Sunday, 18 December 2011

Northern Futsal Final and Teams of the Year

On Saturday night the final of the Northern Futsal Premier League was played at Devonport Stadium. The pre-match entertainment was the semi-final between the Onetouchables (Predominantly Rangers players) and FSe Futebol (Ulverstone players). FSe Futebol won their way through to the final with an 11-4 victory.

Unfortunately, for FSe Futebol, They had to front up one hour later to play against the number 1 team in the north, Monkey Mite. It didn't take long to see which team was the superior and Monkey Mite should have been in front by a lot more at half time. It was only the performance of Mikey Grey in goals that kept the scoreline to a somewhat respectable 3-1. In the second half Monkey Mite continued on its merry way and the final scoreline read 10-2. Chris Hunt was named best on field in the final.

Northern League

Team of the Year
Pat Farrell - GK
Adam Beard
Pat Lanau-Atkinson
Gabriel Tams
Mitch Duffy

Player of the Year
Pat Farrell

Golden Boot
Mitch Duffy              25
Gabriel Tams            23
Andy Compagne      18
Aaron Campbell       16
Greg Duffy               16
Jack Hudson            16
Tobius Omenihu       14
Nic Lanau-Atkinson 14
Chris Hunt               13
Mark Ambrose        12

North-West League

Team of the Year
Michael Grey - GK
Tim Reid
Connor Lizotte
Keenan Douce
Joel Stone

Player of the Year
Joel Stone

Golden Boot
Josh Laing                26
Joel Stone                24
Connor Lizotte         16
Jordan Douce          15
Nick Owen              13
Keenan Douce         13
Tim Read                 12
Thomas Maine         12
Brayden Mann         11
Jacob Wiggers         10

Monday, 21 November 2011

Burnie Preseason

Burnie United
Pre season Training starts tuesday 22nd November
6.30pm At Montello and every tuesday up untill the
27th December.

This open to all Senior, Reserve, Women, U18 and
any new or past players wishing to return.
Any further information im (Tony Cocker) contactable on

Mobile 0407 518 410

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Devonport Coaches and Preseason

Coaches Appointed for 2012
The Devonport Strikers are pleased to announce the following coaching appointments for the 2012 season:
                Premier League Coach                                 Chris McKenna
                Premier League Assistant Coach                 Darren Chilcott
                Premier League Reserves Coaches             Andrew Meldrum
                Premier League Under 18 Coach                 Mal Gorrie
                Premier League Women’s Coach                 Krystine Jeffrey
    Under 16 Boys Coach                                     David Meldrum
    Under 15 Girls Coach                                     Bradley Chilcott
    Under 14 Boys Coach                                     Kevin Smith
    Director of Junior Coaching                           Rod Andrews

Club President Andrew Groves is delighted with the appointments and also paid tribute to retiring coaches Tom McGinn and Peter Best. “We are extremely grateful for the hard work and years of service that Tom and Peter have given us, their contributions have left the club in a healthy state and made the transition for our new coaches and players an easy one.” Mr Groves said. With announcements surrounding the appointment of the Division 1 Coach imminent, the club is well placed to begin the new season on the right foot.

Newly appointed Senior Men’s Coach Chris McKenna is excited about the challenge of being a Playing Coach, and noted recently that the appointment of Assistant Senior Coach Darren Chilcott was a critical part of his plans for the new season, ‘Chilla’ has been around the game for many years & has also coached successfully at various levels. His role on game day will be vital as another set of eyes while I’m playing and it will be just as important in training during the week. The structure of training will be considerably different than it has been previously & Darren will play a key role in that.”

McKenna recently announced that Pre-season Training for the 2012 season will commence on Tuesday, the 22nd of November at 6.30pm. He noted that all Premier League players (Seniors, Reserves and Under 18’s) are welcome to attend. It is also anticipated that Under 14 and 16 Boys and Under 15 Girls Training will commence on the 6th of December 2011. Specific details of this are to be released shortly.

Launceston City Preseason

Monday, 14 November 2011

Northern Rangers Announce 2012 Coaching Team.

