Thursday, 22 November 2012

Launceston City announce full coaching panel for 2013

President Jason Jones, Victory League Coach Dane Hudson, U 16 Coach Tony Rossi, NPL U 20 Coach Lino Sciulli, Victory League Assistant Coach Mark Egan and U 18 Coach Mick Egan

Launceston City are well into their preseason training and are excited about 2013 right across the board.City have released their appointments for 2013.
Launceston City commenced pre-season training in mid-October at St Patricks College in Launceston.
·        Training nights are Monday & Wednesday from 6.30 until 8.00.
·        Head Coach Dane Hudson has been busy preparing plans for 2013 and engaging in conversation with players from within Launceston City and interested players from other local clubs.
·        City have secured the services of Launceston United Head Coach, Mark Egan. Egan has been appointed as Hudson’s Assistant Coach – Victory League.  Egan did a wonderful job in his time at the helm of United during his time there and in particular in 2012, delivering the clubs its first league points for a few seasons. Egan was formerly a Junior Coach at City’s Junior Club, Westside Devils.
·        Club Stalwart & 2011/ 2012 City NPL Coach Lino Sciulli will take on the NPL U 20 team.  Sciulli had a strong Season in 2012 as City knocked on the door of the Top 4 in the League. Sciulli introduced a large number of youngsters into senior football, with his squad achieving some admirable results – none the least the 4-3 win over Premier Rangers at Mitsubishi Park in penultimate game of the season.
·        Current City Div 1 player, Mick Egan has been appointed as Coach of City’s U 18’s Team for 2013. Egan has had a long stint as Coach of many Junior Teams at City’s Junior feeder Club, Westside Devils.
·        Life Member & former Senior Player, Tony Rossi , has been appointed as Coach of City’s U 16 Team for 2013.  Rossi has also had a long career coaching both boys & girls Junior Teams at Westside Devils and is looking forward to resuming his Coaching duties after a spell of 2 years.
·        City President Jason Jones has confirmed City are thrilled with their Coaching appointments, particularly in welcoming back those coaches who were already part of the clubs structure but especially  in extending a welcome to Mark Egan into the club.
·        City have confirmed they will once again be staging the Mies Family Cup pre-season tournament on 18th & 19th January 2013. More information will be forwarded via FFT during the next week or so.
 Dane Hudson conducting a training drill.


  1. Dear Sam, its a practice not a drill. We are footballers not soldiers. Cheers, Dane.

    1. Dear Dane,
      As you are involved it is called a drill.
      Because i hear you are the "Drill Sargent"

  2. Any chance of keeping an on going rumour mill or factual transfers to Victory League clubs or even NPL clubs?
    Bit hard to keep track of from mainland!

  3. easy to start training early when you dont have the extra 3 weeks off cause you cant make the finals

  4. Will Mark Egan bring his woeful offside trap from United to City?

    1. beat me to it!

      Who's coaching united?