Friday, 28 February 2014

Rod Andrews issue apology over comments

Firstly before I release the statement form Devonport I would like to have my say. As both Braydon and Joel are my mates I'm sure both boys and their family's will see where I'm coming from.
Being the Aussies that we all are will always give a hand shake or a pat on the back to wish any one well in their career or chosen sport.
But we on the coast, which we are pretty tight knit are sick to death of seeing players, people moving south to be promised every thing but shown nothing.
A lot of people say they want or either go south to further the career or have better chance of getting picked up in their chosen sport.
Well I disagree as the V League is the stepping stone to go further no matter what club we play for. But if we want to talk about successful clubs well we can't go past Devonport. They finished runner up in the V League and the finals series also finishing 3rd in the NPL but also champions in the reserves and 3rd in the under 18s. So what ever these clubs must be offering must be larger than just football(soccer)......
Here is the statement from club president Rod Andrews.

Earlier in the week, I made some comments on this website, specifically regarding Joel Stone and his move to Hobart. These comments have caused a great deal of hurt and anguish to the Stone family and as such they deserve an unqualified apology from me.

I love the Northwest Coast of Tasmania, and am deeply passionate about its future. Sadly, that passion sometimes gets in the way of considered thought. I’m also determined to do all I can to showcase the game and do the right thing  for the entire North West Football community. My comments did nothing to unite football followers up here – on the contrary.

To the Stone family, again, I can only offer my sincere apologies for the stress and hurt I’ve caused. If I could go back in time and change how I’ve responded to all of this, I would.

I’d also like to apologise to Somerset President  Nigel Brown. Nigel, my response to what in in hindsight was a pretty mild and in most part pretty accurate post, again was the end result of a crap week and not thinking things through. I hope to catch up with you and apologise in person on the weekend.

Finally, I’d just like thank both Joel and Brayden for what they have done for the North West Community. These blokes have done so much – they help coach our juniors, turn up to working Bees, club functions and basically conduct themselves like professionals – not to mention how many kids they have inspired to take up and/or continue the game . The whole of the Coast owes you both a great dept.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Rangers Well Into Preseason

Dane Hudson will take charge of our Premier League boys this week as Tim Lunnon and myself commence the C licence this Sunday, so the boys are in good hands.  Our side has been selected with a balance of our core U20 players, with a game given to a select victory league group who desperately need the run in preparation for the season.

Marshall Pooley comes back in this week after a week off last week, and this game will be used to help fast track the preparation for our Englishmen Shane Brassington and Adam Edwards, who up until they arrived have not been able to kick a ball outside since before Christmas back in the UK due to the weather.

Last week was a great game, Launceston took it right up to us, but the guys stayed patient and kept to our game plan, and it was the younger boys that actually made the difference for us last week, Harry Thannhauser was just outstanding, and looks to have locked himself into the Victory League 20 now, which is announced next week.

I understand Launceston were upset as we played a few boys again from the day before in our game last week, but I think most clubs understand that the Hudson Cup is a series of competitive practice matches, we are not in this comp to win it, but to prepare for the season, we will play within the rules that state we can play up to 5 over 20 players each week, against an opposition who have no restrictions, I think last week we may have played 3 over 20 age players, and only one of them we expect to feature in our Victory league make up,  we are not interested in stacking a team so that we can win the Hudson Cup, rather fine tuning our squads for the start of the Premier League and Victory League, and some of our boys need to play to get fit, others need to play so that we know come season start, where they fit in the scheme of things.

So nothing changes this week against City, I expect they will field a team that represents their preparation, but we will be focusing on ours, and if we finish up with a win, that will be a nice fuzzy feeling for 15 minutes, and then its back to preparation for the 28th of March.

The fact that we are out of the Summer Cup is disappointing and as a result, my Premier league sides preparation will be disrupted, but that's life and we searched for a Victory League Practice match for Saturday, but unfortunately our opposition had to withdraw at late notice, so this is all we have this week

Friday, 21 February 2014

Stone Is Now Black And White

Only a few days after striker Braydon Mann decided to pack up and move to Hobart, team mate and friend Joel Stone has followed suit.
From what I am hearing and believe is that Tilford have also opened its cheque book and offerd Joel a substantial deal to make him move south.
Really this has to be egg on FFT face as all this POACHING players is really hurting the competition and the North West coast. But most of all it must be hurting Nick Owen as he has tought these boys the tricks of the trade and both now have left him.
I think the comps opperators need to  look hard at what has happened in the last week and start acting upon it. Maybe clubs that are loosing out need to be compinsated from the poaching clubs to allow the loosing clubs so that they can attract other players from other leagues. Because if this type of bull s$&t keeps up the V League will fold and clubs that don't have open cheque books will fold.
Here also is a statement from the Devonport Strikers.