2012 Leadership Group Gabriel Tams, Todd Hingston
and Marshall Pooley.
With the 2012 season fast approaching Northern Rangers have moved to firm up their plans for the 2012 Season, appointing a coaching team to lead the group through the 2012 campaign.
Three time George Dale Winner Todd Hingston joins the clubs leadership group, working closely with Gabriel Tams and Marshall Pooley.
For the three it will be their first time in such positions, but the club is excited at what the trio will bring to the side at a leadership level with some fresh thinking  All have played under Roslan Sa’ad and Adam Whitemore, and all are keen to see the current brand of football the club has adopted, continue and improve into the future.
Training will commence on Monday the 9th of January 2012 at the NTCA from 6pm, and continue every Monday and Wednesday from there on, unless otherwise stated on the clubs website.  Friday sessions will again feature from late January at Churchill Park from 6pm to 7pm.
Additional preseason fitness work will include Monday evening runs from Monday the 21st of November, the group will be leaving from the Launceston Rugby club car park, and all intending players are encouraged to attend.
On the Women’s front, the club has appointed Jamie Fosket to lead the Women into a new era of football as he looks to take discipline to a higher level amongst the Women’s ranks.  He will be assisted by Jacquie Latham who joins the club after some time away from the game.  Jacquie has extensive experience and accolades at State level with NSW and WA and the club looks forward to what she will bring to the Women’s team.  Their training schedule will be announced soon.
Under 18s will this year be lead by Mel Cuschieri and Rod Fulton.  Both of these men have had great experience at junior level, and will focus on preparing the under 18’s for promotion through the clubs ranks.  The Under 18 training will most likely start in late January, but anyone who is keen, is encouraged to join the seniors from the 9th of January.
If you are interested in playing or getting involved with the club in 2012, please send the club an email at

Monday, 7 November 2011

Ulverstone Pre-Season Training

Ulverstone's pre-season starts on Tuesday 15th November at Ulverstone High School 6pm.

All new and old players are welcome. In particular, we are in need of a keeper or 2!

We will be training on Tuesdays and Fridays, same time, same venue.

Happy to put up start times for other teams. You just need to post them and I'll sort it.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Player and Coach Movements

Just thought I'd open a post to let you speculate about player and coach movements and appointments.

I cant confirm all of these but:

Chris McKenna to coach Devonport Seniors

Tony Cocker to coach Burnie Seniors

Bobby Eaves to South Hobart

Brayden Mann to Ulverstone

Joel Stone to coach Ulverstone U/18's

Sam Cocks and Chris Smith to Prospect

Any other rumours/truths to add?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Prospect Knights Awards

All votes are 3,2,1 by 3

Under 18’s

1.       Jake Jillett                                           41
2.       Anton La Palambaro                       37
3.       Zac Van Asch                                      34
4.       Josh Hartnett                                     32
5.       Mitchell Chugg                                  31


1.       Deb Lawrence                                   55
2.       Karla Jones                                         40
3.       Skye Van Asch                                   32
4.       Kresta-Lee Davis                              27
5.       Danielle Dwyer                                 19


1.       Andrew Compagne                         34
2.       Chris Pickering                                   29
3.       Damien Thomas                               24
4.       Rhys Kinslow                                      23
5.       Matthew Heald                                21


1.       Matthew Sessay                              49
2.       Greg Duffy                                          36
3.       Toby Omenihu                                  33
4.       Chris Hill                                               29
5.       Chris Pickering                                   26
6.       Ben Crosswell                                    26
7.       Mark Baker                                         24

Greg Duffy won the Brian Davidson Players Player Medal

Thanks to AB

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Best & Fairest Awards

The Ulverstone SC had their dinner last night. The Best & Fairest winners and top 5 were:

Senior Men - Ken Howe Award 3-2-1 by 2 people
26 - Conor Meaney
23 - Ben Foote
22 - Joel Stone
21 - Dallas Baldock
18 - Adrian Foote

Reserves - John Compagne Award
41 - Sean Hicks
29 - Nathan Vos
26 - James Brandsma
18 - Daniel Morse
18 - Josh Laing

Under 18's
56 - Cedric Cox-Haines
28 - Emerson Bowe
23 - Iain Roberts-Thompson
20 - Sam Thomson
10 - Sam Laing

Senior Women - Betsy Compagne Award  3-2-1 by 3 people
49 - Danielle Mitchell
38 - Phillipa Edwards
34 - Emma Cazaly
34 - Haylee Alderson
29 - Georgia Foote

It would be nice to hear from other clubs about their awards.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

And The Winners Are...

