Sunday, 9 December 2012

Jeremy Walker Fitting in Nicely at Melbourne Heart.

Jeremy Walker (right) in Action for the Melbourne Heart at the weekend.
He now as two proffesional first team caps to his name, with more
to come in the future.  Who will be the next Tasmanian
in the A-League?
Jeremy Walker has made no mistake taking his opportunities in the A-League side this month.  Coming into the Heart starting XI after Michael Marrone was selected in the Socceroos squad for the Asian Cup Qualifiers.
Marrone will return from national duties this week, which will more than likely cost Walker his spot, but the youngster from Ulverstone will have time on his side, and will surely be back to play at this level in the not too distant future.
I was fortunate enough to get to the match on the weekend and watch Walker first hand, and at first I was a tad dubious, thinking maybe this level is still beyond the local talent of Tasmania, but I soon realised, for Walker at least, it is not.
He was solid without being outstanding, and I can assure you, I would like to coin the term “outstanding” to sum up his efforts, as in my eyes he was, but by comparison to the rest of the players on the park, realistically you could sum up his game fairly as being solid!
The match against Glory was Walker’s second start in as many games, keeping his spot after his side’s 0-0 draw with the del Piero led Sydney FC.
This week he completed the entire 90 minutes in front of a disappointing but vocal 4500 fans, of which 100 or so were their to support Perth.
Walker has flair, great first touch control and a cool head with the ability to read the game perfectly.
He was rarely out of position against Glory, and keen to get forward and set up chances.  He could have easily backed himself to shot on one occasion but squared up a nice ball for Fred, who ultimately missed the opportunity. 
His first touch is always out in front of him, allowing him to take on the opposition.
When defending, his body position is spot on with a low centre of gravity, but his small stature makes him easy to skip past, which the Glory left side did on a few occasions.
Walker will become the next Jimmy Jeggo of the Heart side I’m sure, a couple of seasons in supporting roles before he becomes a house hold name of the A-League, and the perfect inspiration for the young talent we have about to embark on the States next chapter of the state wide completion.
If you are young and rate yourself as a half decent player, and you want to give yourself every chance of playing professional football, make sure you are playing with a Victory League Club, even if you are not in their 20 man squad.  Give it time, work rate will ultimately decide your fate, and for the love of the game, don’t go missing training sessions to play touch football or go camping, there are enough players with those regrets winning George Dale Medals.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Somerset Sharks to begin training

2013 Somerset coach Kevin Considine has released preseason training dates.
"Training will commence on Thursday December 13th at the Somerset Surf Club.Starting at 6pm sharp.
Please bring water suitable foot wear on soccer boots.

Traing will be held for the last two thursdays before christamas before ramping up after the new year.
Garry Hamilton in his days at Somerset,After finishing his uni last year Garry will line up for the Sharks again.
Two of the older senior guys in Chris Smith and Casey Eaves are excited about the prospects of next year and will be going on again.
Kevin also said"All past,Present and New players are more than welcome to attend as it will be a great year at the Sharks.
Please contact Kevin Considine on 0438084577
Sam Cocks on 0409793053
For further information

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Launceston City release Mies Family Cup dates

Tony Rossi has let a press lease go about the 2013 Mies Family Cup, It should be interesting to see how many teams take part next year with the new Victory League.
My thoughts would be that it will be jammed packed with enteries and may need to make it over three days.
This will allow not only V league teams but even NPL teams to see where they aginst the best.

                                       Mies Family Cup 2013
Launceston City FC is proud to welcome back our 2 day Football Tournament for Men’s Senior teams to be held at Mitsubishi Park.
The objective is to provide participating clubs/teams from all over Tasmania with valuable pre-season competition to try new structures, gain match fitness and to enjoy a fun festival like atmosphere.
Invitation is open to the first 8 clubs to RSVP & we look forward to another successful competition.
Additional Information:

 No entry fee
Dates – Friday 18
th January and Saturday 19th January 2013
Teams will be drawn into 2 pools with the winner of each pool to play off in the final
Games will be 2 x 25 minute halves with a new game each hour
Minimum of 2 games per team
Prize money and Trophies awarded to first and second place
RSVP via email to: Matthew Heather -

Sunday, 25 November 2012


This thread will stay at the top for the next month as long as it gets enough comments.
Start the Rumors.....

