Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saturdays results

Prospect 1 def Rangers 0 Riverside 5 drew with Somerset 5

Friday, 30 August 2013

More Catch Up Games Today

The second round of catch up games are on today with all games in Launceston. With the game of the round being played at Prospect Park with the winner making up the top 4. The Ranger are taking this game and the finals series very seriously with them bringing 6 or 7 V League starters. They will be Todd Hingston, the Lanu-Atkinson twins. Aiden Rigby and a couplet others. Prospect will be hoping to beat cross town rival at home and will be out to make up for last weeks loss. Riverside host champions Somerset with what should be better conditions at Windsor Park today. Riverside will be looking to scalp as many points as possible with the catch up games to make amends for a sub par season. Today may be the day for Olyipic as Somerset have rested a few senior players allowing the guys who have been on the bench most of the year to start today. What ever team the Sharks put on the pitch they will be posative in taking the points. Launceston City host Launceston United in the other game.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Saturdays results

Prospect 0 lost to Somerset 7 Devonport 4 lost to Burnie 5 Riverside 8 beat Launceston United 2

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Let The Catch Ups Begin

This is the first week of catch up games before the finals and with the champions already decided there is still a lot up for grabs. Not only will there be 2 clubs fighting for 4th position over the next few weeks there is also clubs wanting to finish on some highs after sub par results this year. Prospect Knights v Somerset Sharks 3pm Prospect Park Prospect will be out to gain the 3 points this week as their finals hopes are still alive. They have 3 catch up games and winning 2 out of the 3 will see them take 4th spot off the Rangers. The Knights will be fresh after having the bye last week and the previous weeks game called off. They will be with out a few senior players this week with Mark Baker out due to work commitments along with goal keeper Galger Inns. Prospect have shown that they do deserve to be in the top 4 with some strong wins during the year and with the combination of Sean Harris and Andy Compaign up front have scored at least a dozen between the two. Somerset will be looking to continue their runs of wins after being dubbed the 2013 NPL champions. After a hard weekend and Monday of rallying the team resumed training Tuesday in preparation for the catch up games. Somerset will take the same squad to Prospect Park as they did to the NTCA last week. This is starting to cause a few head aches for the coaches as quality players are either sitting on the bench or may find them selves in reserves this week. The side wont be picked until tomorrow and with bogy conditions expected this will play part in the squad being selected. Devonport v Burnie United 4pm Valley Road With the NPL playing after the V League this should be a good contest. As stated in the rules any one in the V League squad can go up but they cant come down. So with the game after the V League Devonport will have to pick wisely who they put into the squad. The Strikers had a good win last week easily accounting for the under par Launceston United. Devonport will want to cement 3rd spot which will see it take on rival Ulverstone in the first week of the finals. With V League coach Chris McKenna now playing in the NPL, They would have to be favourites. Rod Andrews said this” With our Victory League team playing at home, Mal should have a pretty strong team at his disposal. Peter Gilham is unavailable but other than that it looks pretty strong. Last week we fielded an NPL side that would be competitive against some V League teams and while this causes us a few headaches it must be doubly frustrating for our competitors, who don't know whether they will play Under 17 Devonport or Senior Devonport from week to week. Burnie United have had a better second half of the year and will be looking to roll Devonport as they were full of confidence when the game was scheduled to play back in round 14. Key defender Peter VanEk fly’s back in today after trials with Melbourne Hearts youth team and could be a late inclusion to Uniteds squad to play a marking roll on McKenna. Aiden Smith and Brodie Best scored last week and with Trent Potts providing the link United will know they can match the Strikers. Riverside Olympic v Launceston United 2:30 pm Windsor Park In the 1st of 3 catch up games for Riverside they will be out to get maximum points this week end. They had a great fight back last week and may show where people expected them at the start of the year. Riverside have been unlucky with results and weather and will be full of confidence taking on United tomorrow at their home ground. With the pitch being to wide for United and the quality ball game Olympic provide it should be a white(orange) wash. Coach Penfold said this” Last week saw us get our first point in quite a few weeks. It wasn’t looking good early, being down 3-0 inside 10 mins. But to the boys credit they fought back and got back into the game and took the lead twice. Our lack of games in the last month allowed Ulverstone to force the draw. But its that fighting spirit that will be required to take on a hungry Launceston United. Its a battle of the cellar dwellers and it will be a hard fought contest but I fully expect our boys to come away with the 3 points. Its been a disappointing year, but we are determined to finish the year with some good performances.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Saturdays results


