staff to develop Tasmanian players,” Mr Boulous said.
“This partnership is about ending the notion that playing in the A-League is a distant dream for Tasmanians.
“We want to break down the barriers for elite talent so that they can make the leap to national competitions more easily.  We hope that this is the start of many Tasmanian players finding their feet in the A-League in future years,” Mr Boulous said.
Ongoing A-League Content in Tasmania

Melbourne Victory have agreed to make their pre-season tour a regular event, giving a commitment to bring its entire senior squad to Tasmania on an annual basis.
Additionally, Melbourne Victory and FFT will continue to support an A-League fixture in Launceston in 2013 & 2014 and to work together with the FFA to bring an annual A-League fixture to Hobart.
“We think both Hobart and Launceston deserve A-League matches and we’ll work together with the A-League to get a match down here.  We hope that we can work with the different levels of Government to get their support for this venture,” Mr Boulous said.
“We’re excited about the potential about this partnership and will look to maximise the benefits to grow the game at all levels,” Mr Boulous said.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Tasmanian Team Selection Progress

FFT Technical Director and Tasmanian team coach Kurt Reynolds gives us the latest on how the Tassie side is shaping up

68 nominations for the state team have been received from clubs.

After receipt of nominations, Mr Reynolds has moved to organise a series of meetings with SPL & NPL coaches across the state - beginning last Thursday in Burnie, Friday in Launceston and tonight at KGV Park for Southern coaches.

“The squad is shaping up well and the nominations include a quality group of players, as anticipated," Kurt Reynolds said.

“The quality of the nominated players is high and as we work through the process it will be exciting to formulate the team mix and finalise the starting line-up.”

“I see this consultation with the PL coaches as a valuable “feedback/information” gathering exercise which also adds value towards making more knowledgeable squad selection decisions. Apart from that it is always a pleasure to talk football with key coaches in the state.”

“Beyond these discussions we can proceed with confirming a brief series of training or training game moments where I can view the players in action. These will be the key moments towards finalising the state squad that will take the park and will take place over the next couple of weeks,” confirmed Reynolds.

“We are eager to push forward swiftly with the selection process in preparation for pending match opportunities."
For more news on the Tasmanian team, including any match announcements, stay tuned to the FFT website.

Round 15 Tipping

BurnieUnited v Launceston City 230pm (Montello)

Rangers v Riverside 230pm (NTCA)

Ulverstone v Somerset Sharks 230pm (Ulverstone Show Grounds)

Devonport v Knights 230pm (Valley Road)


Gibbles 51

Donk 48

Patty L.A 46

Ben Foote 45

A.B 44

Twang 42
Bobby 42

N.Boxhead 41

Sam 40

Chance 37

T.D 34

SMP 29

1 Devonport13101241192231
2 Nth Rangers12100243142930
3 Ulverstone1392251123929
4 Riverside125432325-219
5 Prospect125161925-616
6 L'ton United134182733-613
7 L'ton City133371633-1712
8 Somerset122371837-199
9 Burnie1201111353-401

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tipping Round 14

Somerset v Devonport 230pm (Shark Park)

Launceston City v Riverside 230pm (Mitsubishi Park)

Knights v Launceston United 230pm (Prospect Park)

Rangers v Ulverstone 430pm (NTCA) FFT are showing 230 K/O ?


Gibbles 48

Donk 46

Ben Foote 43
Patty L.A 43

Bobby 40
A.B 40

Twang 39

N.Broomstick 38

Sam 37

T.D 33
Chance 33

SMP 28

1 Ulverstone1292150104029
2 Devonport1291237181928
3 Nth Rangers1190241132827
4 Riverside114432225-316
5 Prospect115151823-516
6 L'ton City123361632-1612
7 L'ton United123182532-710
8 Somerset112361733-169
9 Burnie1201111353-401

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League Round 13 Ladder

And a Promo for the top of the table clash this week between the Northern Rangers and Ulverstone.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Round 13 Tipping

Launceston United v Somerset 230pm (birch Ave)

Ulverstone v Launceston City 230pm (Ulverstone show grounds)

Devonport v Rangers 230pm (Valley Road)

Riverside v Burnie United 230pm (Windsor Park)

Bonus 5 points
How many goals will be scored this week in the NPL

Gibbles 47

Captain Aus 39

Ben Foote 41
Patty L.A 41

Bobby 39

A.B 38

Twang 37

N.Bogan 36

Sam 34

T.D 33

Chance 29

SMP 28

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Saturday Results

Northern Rangers 3 (S.Nugteren, S.Murray, Y.Towns) def Launceston 0.  (2-0H:T)

Somerset Sharks 3 Def Prospect Knights 2

Launceston City 0 lost Devonport City 3 (Mulraney 2, Ashdown)

Burnie United 0 lost Ulverstone 10 (Mann 4, B.Foote, J.Stone, H.Crocker, D.Baldock, Roberts-Thompson, Conkie) (0-5 H:T)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Full Length Highlights and Interviews from Round 11

Devonport Vs Burnie United:

Ulverstone Vs Riverside:

This Weeks Fixtures:

Chris Smith is out for Somersets game against Prospect

Somerset v Prospect Knights 2:30pm Shark Park

Both having a tough time of things at present.  Somerset will be without Chris Smith who is suspended after accumulating 5 yellow cards.  Prospect will be desperate to return to the winners list and consolidate their top 4 spot.  Prospect will be without Andy Compane who is injured and probably Chris Pickering with Work.  Should be a closer game than the ladder suggests, but no Smith will hurt Somerset.