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Launceston City announce full coaching panel for 2013

President Jason Jones, Victory League Coach Dane Hudson, U 16 Coach Tony Rossi, NPL U 20 Coach Lino Sciulli, Victory League Assistant Coach Mark Egan and U 18 Coach Mick Egan

Launceston City are well into their preseason training and are excited about 2013 right across the board.City have released their appointments for 2013.
Launceston City commenced pre-season training in mid-October at St Patricks College in Launceston.
·        Training nights are Monday & Wednesday from 6.30 until 8.00.
·        Head Coach Dane Hudson has been busy preparing plans for 2013 and engaging in conversation with players from within Launceston City and interested players from other local clubs.
·        City have secured the services of Launceston United Head Coach, Mark Egan. Egan has been appointed as Hudson’s Assistant Coach – Victory League.  Egan did a wonderful job in his time at the helm of United during his time there and in particular in 2012, delivering the clubs its first league points for a few seasons. Egan was formerly a Junior Coach at City’s Junior Club, Westside Devils.
·        Club Stalwart & 2011/ 2012 City NPL Coach Lino Sciulli will take on the NPL U 20 team.  Sciulli had a strong Season in 2012 as City knocked on the door of the Top 4 in the League. Sciulli introduced a large number of youngsters into senior football, with his squad achieving some admirable results – none the least the 4-3 win over Premier Rangers at Mitsubishi Park in penultimate game of the season.
·        Current City Div 1 player, Mick Egan has been appointed as Coach of City’s U 18’s Team for 2013. Egan has had a long stint as Coach of many Junior Teams at City’s Junior feeder Club, Westside Devils.
·        Life Member & former Senior Player, Tony Rossi , has been appointed as Coach of City’s U 16 Team for 2013.  Rossi has also had a long career coaching both boys & girls Junior Teams at Westside Devils and is looking forward to resuming his Coaching duties after a spell of 2 years.
·        City President Jason Jones has confirmed City are thrilled with their Coaching appointments, particularly in welcoming back those coaches who were already part of the clubs structure but especially  in extending a welcome to Mark Egan into the club.
·        City have confirmed they will once again be staging the Mies Family Cup pre-season tournament on 18th & 19th January 2013. More information will be forwarded via FFT during the next week or so.
 Dane Hudson conducting a training drill.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Devonport secure another local talent

Bobby Eaves has commited him self to playing the 2013 Victory League Season with the Devonport Strikers.

Eaves playing for South this year.
I have asked Booby a few question about next year and the club he has joined.

S.C After having a few runs with Launceston City and Devonport, You decided to play with Devonport?

BE I have been in talks with lots of people and clubs since the previous season finished and was a bit all over the place to decide where I wanted to go. I had a couple o runs with city and was going to with rangers but work has been a major part of my decision and devonport was the more convenient choice ad I feel I can fully committ being the closest option.
S.C Have you been offered a coaching role with the juniors?
BE I haven't been offered anything specific in terms of coaching but I would like to help in some sort when I can as that is where I really love the game, in junior football. I am in the process of starting my own junior work in the local area but playing is really my main focus this year.
S.C What are your self and Devonport hoping to acheive in the 2013 State League?
BE I think it's pretty obvious that devonport are hoping to win but it's also a big passion of theirs to do it with local talent and there is alot of it about. Personally I am hoping to have an injury free year and try to prove myself as a top player. I love playing and learning so playing at the top level is the only thing on my mind.
S.C What will your roll be with in the squad, I.E position played?
BE I haven't had alot of time to really talk to Chris and nick but I would be hoping to play in my Favourite position in centre midfield. I am slightly fonder of the attacking midfield position at the moment so I will see what happens. I am also hoping to be some what of a leader In Terms of being a senior player.

S.C Devonport have recruited alot of local tallent,Moral and confidence must be high at the club?
BE like I said above it is clear that devonport want to promote local talent and with alot of young talent at their own club it is definitely gonna put a lot of pressure on the senior guys to perform. Interesting times but it's exciting, everyone is a real buzz

S.C Were there any other clubs hoping to get your services for 2013?
BE I was in talks with all three northern clubs and again with south Hobart but with south Hobart being so far away it was really between the northern teams and convenience was the biggest factor for me.