Rangers 1 lost to Somerset 8 (Somerset are 2013 champions)

Ulverstone 5 drew with Riverside 5

Burnie United 2 drew with  Launceston City 2

Launceston United 0 lost to Devonport 6

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Round 18 Could Be Full Of Suprises

The so called final round is here. With some interesting fixtures being played this week. I have been informed that there will still be a finals series but now will only run for 2 weeks. I’m gathering semi finals on the 7th of September and the final on the 14th of September.
With there being no money for the finals series it will be all about pride and bragging rights, So there is still a lot to play for this week and the following weeks with catch up games.

Ulverstone V Riverside 2pm(fft) Ulverstone Show Grounds

Ulverstone will be looking to finish with a win to keep its every so slight chance of winning the title. At home the Reds will start out strong favorites and with Connor Meanie in damaging form scoring 9 goals in the last 2 games should keep their form rolling. The Reds have shown over this year they are one of the better teams in the  comp and no doubt will be looking to go one further next year and if they keep the same squad with juniors also coming through will be very competitive.
Riverside will be licking their lips knowing that even if it is raining they will have a game still to play because the Ulverstone Show Grounds drain really well. Wayne Penfold should have a very full squad that have been well rested and with no injures fired up to take on the Reds. Its fair to say that Olympic have not had the season they would have liked and will be looking to finish of the final  round with a win. If they do or even produce a draw this will give Somerset the title with out even playing.

Launceston United V Devonport 2:30 pm Birch Ave

With Birch Ave deemed under water Tuesday night it will be interesting to see if the game goes ahead and then another week of catch ups. Launceston will be doing every thing in their will to try and get a win at home as they sit at the bottom of the ladder with out a win. Launceston were looking good at the start of the year in the Hudson cup then lost a lot of their senior players to Launceston City V League, Since then have struggled to get a win.
Devonport will be convinced they can rebound from last weeks loss against the Sharks and will try and cement 3rd spot. Pete Gilham comes back into the NPL squad and will no doubt try and finish off with the golden boot award, He only leads Kyrone Johnson by 2 and the Sharks have 2 more games to play after this. Gilham has also been included into the NPL squad due to not being available for the next 3 weeks.
Rod Andrews said this”
 Another week, another unplayable ground. Hopefully Birch Avenue isn't underwater and we get to play, although based on last weeks precedent it wont matter if the ground is underwater we will still play , which is all good until someone breaks their leg in half. 

Our young team has performed admirably in recent weeks, and looks a lot stronger on paper. It been a long year for some our underage players and this week we will take the opportunity to give some them a spell before the finals”.

Burnie United v Launceston City Montello 2:30pm
Burnie can make its self a clear spot for 6th position with a win against City at home. Burnie will still be with out veteran Pete Vanek but will looking to make it 2 wins from 2 games. This is something Burnie haven’t been able to do this year but will be full of confidence going into tomorrows game. Aiden Smith has been outstanding for United after his inclusion to the senior side and is a regular avenue to goals. Along with Trent Potts running the middle of the ground the 3 points should stay at Montello.
City have had an up and down season so far and would be disappointed with their year right across the board. With the club entering the V League this year would be the main source of the problems. Coach Lino Sculli would be asking his troops to finish on a high and scalping the points off United.
If this game is going to be like the last time these clubs met expect a high scoring physical game.