Just a brief rundown of the night and then we'll share the winners.

It was an interesting night at the NPL Best and Fairest dinner. Firstly, if that is what sort of meal you get for $60 these days then we will all go hungry. Most people there would have preferred a garlic bread for entree, a souvlaki and chips for main and a frog in the pond for desert than what we had. There is next year's menu right there. Secondly, and lastly, if you're not going to count out all the votes on the night (or even if you did) then at least produce a handout of all the vote getters for the average punters who just like to see if they polled a vote somewhere along the way.

I would personal like to congratulate all the winners on the night. They were all very gracious and all spoke well (even Cas Douglas!) I would have liked to give you top tens for each league but the leader boards were only up half a second so I did the best I could with pen and paper.

Referee of the Year - Mark Spicer

Coach of the Year Women - Jason Jones

Coach of the Year Men - Dane Hudson

Under 18's Best and Fairest
Yitay Towns
Adam Gorrie
Matthew Youd
Mitchell Hawksley
Laun Utd (?)

Reserve B&F
Casimir Douglas
Jesse Curran
Scipio Luttmer
Rhys Kinslow
Kurt Howard
Aiden Withers

Womens B&F
Just a quick aside, there was a touch of controversy with this award that may have gone unnoticed to many. Georgia Foote finished 2 off the lead however a team they were to played against (can’t remember who) in the last few rounds forfeited meaning Georgia missed the opportunity to gain the 2 or more points needed to share or take the award outright.
Lauren Hough
Laun City
Georgia Foote
Chelsea Smith
Laun City
Danielle Mitchell

Senior Men’s B&F Joint Winners!!!
Mark Baker
Todd Hingston
Chris McKenna
Benjamin Foote

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Team of the Year

I'm not going to try and name one straight away. Give it your best shot but it's not easy.

The most effective defence this year probably didn't have a stand-out so do you pick them all or pick none? Who was the second best striker?

 If you weren't in the top 3 teams you'll struggle to get picked in most people's team of the year I would think.

Most teams will be picked as a NPL rep side as most people have only seen 1 club play more than a couple of times.

Be brave and give it a go

George Dale???

Who do you think and why?

Kenny must be favourite... Who could topple him?

Friday, 2 September 2011

Devonport Go Down To Newtown

Devonport were on the wrong side of a 3-2 result that saw Newtown White Eagle go through to the State final. In a very entertaining game, Devonport couldn't find an equaliser after White Eagle went ahead with about 10 minutes to go. Jordan Douce and Daniel McGinn were the goal scorers for Devonport. Nathan Gratton was best on ground in a solid midfield role and McDonald played exceptionally well in what was probably his last appearance for the club, but it wasn't to be Devonport's day.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Devonport Hold The Edge For A Trip To York Park.