S.C Chris McKenna and Nick Owen are young coaches,So far how would you rate the training sessions?
BE it will be interesting to see how it goes as it gets further along but so far it's been alot of small sided games but pretty high intensity which is good. But Chris and nick were/are both top quality players so they know their stuff and everyone is stupid if they can't learn something of them.
S.C I wish you all the best in 2013 and the future

Bobby while at Somerset with his family                                            Representing Tasmania

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Somerset Sharks are on the up

Somerset Sharks have appointed long club person and life member Kevin Considine as their 2013 head club coach.
After having a couple of years away from the sport due to work commitments,Kevin thought it was time to come back and bring the sharks back to its glory days.
After speaking to Kev last night he is in a very posative mind that the Shrks will do well in 2013 and cant wiat for preseason to start.
When asked about player movement and returning players Kev stated "I have had alot of feed back from last years squad(2012) and they are happy to go around again and with a few of the players from the 2006/07 preimership team returning it will give us a good balance of youth and experience.

Traing will comence with a couple of kick abouts before christmas to allow people to catch up before a big preseason starts to be ready for 2013.

Also after having alot of problems with their ground over the last few years.Somerset are happy to say they have a profesional grounds person working hard on the ground to finally get it right for the start of the 2013 preseason cup.It has involved re-digging and grading the ground then re-soiling and top dressing.

For more details about preseason or joing the Somerset Sharks contact
Kevin Considine 0438084577
Sam Cocks 0409793053

Thursday, 25 October 2012

NPL BLOG for 2013 (And remainder of 2012)

HI Guys,Girls,Bloggers and Annon's
The NPL site has taken a break over the short off season.
After speaking to fellow blog admin(The Donk) we will be up and running back to normal next week with things happening over the preseason, Player and Coach movements, Players deciding to step up to play state league or decided to be either loyal to thier club or keep playing with their mates they have formed over the years of football.
I guess while im ranting i and on behalf of Brendon, Would thank each and every person who has been invovled or visited this site in 2012.
On that note as well if there is any one who has a spare few minutes a week and would love to be involved with the blog feel free to email me.
Donk will be paying a wage for the person who comes on board as well.(He is not aware yet).

Northern Rangers 2012 NPL Champions
Todd Hingston- George Dale Medal
Nick Owen - Coach of the year
Bryden Mann - Golden boot.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Interview with Walter Pless regarding new League Structures

Listen in as David Wood from Ultra 106.5 FM discusses the new League Structures with Walter Pless.

David Wood is a presenter for Hobarts Ultra 106.5  FM and a
referee for Football Federation Tasmania

Walter Pless (if you have been hiding under a rock) is a
knowledgeable  individual with a huge passion for our sport,
running an insightful website found @
His comments are highly insightful as a result of his experience
as player through previous state league's and now his in depth
knowledge of the game as the premier journalist of our sport
in Tasmania.
Pic -  Tilford Zebras.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