Rangers v Somerset Sharks 3pm NTCA

In another game with a question mark over its head, This should be a cracker if it goes ahead. Rangers will be looking to cement 3rd spot with a win and Prospect having the bye. Rangers should have a strong NPL side as their V League teams plays strait after. I’m sure the Rangers will be also looking at stopping the Sharks from winning on their home ground as there is pay back on the cards due to Rangers winning both of their recent titles against the Sharks one at Somerset and one at the NTCA. With all due respect that is too….. Brendan Lichtendonk said this”
Going to be touch and go this weekend with the weather,  The grounds wont be closed, thought the Referee's may decide to make a decision during the course of the day, and we can not do anything about this.  There are 6 games to be played across to grounds on Saturday, so fingers crossed.

From a squad point of view, we will need to pull Stefan Hamilton up to the Victory League bench for cover for a few players carrying niggles, and have lost Josh Burk from the squads as well.

We are always confident, though its been a disrupted couple of weeks, coming off the bye and having the game against Prospect canned after 55 minutes, none of which are helpful.
Somerset have a fully fit squad available for this game with Astyn Johnson returning after having a few week off with work commitments. The Sharks are well aware with what’s at stake and will be pushing hard for the win or even a point. But will also be aware of what threats the Rangers can produce especially with the likes of Yitay Townes.


1 Somerset 13 12 0 1 62 11 51 36
2 Ulverstone 15 11 0 4 47 24 23 33
3 Devonport 14 9 1 4 43 33 10 28
4 Nth Rangers 14 8 1 5 30 26 4 25
5 Prospect 13 7 2 4 33 20 13 23
6 Burnie 14 4 1 9 20 39 -19 13
7 L'ton City 14 3 2 9 22 48 -26 11
8 Riverside 12 3 1 8 16 25 -9 10
9 L'ton United 13 0 0 13 5 52 -47 0

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Saturdays Results


Somerset 7 ( Liston 3, Kyrone Johnson 2 Nettleton 1 Cocks 1) def Devonport 1(lizote)

Ulverstone 5 def Launceston City 1

Launceston United 2 lost  to Burnie United 3

V League

Devonport 1 lost to South Hobart 3

Kingbourough 1 drew with Rangers 1

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Will Round 17 Be Washed Out


 Round 17 has a big question mark over its head. How many games will actually be played with the weather we have at the moment. Riverside are at home again and with last weeks ground condition and the rain we are having now will that go ahead, Also Launceston United host Burnie in another ground that may be deemed dangerous as well. Then to add the cherry on the cake Somerset have had to move their Under 18s and Reserves to Frederick Street in Wynyard to allow the NPL game against Devonport to go ahead on their home ground.

Launceston United v Burnie United 2:30pm Birch Ave

In a game that both sides would be eager to take the points, This should be a close affair with both clubs improving over the second leg. Even though results haven't gone both their ways they have proven to match it with the top clubs.

Both clubs also will be fresh after Burnie having the bye and Launceston's game called off.

Burnie should take the chocolates this week, After a good result against Rangers away.

Burnie will be with out their solid defender Pete Vanek but welcome back Brodie Best, Tyler
Johnstone and Xavier Smith. Along with Trent Potts and the ever reliable Brad Ryan in goal Burnie should be singing "Nah Nah Nah Naaaah" at 4:30.

Somerset Sharks v Devonport 2:30pm Shark Park

In a do or die game for both cubs this week should be a great game and with bad conditions guaranteed for the game it should level the skill out a bit. Somerset were very disappointed last week not having the game go on as they felt they were in a prime position after the half hour of play.

They have a full squad to choose from and this will allow 2 fresh subs for only the second time this year.

New signing Ash Smith will make his first start for his new club after coming off the bench over the last few weeks.

This will allow gun Kaimon Johnson to push forward with Jeremy DeBomford and create havoc against Devonport.

The Strikers have had a not so great month with results, Injures and V League selections loosing their secret weapon Pete Gilham to the V League, But in saying that you can never write of the young strikers as they are coached well and a very well drilled out fit.