Devonport must go into this Saturdays match against Newtown Eagles with the slightest advantage, after rediscovering some of their form following the win over the Southern Runners Up, Tilford Zebras at the weekend.
Devonport Strikers Import Robbie McDonald
A long road trip awaits Newtown, who would be less than conditioned to two successive bus trips, and this could prove to be the difference in what is expected to be a tough game.
Devonport have only lost once at Valley road this season, a marked improvement on previous years where they have struggled with home form, and home ground advantage will certainly play a part in this weekend’s fixture.
It will be the last time Tom Mcginn oversees the Strikers for the mean time, and its understood to be  Daniel McGinn and Robbie McDonald’s farewell matches for the 2011 season.
Its un clear if McDonald will return in 2012.
Craig Macey is rumoured to be Tom McGinns replacement in 2012, but this is mere speculation on my part.
Daniel McGinn is a promising player who for some reason has struggled to break into the starting line up, despite being a class player who pops up and scores late for Devonport on regular occasions, perhaps he has been intentionally used as an impact player, but I can’t help but think he could have had a greater impact on the NPL should have he received more senior game time.
Chris McKenna has only failed
to score once this year.
Chris Mckenna has had a stellar year and will need to play well to push his side through to a date with either South Hobart or Clarence United at York park next week.
As has been well documented, Devonport’s slow first halves are the only thing the club need overcome to put themselves in the box seat, as their best football seems to follow a good old fashioned berating from the coach at half time.
The biggest obstacle for Devonport will be an inform Adam McKeown up front and arguably one of the best keepers in the state in Nathan Pitchford.  Nathan’s father Steve took over at the helm of the club after George Krambousanos made a spectacular exit during the year, Steve Pitchford has done nothing but good things for the Eagles since assuming the position, and will be keen to keep his giant killing record intact.
A greater emphasis on the strikers defense will go a long way to securing them the win on Saturday as they have struggled to keep clean sheets against quality sides in 2011.
From the North, good luck to the Devonport Strikers, and I’m sure if you are a keen follower of our game, you need no incentive to attend this match at Valley Road.
In the other fixture, South Hobart will lock horns with Clarence United at KGV on Saturday evening, a match South are expected to win, but as they often do, Clarence are hitting some form at the best time of year and Andrew Brown would surely like to retire his senior coaching career with a State Title, and he will have a full strength, fully fit side to pit against the undisputed kings of Tasmanian football in South Hobart at present.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

State Wide Championship Results

Northern Rangers 1 lost to Clarence United 3

Tilford Zebras 1 lost to Devonport Strikers 3

Prospect Knights 1 lost to Newtown Eagles 3

South Hobart 5 defeated Ulverstone 0

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

This Weeks Forestry Tasmania State Wide Championship 1/4 Finals

South Hobart Vs Ulverstone – KGV 3:00pm

Joel Stone will be looking
for goals against South.

A tough assignment for Nick Owen and his troops, if they don’t bring their A-Game to KGV, a cricket score is in order, but South have shown many a chink in their armour in the last few weeks, and this will give Ulverstone some confidence.  As much as I want them to win, a result that is expected, is almost a given.  Good luck lads, stand tall and do your club proud.
Tilford Zebras Vs Devonport – KGV 12:30
The Devonport lads will need to set the alarms nice and early, a rude shock to the system travelling at that hour if they decide to leave early Saturday morning, perhaps the club will travel down on Friday night?  The key to Devonport will be their first half performance, of their 3 recent losses, I’m sure the boys will be lamenting on a slow start in the first half as the reason for their short fall, against Olympia in the cup, Rangers and then Knights, their second half has been by far their best, and it could be argued had they played as well in the first half as they did in the second in each of these games, there might be some more joy for the club right now.  No doubting Devonport’s ability to score goals, but it’s the defence that will need to be on top of the match for Devonport to progress.

Sesay has 17 goals
this season in the NPL
Prospect Knights Vs Newtown Eagles – Prospect Park – 2:00pm
Come one come all to see the Knights continue in their quest for glory, the beers have been consumed and I’m sure the lads are focused on a date with South Hobart at York Park in three weeks time now.  Last time these sides met was in the state wide challenge series if my memory serves me correctly, and Newtown had the measure, but this will be a lot different.  Knights at full strength should be too strong for Newtown but Nathan Pitchford is a first class keeper and will be hard to beat.  Since his father took the wheel at the club, they have been on the improve, but I feel the dynamite combo of Croswell and Sesay will be too strong for the Eagles.

Northern Rangers Vs Clarence United – NTCA 2:00pm
This week will be Derek Schipper's
last match for the season.
Round 3! These sides have met in this fixture three years running, and this has been a close affair on both previous occasions, penalties decided the winner in 09, extra time found the only goal in 10, what will be the outcome in 11?  Rangers will be without Mark Ambrose and Gabriel Tams, while Clarence continue to sweat on the fitness of some of their Koreans, if all four start, Rangers will struggle to contain their pace and ability to cut in from width.  A date with South Hobart is almost the only outcome, and both teams will be keen to make amends for floggings at the hands of Kens boys next week.  Northern Rangers have thrown the gates open for free entry to this fixture.