2013 League Structures Released

John Boulous has relaeased the 2013 League Structures.
FFT have released the much anticipated league structures for the 2013 season, and are attached below as per the email send by John Boulous, the CEO of FFT.
The competition format is sure to raise plenty of debate and conversation, I for one have been caught a little by surprise by the look of the Southern League particularly.
From the info below, it would appear that FFT are intent on taking over control of some of the NTJSA’s work in the Launceston area, taking over U 14s and U 16s, while it would appear that the existing Under 18 format becomes a Under 20 competition, with Victory League clubs expected to field two Under 20 league side effectively, with the NPL side expected to be a semi Under 20 side, with 3 “over age stalwarts” and the 5 players in their Victory League squad not selected able to play, all other players must be U20.
I would assume that the Reserve teams become the Northern League One (Compulsory) but it is not expected that they will play prior to the NPL side as the format we have come to know in the North.
I would also expect that all sides from Victory League down to Under 20’s and Northern League One can expect to play at any time across a given weekend, meaning the traditional 10:30, 12:30, 2:30 time slots on a Saturday are now nothing but another option for kick off times.  Friday nights and Sundays should become far more prevalent in 2013 for all clubs.
I Speaking with George Kalis yesterday, and he said it was FFT’s intention to roster clubs teams at home on the same day as much as possible, but it would be hard to guarantee, and this includes Victory League games with NPL/Northern League One and Under 20s.
Another interesting point is that it is mandatory to have a Northern League One side (This year’s Reserves) if you’re in the NPL.
Have a look with an open mind, bearing in mind, massive changes are inevitable when you consider the State League and what that does to the existing format.
The Over 35s might be a stretch, perhaps FFT will consider making it a over 30s instead?  Otherwise I may have nowhere to play?
2013 League Structures.
Victory League
8 clubs
Devonport City, Launceston City, Northern Rangers, Glenorchy Knights, Tilford Zebras, Olympia FC Warriors, South Hobart and Kingborough Lions
Regional Leagues
Forestry Tasmania Northern Premier League (NPL)
9 team league
The clubs eligible for the NPL shall consist of the six existing NPL clubs not offered a Victory League licence plus the three U20 Northern Victory League teams.
The Under 20’s teams of the Victory League clubs participating in the NPL shall consist of under 20’s players plus up to three named over age players who must be recognised by the CEO of FFT as stalwart club players AND up to five players who have been named in the Victory league Squad of that club.
Northern Senior and Social Leagues
Northern League 1
Northern League 2/Over35
Northern Underage Leagues
Under 20
Under 16
Under 14
Northern Victory League and NPL Club requirements
A Victory League Club (Club with highest team in Victory League) will be required to field the following mandatory teams in the following competitions;
Victory League – one team
NPL – one team (Under 20’s with up to 5 overage players who have been named in the Victory league Squad of that club)
Northern League 1 – one team
Under 20’s - one team
Under 16’s – minimum of one team
Under 14’s – minimum of one team
Demonstrated relationship with or fielding teams in Junior Association competitions (Under 12 and below)
An NPL Club (Club with highest team in NPL) will be required to fill the following mandatory teams;
NPL – one team
Northern League 1 – one team
Under 20’s - one team
Under 16’s – minimum of one team
Under 14’s – minimum of one team
Clubs may and are encouraged to enter as many teams as possible into the Northern League 2/Over 35 competitions.
Forestry Tasmania Southern Premier League (SPL)
12 team league
The clubs eligible for the SPL shall consist of the five U20 Southern Victory League teams, plus those teams currently eligible for SPL in 2013 (based on 2012 criteria) (being NewTown Eagles, Clarence, Beachside, Taroona and Nelson Eastern Suburbs) plus the NTC.
The under 20’s teams of the Victory League Clubs participating in the SPL shall consist of under 20 players plus up to 5 over age players who must have been named in the Victory League squad of that club.
Clubs that participated in 2012 in either the SPL or Southern League One competitions that have not been identified above (being Derwent United, Hobart United, Metro, Southern FC, University) will have the opportunity to submit an application to FFT for the remaining 12th position. Clubs unsuccessful or that do not wish to submit an application for this remaining position, will nominate senior teams into the Southern League One competition and below and youth teams in to underage competitions.
Southern Senior and Social Leagues
Southern League 1
Southern League 2
Southern League 3
Southern League 4
Over 35’s
Southern Underage Leagues
Under 20 – (multiple divisions)
Under 16 – (multiple divisions)
Under 14 – (multiple divisions)
Southern Victory League and SPL Club requirements
A Victory League Club (Club with highest team in Victory League) will be required to field the following mandatory teams in the following competitions;
Victory League – one team
SPL – one team (Under 20’s with up to 5 overage players who have been named in the Victory league Squad of that club)
Under 20’s – minimum of one team
Under 16’s – minimum of one team
Under 14’s – minimum of one team
Demonstrated relationship with or fielding teams in Junior Association competitions (Under 12 and below)
A SPL Club (Club with highest team in SPL) will be required to fill the following mandatory teams;
SPL – one team
Under 20’s minimum of one team
Under 16’s minimum of one team
Under 14’s minimum of one team
Clubs may and are encouraged to enter as many teams as possible into the Southern League 1. 2, 3, 4 and Over 35 competitions.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hingston makes it 4 in a row