Rod Andrews said this"

injuries have really taken a toll on our NPL side over the past month which has impacted on our ability to win the ball back consistently. That said, both Mal and I have been really impressed with how our Seniors, which is really an Under 17 Team with a couple of exceptions, have continued toSomerset will start clear favorites this weekend, but our boys are really looking forward to the challenge. I just hope that pitch conditions are conducive to a good game....and more importantly Somerset provide good post match food!
play positive creative football. Naturally

Ulverstone Reds V Launceston City 2:30 pm Ulverstone Show Grounds 2:30pm

Ulverstone have been the inform team of late and will be full of confidence after last weeks mauling of their rivals Devonport.

Ulverstone will be favorites at home and will be looking to seal second spot and would be hoping Somerset to slip over the next month as there is still an ever so slight sniff at the title if the Sharks were to loose.

Connor Meanie as i say every week will be the danger man and after snagging 5 last week will be looking to add to that tally.

Launceston City find them selves back where they were at the start of the year with selection problems as the V league side is in Hobart at the same time.

City will be looking to press the Reds all the way and after a win against a much fancied River side a few weeks ago would know with in them selves they have what it takes .

Riverside V Prospect Knights 2:30pm Windsor Park

In a game looking like it is going to be washed out Prospect will be hoping the game goes ahead. If they beat Olympic they will jump into 4th with the Rangers having the bye.
Riverside will be eager to get another win on the bored especially at home. Wayne Penfold said this"
This week we are looking to earn some respect in our game against Prospect Knights. Despite our poor run of form, I believe our game first round against Prospect was our worst 90 minute performance of the year. We didn’t play the way we like to play at all during the match and Knights capitalised on our mistakes to take the victory.

Its been a frustrating couple of weeks with the weather, so the boys are keen to get back on the park and finish what has been a bitterly disappointing season, with a couple of wins.  We head into the game today with our best squad available and are confident of getting the 3 points.

Ladder After Round 16
1 Somerset 12 11 0 1 55 10 45 33
2 Ulverstone 14 10 0 4 42 23 19 30
3 Devonport 13 9 1 3 42 26 16 28
4 Nth Rangers 14 8 1 5 30 26 4 25
5 Prospect 13 7 2 4 33 20 13 23
6 L'ton City 13 3 2 8 21 43 -22 11
7 Riverside 12 3 1 8 16 25 -9 10
8 Burnie 13 3 1 9 17 37 -20 10
9 L'ton United 12 0 0 12 3 49 -46 0

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Weekend Results


Ulverstone 11 def Devonport 3

Somerset 1 were leading Riverside 0 until game called off

Rangers 3 were leading Prospect 0 until game was called off

Launceston City v Launceston United Cancelled

This makes me wonder what FFT will do now as the season has to weeks of catch up games so far with 2 rounds to go.
Another though is for the teams that travell away on the bus and get to the ground and have the game called off. Will FFT subsidies the cost having to travell again or will they just say the winning team at the time takes the 3 points?
Will be interesting few days at the FFT head quarters......

V League

Glenorchy 0 lost to Devonport 2

Tilford Zebras 3 beat Rangers 1

Update for catch up games
It seems that fft are allowing all catch up games to be played. So ATM the season will continue until Saturday the 31st of August pending that there are no mores games called off. At this stage and judging by the weather stations there could be a few more games cancelled. So I am thinking the finals series may be cancelled.
My comments are only hear say so if any one can back what I'm posting or know anything else please keep us all up to date!!!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Round 16 Could Be Full Of Suprises