Good Luck to all the Northern Teams, may we get our fair share into the next round and do our comp proud.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saturday Results

Northern Rangers 2 (Nicholson, Hingston) defeated Ulverstone 0

Prospect Knights 3 (Crosswell 2, Sesay) defeated Devonport 2 (McKenna)

Riverside 6 defeated Burnie 2

Somerset 5 defeated Launceston 3

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Live Blog Here On Saturday the 20th Of August.


Prospect have tied up their maiden title, and congratualtions to all involved.

** GOAL DEVONPORT - 3-2, not sure who scored, can someone fill us in

** GOAL RANGERS - 2-0, Schipper plays a short corner, plays into the box and crosses to the waiting Hingston who scores.

** Hunt through one on one but Grey in goals comes out and makes a save outside of his box, cries for a free but again Spicer having none of it.

SUBS: off for Rangers Jago and Tams, on is Summers and Beard.  Nicholson drops back to right back for tams, Summers to midfield while Beard takes Jago's spot up front

Issa Dumbuya Throws in for Rangers during todays game.
GOAL DEVONPORT - 3-1 Mckenna keeps his 100% score record in 2011 NPL matches and pulls one back, is there time?  Ulverstone threatning at the NTCA.

**GOAL KNIGHTS -  3-0 Knights through Croswell.

** Ulverstone send a a nice free kick, rebounds and ends in a poor attempt.

**  Pooley scuffs a clearance to the feet of an Ulverstone Attacker but the shot flashes wide.

** Half time at Harley Prd, Knights are up 2-0.

** Half time here at the NTCA, Rangers up 1-0

** GOAL KNIGHTS - 40th minute, Seasay scores for Knights to make it 2-0, its looking safer by the minute for Knights.

** Hingston scuffs a shot it falls for Nicholson at the far post but brilliant position from Michael Grey in goals saves the chance.

** Cries for a penalty for for Rangers waved away by Mark Spicer.

** GOAL RANGERS - Andrew Nicholson get one on one in the box and tucks it away.

** Ulverstone slam a shot into the up right.

** Chris Hunt for Rangers goes up the goal line, cross to Dumbuya who miss hits it.

** Ulverstone again one on one with Pooley, Stone again, well place but Pooley pulls of a great save. still 0-0 at the NTCA.
** Ulverstone the best chance, Joel Stone through one on one, saved by Pooley in goals, ball plugs at the feet of Stone but Cuschieri clears off the line.

** GOAL KNIGHTS. 8th min at Harley prd and Knights are 1-0 infront thanks to a own goal, possibly Croswell the scorer
** 0-0 at NTCA with Rangers the better of it so far, but only just for the moment.

And we are away at the NTCA. Beautiful sunshine....for the moment.

I will do all I can to live blog the match details from the NTCA here on Saturday the 20th of August.  If I get a reliable informer, I will include Prospect Knights Vs Devonport City as well.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Final Week: Who Takes The Title?

Prospect Knights
Northern Rangers
Devonport Strikers

There are a few scenarios that could play out this weekend with three teams still in the title race.

For Devonport to take the title, they must beat Prospect and hope that Rangers lose or draw with Ulverstone.

For Rangers to take the title, they must beat Ulverstone and hope Devonport can beat or draw with Prospect.

Prospect have the simplest equation. Win and the title is theirs. Goal difference is well in the Knights favour and it would take a fairly big miracle for it to have any bearing on the outcome.

Prospect v Devonport
Prospect have had an outstanding year and they only need to hold their nerve for one more week to take the title. This is easier said than done though against a Devonport side still gunning for top spot. The last time these two met, Knights had a convincing 3-0 win.

Rangers v Ulverstone
If Rangers could write the script for Saturday they would have themselves down by a goal with 10 minutes to go and then score two late ones to win. This will ensure that Devonport keep pushing all the way through the 90 minutes to get a result. Should Devonport hear a half time score of 3 or 4 -0 to Rangers they may take their foot off the pedal in the second half. Ulverstone have nothing to play for but they have good memories of the NTCA ground and they will be looking to ruin Rangers title aspirations.

Launceston United v Somerset
Most people thought United would get a league win this year. This is your last chance lads. Good luck. It won’t be easy though.

Burnie v Riverside
Both teams merely seeing out the season.