The man with the BEARD Todd Hingston

Todd Hingston made it four out of four, taking home the George Dale medal on Saturday night at the casino. Todd has now gone into the history books by being the only person to take the award four times.
Other favorite Brayden Mann only finished with 14 points after scoring 34 goals.
There was a tie for second with Hingstons team mate Chris hunt and Nathan Gratton both polling 19 points each.
Also the NPL 2012 team was named on the night with Ulverstone having the most players represented.
The team was named like this.
                                                         Shannon Rumble
          Alex Sciulli             Ryan McCarragher    Nathan Gratton         Toby Omenihu

                                                       Todd HIngston
                                     Joel Stone                   Ben Foote

          Mark Ambrose                   Brayden Mann                        Chris Hunt


The leading vote-getters were:

Nth RangersToddHingston20
Nth RangersChristopherHunt17
Nth RangersAdamBeard12

Nth RangersToddHingston20
Nth RangersChristopherHunt17
Nth RangersAdamBeard12

Thursday, 20 September 2012

2012 Team of the year

Brayden Mann would have to be in all coaches
strating 11.

There has been talk about there will be a team of the year announced at tomorrows FFT awards.
The answer is yes. All NPL coaches have been asked to supply their team of the year,But are not allowed to include players from their own club.
It will be interesting to see what the final 11 will be. To me Jesse Curren should be a hands down starter but only played half a year.
                                                                          Will Donk get the number 1

Im not sure how coaches will approach this, Will they go on the performances of the players when they seen them twice this year or on previous knowledge. Interesting times.

My 11 for what it counts

                                                                  Brendan Litchendonk

                         Toby Omenihu   Nathan Gratton Ryan McGaragher K.Wells

                                                             Todd Hingston
                                            Ben Foote                    Bradley Chilcott

   Joel Stone                          Brayden Mann                         Chris Hunt
Natahn Gratton (middle) and Joel Stone right should be walk ins too.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Rangers are ecstatic to announce Peter Savill as head coach for the 2013 Victory League side

Peter Savill

Northern Rangers are pleased to announce Peter Savill as the coach of the 2013 Northern Rangers Victory League side.
Northern Rangers Secretary, Brendan Lichtendonk  said, “As the club embarks on a new venture in un chartered waters for us, it was important to gain someone with previous state league experience, and a sound and tested knowledge of the game, with few previously formed relationships in the club.”
“We are excited about the new Victory League, and the opportunities it will open for our players.  Peter Savill has been working with our senior side for the last 8 months, and it is great to now have him officially on board.  This has been the biggest piece of the puzzle for us as we rush to get everything organised, but we are extremely happy with the appointment, and can now get down to the serious business of planning for next year’s competition”
Northern Rangers will announce Victory League pre season plans after the club’s annual dinner on the 6th of October.
Peter McBeath will continue his development as a coach and valued member of the leadership group in 2013, McBeath will attend the FFT run “C” Licence later in the year, and will serve the club as the strength, conditioning and fitness coach, along with advising the players with regards to nutrition and medical issues, McBeath’s extensive experience and knowledge in the medical fields  will be invaluable in the coming years.
Further announcements around the coaching structure of the clubs sides in the Northern Premier League and Under 18s is expected shortly.

Peter savill pictured in the 1976-77 Leeds United Team.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

South Hobart win third straight State Title.

Issa Dumbuya from Northern Rangers tackles his South Hobart
opposition in Saturday's State Final in Hobart.
After what has been a truly outstanding year, Rangers were looking to cap it all off with their first ever state title after qualifying for their second State Final in 3 years.

In fact, if Rangers could win, it would be the first State title to be won by a Launceston Club in 45 years, Launceston United the last in 1967.

Rangers had an unchanged line up from the Devonport City game, though Chris Hunt was under the weather, but keen to take his place.

South Hobart had all the finals experience, competing in each state title since the final series was introduced in 2009, and this was always going to count in their favour.

Rangers sat back and perhaps gave South Hobart too much credit in the first half, sitting low pressure and not pushing on and pressing the South Hobart back four.

Still both teams created good chances, 6 to South Hobart in the first half and 3 to Rangers, with South Hobart getting the best of them that called Pooley into action for a strong save.

Chris Hunt attempts to evade the South defense.
Hickey was in great from in midfield, and south Hobart put heavy pressure on Hingston in midfield to stem his distribution.