Round 16 has some very important and dangerous games being played this week with several different out come could change the ladder dramatically. Bad weather and ground conditions will be on all coaches minds and with 3 games scheduled for the Launceston area would be a little worrying as the Meander Valley Council close the ground at the sniff of rain. If they close the grounds again and it is the three grounds that were closed 2 weeks ago will cause headaches for FFT as the rumour is if any more games are called off and catch up games need to be played the finals series will be scrapped. If that’s the case a lot of clubs will be disappointed as they are vying for top 4 and to play finals. Launceston City v Launceston United 12pm Mitsubishi Park Launceston City are starting to show where they should be on the ladder with a few good results over the last month and will be looking to take the 3 points from the winless Launceston United. The NPL game is before the V League fixture so this will strengthen the City squad and if not already now will be favourites. Roger Mies is still showing he has what it takes to compete against the younger guys and one would think if he had great delivery to him like other clubs he would easily be the leading marks man. Knights V Rangers 2:30 pm Prospect Park In a game that would be called a grudge match. These two teams always lift against each other and you a guaranteed a great game. Prospects ground will slow both sides up with all the rain. Prospect have been hit with a few injures over the last 2 months but will be looking to take the 3 points at home. Andy Compainge and Sean Harris have been combining well up front and will look to cause headaches for the Rangers defence. Ray Heald had this to say” Missing this week Sean Harris, Gallager Innis and Pip Atherton, in comes Andy Compagne, Anton Lapolombara and Josh Hartnett Again a must win for us at home if it stops raining, haven’t trained on the ground this week still to wet, council needs to spend some money on drainage Always a close game with rangers, we will be throwing everything at them this week hoping to move into the top four. The Rangers will be looking to open up a gap from 4th to 5th place with a win away. With the V League playing on Sunday this may allow the Rangers to bolster their squad for this game considering how important this game is. The Rangers play a free flowing and fast passing game but maybe the ground will not allow this at all. Brendan Lichtendonk said this” This week its a must win for our Premier League boys, with both Prospect and ourselves fighting for that spot in the top four. We know it will be a tough match. No changes for us from our draw with Burnie, though we may make a few positional changes. Prospect are a good side, better than there position suggests, so we know we are in for a big battle. Ulverstone V Devonport Strikers 2:30 Ulverstone Show Grounds In another do or die battle this has the making for a great game. 2nd spot is up for grabs and both teams will be wanting it. Ulverstone will be looking to get back on the winners list after last week loss and will use that for drive. Shaun Conkie should be back for this match and with Adam and Connor Meanie creating dangerous attacks, This should be a high scoring game. Last week The Reds were with out Matty Hubbored and with his inclusion this week will strengthen their defence. Devonport find them selves back on the track after having 2 weeks off with the bye and ground closures, They would be hoping for another week of as the V League team plays in Hobart and are taking a few of the NPL players. Rod Andrews said this” After a couple of weeks without games and points we are really keen to get a good result against Ulverstone. The Reds have definitely had the wood on us this season and seem to lift every time they play us. We have a few selection uncertainties, and when I left the table last night we were still unsure about V.League debutant and regular Centre Half Jack Dance’s availability, and speedy young winger Mitchell Blake is injured, so these aspects coupled with our V.League team being in Hobart, mean our depth will be truly tested again this weekend. The other battle will be related to the quality of the post game food – and noting what a cold sausage can do to club relations (see previous blogs on this subject), I hope Ulvie can deliver in this area. Riverside V Somerset Sharks 2:30pm Windsor Park Riverside find them selves at home this week facing ladder leaders Somerset. Riverside will be looking to match the Sharks as they know they can. Riverside started very strongly against the Sharks in the last encounter but lost ways after a sending off. Wayne Penfold will have his troops up and about and will be excepting nothing but a win. Sammy Hughs has had a quite season but you can never ride him or Riverside off. Somerset will be looking for a win and a Devonport loss over the weekend which will allow them to have one hand on the prize with a 8 point gap after this round. But the Sharks know Riverside are no easy beat and especially at home. Kevin Considine said this” After a tough win against Ulverstone last week, the Sharks travel to Riverside in what could be a real danger game? Even though Rivers recent form has not been that good, they are a tough team to crack and with the possibility of several key players missing we will need to be at their best to collect the full points. Ladder After Round 15 1 Somerset 12 11 0 1 55 10 45 33 2 Devonport 12 9 1 2 39 15 24 28 3 Ulverstone 13 9 0 4 31 20 11 27 4 Nth Rangers 14 8 1 5 30 26 4 25 5 Prospect 13 7 2 4 33 20 13 23 6 L'ton City 13 3 2 8 21 43 -22 11 7 Riverside 12 3 1 8 16 25 -9 10 8 Burnie 13 3 1 9 17 37 -20 10 9 L'ton United 12 0 0 12 3 49 -46 0