Over the weekend, we, the Board and Coaching staff of the Devonport Strikers, were informed that Victory League star Joel Stone will be moving to Hobart. It’s our understanding that Joel will sign with the Tilford Zebras over the next few days.
Joel’s departure comes just four weeks away from the beginning of the season, and a week after 2013 Victory League Golden Boot winner Brayden Mann announced his departure from the coast. Naturally, as a club and as a community, we have been devastated by these departures, so close to the beginning of the season.
It’s important to understand that we have no animosity or grudge against the players involved or the clubs who have successfully poached Brayden and Joel (let’s not mince words here, whatever way it’s spun, they have been poached), but it’s important that supporters of this fantastic Statewide concept understand the end result of this.
Put simply, if clubs in the North become nothing more than feeder clubs to the cashed up clubs in the South (our players are not the only ones who have been offered inducements to move to Hobart), I fear for the future of the league, as we simply cannot sustain player losses of this level.
It’s no secret that in terms of junior development we punch way above our weight up here, and the entire North West Coast sporting community should be proud of the achievements of all four Coastal clubs in terms the players we continue to produce. We celebrate our success with players like Jeremy Walker, and Jesse Curran, making their way at Hyundai A-League Clubs, as we see this as an obvious positive step in their respective football futures. However, we see little if any benefit for the league, club or players, if they simply move sideways to clubs in the same level of competition as ours.
While our supporters, player group and importantly the junior fans who come and watch these ‘local heroes’ play are shattered by these shock departures, the Devonport City Soccer Club (and indeed the North West Coast as a whole) is made up of individuals with character, pride and single minded determination. Rest assured we will not sit back and accept these losses, and will respond accordingly. 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Rangers Are Looking Towards Youth In The Hudson Cup And The Coming NPL Season

This week we will get a closer indication of the actual line up of our NPL side, with most of our starting players available in the Southern Summer Cup now that our players from the UK have arrived, There are still a fair few guys unavailable across the weekend with various commitments and injuries.  I really want to focus on developing our next crop of players in the Premier League this year, so where the commitment and hard work is demonstrated from those young players, they will be rewarded, perhaps at the expense of older more experienced players, who some might think should be picked first, but my aim at NPL level is to develop young players first.

Shane and Adam will be given the opportunity to have some form of a run on Sunday depending on how they pull up from the Southern Summer Cup, They only arrived on Wednesday arvo and we need to fast track their preparation somewhat, so I am happy to give them a run during the day if they are up to it.  Im sure the young players will appreciate the opportunity to play next to them, and witness how they prepare for a game.

Launceston had a 4 all draw with our Reserves/U18s last week, Im not sure what can be read into that, as that was a rushed together side in the end on our part, and I am sure Launceston are still building towards week one, we wont be to concerned with what Launceston are doing at this point, we need to get our playing style right, and every game at this point in the season is an opportunity to do that.

Last week we have seen some outstanding performances from some of our young players, so I am looking forward to the likes of Roary Ward, John Wani and Daniel Sparrshot to repeat that, and show it was not a flash in the pan.

I want to walk away on Sunday with the same feeling from last, not regarding the result, but the knowledge that our players are doing as they are asked, and demonstrating the importance of following our game plan.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Summer cup is about to get under way

This years summer cup format has been changed incredibly. This year will see only 2 rounds played with all four clubs playing each other. The games will be only played for 2 x 20 minute halves.
This week it all begins at Devonport on Sunday with the first game kicking off at 10am.
Here is this weeks draw.

Valley Road Sunday 23 of  Febuary

10 am
Devonport v Ulverstone

Somerset v Burnie

Somerset v Ulverstone

Devonport v Burnie

Ulverstone v Burnie

Devonport v Somerset

Sunday, 16 February 2014

One Door Opens As Another Slams Shut At Devonport

Devonport Strikers have secured a big signing just weeks away from the 2nd year of the V League.
His name is Cory  Vickers (21 years of age)  and he has most recently played as a pro in the highly regarded Blue Square and Evo Stick Premier Leagues. After Evo Stick Premier League Club Kendal Town hit financial troubles and were relegated, Cory looked elsewhere to further his football experience, and was originally looking at a US Scholarship. But a broken wrist and a US medical system that required a 20k upfront payment, left Cory looking at an alternative  warm climate experience. And the rest, as they say is history.
Cory has been training with the Strikets and has put pen to paper early last week. The Strikers had a few supporters at training and were very impressed by the way Cory presents him self and his ability to play the game.Cory at the age of 16 had trials for the English under 20 world cup team and made it to the third round.
So as Cory enters the Strikers BRAYDON MANN exits.
Yes it is true for the people who have been talking and are not sure.Braydon will be re-joining South Hobart again this year and may well be for a few years more. The 2013 Golden boot winner has been linked to South Hobart after Ken Morton has been ringing players on the coast and offering substancial cash insentives to join the team that is starting to be known as South Cashed Up.
This would have to be a big kick in the guts for Nick Owen as this has happened to him twice now as Braydon and South Hobart have done exactly the same thing when Nick was coaching at Ulverstone.
To be the best team in the state is fair to say but when you Fern Hook quality players from other clubs competing in the same league to make them weaker....Are you still the best team in the league???