The sides went into the half time at 0-0 and McBeath urged the boys to go out and hit South Hobart with everything in the opening 10 minutes, but it was South Hobart that came out and scored inside the first minute of the second half to put it to 1-0.

South looked strong from here and could have had 2 or 3 goals, Pooley called into action for another two great saves and one that cleared the cross bar.

Then it seemed South had doubled the lead, but the assistant flagged for offside.  Dean Lantorus disputed the call and was shown a red card to give Rangers some hope from here.

A Strong crowd braved the conditions at KGV, Walter estimates
450, FFT 850, I say somewhere in between.
But the 10 men did little to affect South Hobart and they continued to heap pressure of the Rangers, then disaster, Luke Tuma coughing up possession at the half way line, and as many have learnt before, if you slip up against South Hobart, they will punish you, Brennan making no mistake to double the lead.

Rangers threw men forward looking for a goal to get back into the game, and in the last 10 minutes started to get on top of South, but the time was getting away.

Agele Luate had a two good chances with less the 5 minutes left on the watch, and Chris Hunt one of his own, but Rangers just couldn’t ruffle the net, but with normal time running out and 4 minutes to be added for stoppages, Hingston put Luate through and Luate slipped the ball over Ferguson in the South Hobart goal to give the Rangers a small sniff.

South Hobart are a smart team though, and hit the corners and held the ball there to run the clock down, and though Rangers built 2 or 3 more attacks, they couldn’t break South down in the final moments, and time ran out, South Hobart deserved winners, but one has to ponder, as they looked very beatable on this occasion.

Well done to all Northern sides in the State Finals Series this year, we certainly showed that the North is not the basket case the south keep harping on about.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rangers Confident Going Into State Final.

Northern Rangers coach, Peter McBeath is confident that
Rangers can bring the State Title north.
Northern Rangers Coach Pete McBeath has spoken to the media on the eve of his sides State Title match against Tasmanian Power house, South Hobart.
Rangers go into this match in some good form, but under dogs to the most successful side in recent Tasmanian Football history, South Hobart.
Rangers last played in a State Final in 2010, missing out to a Tom Roach header in the second half to go down 1-0 to South Hobart at their peak.
In fact, if Rangers do succeed on Saturday, they will be the first Launceston based club to win a state title since Launceston United in 1967.  It has been 45 years since a Launceston club has etched their name on a State Championship Trophy.
Stewart Bain was a 17 year old striker for Launceston United back then (67), and addressed the Northern Rangers players prior to training on Monday night, encouraging them to take their chances and seize the day.
McBeath is confident of his side’s chances.

McBeath Answers questions today.

“we are  hitting some of our best form right now, our last two games have been really encouraging, and we will take that into tomorrow’s game with South Hobart”
When asked if the 7-1 loss to South Hobart in the 2011 State Wide Cup would be in the back of the players’ minds, Mcbeath said flatly “No”
“This is a different set of players, and that was in the past, the guys are in great shape at the moment, and we expect to put in a great show for the game tomorrow”
Quizzed about the reliance on Ambrose and Hunt up front for Rangers, McBeath said “Ambrose and Hunt ...and Tams, they are all a big part of the team, but not just them, we have great players across the park.  Marshall Pooley has recently returned from the UK and has played the last couple of games in goal, his conversation at the back keeps us organised and he is just as important as the next guy.”
“The bench are important, we have great quality wanting to come onto the park, and all the guys in the club have had a part to play in this, so the club as a whole, everyone is important”
The match will kick off at 5:30pm at KGV with Launceston City’s Women looking for their first state Premiership after a long dominance of Northern Women’s Football, when they take on Olympia Warriors at 3pm.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

SBS video re the Melbourne Victory Visit

Cas Douglas forwarded this to me to post and thanks to him for looking out for content for this site.
Its well worth the watch.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

2013 Victory League Transfers

Now that all non Victory Leagues teams have finished their games for this NPL season, news and speculation of players moving will now become more prevalent.  The first big announcement involves Nick Owen along with 3 of Ulvie's best, Brayden Mann, Ben Foote and Joel Stone joining Devonport, further strengthening their squad. Share you news, and speculation here.