Thursday, 13 February 2014

State wide cup draw is out

The Lakoselkac cup was drawn today at FFT head quarters with some interesting games. The qualification stage will take place on the 8th 9th and 10th of March. With there being an uneven number to qualify this has allowed a club to pass through to the final 16 with a pass. Burnie United are the lucky club to get the pass but are not so lucky with who they meet in the final 16.
Here is the qualification games.

University v New Town Eagles

 Clarence v Riverside Olyimpic

Nelson e/s v Prospect Knights

Burnie united pass.
One would think that all NPL clubs should make it through to the final 16. The hardest match will be for Riverside who have to take on Clarence who have picked up a few good players and they welcome back super striker Paul Bremner.

The final 16 has some cracker of matches involving clubs on the North/North West coast. Devonport host Ulverstone in which might be an imotional match with three ex Ulverstone boys to line up against the Reds, also Dallas Baldock has been training with the Strikers as well.
Somerset finally get to test them selves against a V League team when they travel to Mitsubishi Park and take on Launceston City. With City picking up some imports as well as a few local lads this will be a cracker and will allow Somerset to see where they are really at.
With Burnie United getting the pass they will then meet the so called yard stick in the V League having to travel south and play on the artificial turf. It just may be a long trip home for a young United squad.
The only other game that is a definite involving clubs North of Cambell Town are the Rangers who will host other V League team Olyimpia Warriors.

Final 16 to be played 22/23 March

Devonport v Ulverstone

Launceston City v Somerset

Glenorchy v winner of NTE/UNI

South Hobart v winner of Nelson/Prospect

Taroona v winner of Clarence/Riverside

Northern Rangers v Olyimpia Warriors

Tilford Zebras v Burnie United

Beachside v Kingborough Lions


  1. Don't under estimate Nelson, that would be a cracking game against Prospect. 1 of only 3 teams to beat Beachside last season

  2. Say what you like about random draws but this one is poor on 2 fronts
    How disappointing that only one match were VL teams play each other, makes it hard for a smaller club to progress.
    Even worse that no VL clubs travel, would have been great for smaller clubs to have the opportunity to promote a big match at home.
    Ah well ! maybe next year.

    1. There's no doubt Nigel, you have an incredible gift of putting a negative spin on any topic! Would you prefer a 'rigged' draw?

      Cup football is all about smaller clubs challenging bigger clubs for the right to progress in the competition. Yet again you've turned it into an opportunity to have a dig at VL clubs for something they had no control over.

      You've harped on about wanting to 'have a crack' at a VL club for quite some time - now you have a chance. I, for one, hope you do get a win.

      Smile & be positive mate. Who know's, you might enjoy the experience!

    2. Didn't mean it to come across like that, just that we would have loved to host a VL team to promote the game I our area, most of our players and supporters never see a VL game as they play at the same time as we do. I don't see how you can say I have had a dig at VL clubs and your thin skinned if you think I "harped on". We are looking forward to the City game unfortunately not sure how many supporters will get the opportunity to be there, certainly won't be any of our under 14 and under 16 lads.