Thursday, 13 February 2014

State wide cup draw is out

The Lakoselkac cup was drawn today at FFT head quarters with some interesting games. The qualification stage will take place on the 8th 9th and 10th of March. With there being an uneven number to qualify this has allowed a club to pass through to the final 16 with a pass. Burnie United are the lucky club to get the pass but are not so lucky with who they meet in the final 16.
Here is the qualification games.

University v New Town Eagles

 Clarence v Riverside Olyimpic

Nelson e/s v Prospect Knights

Burnie united pass.
One would think that all NPL clubs should make it through to the final 16. The hardest match will be for Riverside who have to take on Clarence who have picked up a few good players and they welcome back super striker Paul Bremner.

The final 16 has some cracker of matches involving clubs on the North/North West coast. Devonport host Ulverstone in which might be an imotional match with three ex Ulverstone boys to line up against the Reds, also Dallas Baldock has been training with the Strikers as well.
Somerset finally get to test them selves against a V League team when they travel to Mitsubishi Park and take on Launceston City. With City picking up some imports as well as a few local lads this will be a cracker and will allow Somerset to see where they are really at.
With Burnie United getting the pass they will then meet the so called yard stick in the V League having to travel south and play on the artificial turf. It just may be a long trip home for a young United squad.
The only other game that is a definite involving clubs North of Cambell Town are the Rangers who will host other V League team Olyimpia Warriors.

Final 16 to be played 22/23 March

Devonport v Ulverstone

Launceston City v Somerset

Glenorchy v winner of NTE/UNI

South Hobart v winner of Nelson/Prospect

Taroona v winner of Clarence/Riverside

Northern Rangers v Olyimpia Warriors

Tilford Zebras v Burnie United

Beachside v Kingborough Lions

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Litchendonk steps down a V League coach

It's official, Brendon Litchtendonk has passed over the reins of the rangers to Tim Lunnon. Litchendonk was quoted in saying" my role at the clubs was only intern until we found a coach who has had more experience". Hats must go off to Brendon as it is a big step to take even it was only for a short period. It's fair to say Litchendonk had blue red and white blood running through his veins an will do anything for the Rangers.
With Litchendonk standing down this will allow him to become more qualified as a coach and also help the board and the runnings of the club.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Facts and Rumors

Ok with the season only a few weeks away here are some of the facts and rumors around the NPL and the V League north of Cambell Town.
Somerset Sharks
The Sharks look the goods again and may go this year undefeated as thy have picked up some more big names for the 2015 season.
Keegan Wells returns after a year off along with Garry Hamilton and Toby Skeene who has been in the sunny Queensland for a few years.
Add the addition of youngsters Bill Mathews and Kiren Whithouse the Sharks are looking perfect on paper. Jeremy DeBomford should find this season a great to be coaching this year.

Burnie United
The Emus are looking more greener as each year goes past. Ray Parke is at the helm again this year and after the finish Burnie had last year will be very confident that they can match it with the front runners. Pete VanEk has had to pull the pin on the season before it has begun as work commitments will see him in the middle of Queensland during the season. Add Kye Seamore moving interstate a d Burnie start looking shaky in the defense. Connor Parke and Andy Gibson will control the middle again and Brad Ryan in the sticks.

Ulverstone Reds
It has been very quite in the Reds camp leading up to the summer cup. After finishing second in both comps last year I'm sure they will be looking to go one better. Coach of the year 2013 Stuart Mac will have the boys in fine tune. Are the Conkies going around again???? Also the rumor is they will not be fielding an under 18 side?

Devonport Strikers
With the program the Strikers have for their juniors, one can only think the will be very competitive again. In the V League Devonport will be in the top 3 again this year, with the return of Ryan Keep their is a bit of competition now for Casey Eaves. The rumor is if Keep gets the number 1 spot Casey will return to Somerset and play on the field. Also veteran Chris McKenna could also be their centre back for the season after Nathan Gratton has decided to take a year away from the V League.

Prospect Knights
The knights have been hurt this year after finishing strong in 2013, they have lost Mitchel Dent to the Rangers and Andy Compaign to Launceston City. I'm sure the club will be hoping for more better days this year as the rain last year reall effected the Knights preparations and game days.
Also I hear that Nathan Balym has jumped the fence and will sweep for City this year.....

Launceston City
This is the club on the move in the V Leauge. People are saying the cheque book is open and it's is starting to prove it may be right. After loosing Saeed Binladen who has moved back to his nation. He has been replaced by Andy Compain and house mate Toby Omenahue who had last year in the AFL. also chuck in their Dutch goal keeper and Korean midfield and you are starting to build a good team. Maybe they will lift off the bottom of the bottom of the ladder and have already tasted success this summer.

Northern Rangers
With new coach Brendan Litchendonk in charge this year I would only expect the Rangers to be in the top 4 this year, with Shane Brassington and the rumor of another import on the way the Rangers will be building in confidence. Todd Hingston with no doubt have another great year and will be looking for support from the rest of the troops. Derick Shipper has retired after a year in the V League so Coach Litchendonk will have a big gap to fill.

Riverside and Launceston United
Both teams will be looking to build on a poor season last year and one hopes it won't be a long season for both clubs.