Launceston City v Devonport 2:30pm Prospect

Launceston City are on the up with 2 wins from their last two matches, they will be full of confidence this week against Devonport, who have to win to keep touch with the leaders.  Launceston City will be thinking of finals if they win here, and from their anything can happen.  Big improvers over the last few weeks and well capable of defeating Devonport at home.  Devonport have not been a full pace since their win over Rangers in round 4, and that could be a good thing as they looked like they were starting to get some form back in their 4-0 win over Burnie and tis could be the game to get them back on track. 
Burnie's centre back Gibson will have his hands full of
Mann this weekend.

Northern Rangers v Launceston United 2:30pm NTCA
Rangers are just moving along nicely at the moment and should be too strong for Launceston.  Rangers will bring in Tenzing Anderson to left back and Adam McItyre will make way to the bench.  No other changes, but this is a tricky fixture for the league leaders, often struggling against Launceston, who seem to grow another leg when they come up against their next door neighbours.
Burnie United v Ulverstone 4:30 pm Montello
Later kick off will give the supporters at Somerset a chance to catch another game. Ulverstone should have no trouble accounting for Burnie who just can’t take a trick at the moment.  This could be another 4 or 5 goals for Brayden Mann, but Ulverstone will do well to find consistent goal scorers around Brayden or he might be their undoing later in the year if injury or suspension strikes.  I think everyone except Somerset want to see Burnie win a game this year, but unfortunately it won’t be this week.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mark Bakers Report On The Proposed T League

TASMANIAN soccer clubs will know early next week whether a statewide competition will be reintroduced, with signs indicating the T-League will progress in 2013.
Football Federation Tasmania chief executive John Bulbous said an announcement on T-League and an update on sponsorship would be made on Monday or Tuesday but he was very confident about a 2013 start.
It is understood about a dozen teams have applied from across the state to be part of the eight-team competition.
Northern Premier League clubs Northern Rangers, Prospect Knights, Launceston City and Devonport City have applied while Burnie United, Launceston United, Ulverstone, Somerset and Riverside Olympic have not.
Devonport City coach Chris McKenna said it was his club's goal to play at the highest level possible in any competition. The Strikers won the state league in 1998 but withdrew from the 1999 season due to travel costs.
Northern Rangers secretary Brendan Lichtendonk said his club was keen to be involved under the right model.
FFT announced last year that it wanted to restore the statewide league that was downgraded to separate Northern and Southern leagues in 2000.
Depending on the level of sponsorship, FFT proposes a $10,000 nomination fee from clubs but would provide a travel allowance and $30,000 in prize money.
Former police commissioner Jack Johnston and former Attorney-General Sir Max Bingham have been drafted by FFT to assess applications and recommend the best eight clubs to the FFT board.
Their assessment, based on several requirements, including financial security, appropriate club facilities, junior pathways, technical staff and accredited coaches, will be finalised in the next few weeks.
FFT has not given a preferred ratio of Northern, North-Western and Southern clubs, saying that selections would be based on the club's ability to meet selection criteria. If successful, T-League could be expanded to 10 teams.
Mark Baker
Chief of Staff

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Round 11 Tipping

Somerset v Knights 230pm Shark Park

Launceston City v Devonport 230pm Mitsubishi Park

Rangers v Launceston United 230pm NTCA

Burnie United v Ulverstone 430 pm Montello


Gibbles 44

Patty L.A 39
Captain Aus 39

Ben Foote 36

A.B 35
Bobby 35

N.Bum 33

Twang 32

Sam 31

T.D 29

SMP 25

Chance 21 (getting closer old mate)

1 Nth Rangers98013792824
2 Ulverstone1072136102623
3 Devonport1071230171322
4 Prospect105141620-416
5 Riverside104331922-315
6 L'ton City103341625-912
7 L'ton United102171728-117
8 Somerset91351323-106
9 Burnie1000101040-300

Monday, 2 July 2012

Football Federation Tasmania Buy More Time in T-League announcement.

Two Clubs that have applied for T-League are Prospect Knights
and the Northern Rangers.
FFT have today issued a press release that puts us in no better picture as to where we were yesterday, only that a major sponsor is in discussions and that FFT believe they are close to gaining a commitment.
As most people were already aware, the T-League looks promising, but for clubs who will have aspirations to be a part of this league, FFT are not making life easy to get organised.  At this stage FFT are remaining on track to announce successful clubs in August, which will leave most clubs, approximately 6 weeks to finalise everything and commence training in mid October.  Im sure many would have been hoping for an announcement sooner ifp possible, but this is unlikely.
The press release reads:
The Football Federation Tasmania Board Has approved the T‐League, The new Tasmanian State football league, to commence in 2013, Subject to the finalisation of a contract with the major sponsor.
“We Wanted to honour the end of June Deadline that we set ourselves to the football community, and today we are able to say that we’re almost over the line,” Mr Boulous said.
South Hobart and Launceston City also applied for T-League
“We’ve gone out to the community and the support we’ve received in difficult times has been really heartening and exciting for football.
“We’re waiting on finalising a contract with our major sponsor and when complete, the league will have the green light”.
Mr Boulous said that until the sponsorship contract was finalised with the major sponsor; it was unlikely that FFT would be making further comment on the T‐League.
Announcements on successful  applicant clubs, sponsors, opportunities for clubs and the football community to engage in planning for the T‐League and the underpinning league structures that cater for players, male and female of all ages and abilities will follow later this month.
FFT outlined in the T‐League application form that clubs that were successful in gaining entry into the T-league would be announced by 6 August 2012.
FFT Remains firmly on track to meet this timeline.