Sunday, 16 February 2014

One Door Opens As Another Slams Shut At Devonport

Devonport Strikers have secured a big signing just weeks away from the 2nd year of the V League.
His name is Cory  Vickers (21 years of age)  and he has most recently played as a pro in the highly regarded Blue Square and Evo Stick Premier Leagues. After Evo Stick Premier League Club Kendal Town hit financial troubles and were relegated, Cory looked elsewhere to further his football experience, and was originally looking at a US Scholarship. But a broken wrist and a US medical system that required a 20k upfront payment, left Cory looking at an alternative  warm climate experience. And the rest, as they say is history.
Cory has been training with the Strikets and has put pen to paper early last week. The Strikers had a few supporters at training and were very impressed by the way Cory presents him self and his ability to play the game.Cory at the age of 16 had trials for the English under 20 world cup team and made it to the third round.
So as Cory enters the Strikers BRAYDON MANN exits.
Yes it is true for the people who have been talking and are not sure.Braydon will be re-joining South Hobart again this year and may well be for a few years more. The 2013 Golden boot winner has been linked to South Hobart after Ken Morton has been ringing players on the coast and offering substancial cash insentives to join the team that is starting to be known as South Cashed Up.
This would have to be a big kick in the guts for Nick Owen as this has happened to him twice now as Braydon and South Hobart have done exactly the same thing when Nick was coaching at Ulverstone.
To be the best team in the state is fair to say but when you Fern Hook quality players from other clubs competing in the same league to make them weaker....Are you still the best team in the league???


  1. Love the Fern Hook Expression mate - normally used to describe country cricketers 'slogsweep' but there you go.
    While not commenting directly on Brayden's thought processess, Im far from suprised that SH are trying to lure players from the coast to the South, and while we can do without it, I certainly dont begrudge them, and see it as smart business practice.

    Unemployment and our related inability to compete financially with big Southern clubs is a huge disadvantage for the coast, and until the coastal business community and soccer clubs unite behind a common purpose up here, this will happen again and again. So Id suggest we had better get used to it, and I doubt whether the level of support and cooperation that I allude to will ever occur in our lifetime.

    Rod Andrews

  2. Great write up, Sam.

    I have to agree with in regards to you comments concerning South's poaching of players, and not just any player, arguably the best player in the State. It leaves a sour tastein the mouth.

    I also agree with Rocket (which must be a first for him), Ken has once again showed good business acumen and you certainly can't begrudge player, club or coach for the move. It makes sense for all involved (except Devonport who now have a sizeable gap to fill). Will Nick look to other coastal clubs to bolster Devonport's attacking power? Or is he confident that the young brigade at Devonport can do the job?

  3. Very interesting that just before Christmas Braydon had called the advocate to do a story on him about staying at the club and he would never leave for money, it's amazing how people change or maybe it's all related to the story a week later when he called them about his head. Maybe Braydon doesn't recall the first story.
    Would love to hear from the so called Mann him self.... Over to you Braydon

    1. Yeah it's true, and I haven't been offered cash at all by South Hobart Sam. And yes I recall the first story, and at that time I was 100 percent sure I'd be playing for Devonport. I still wish I could be playing for Devonport but the fact is, finishing my apprenticeship was more important than my soccer. My job is far less secure than a couple months ago and I've been through a fair bit personally since that article. I sti'll might not be playing this season if I don't get the all clear from the neurologist next month. Hope that clears that up for you. Also, I just want to say that I love Devonport and I wish the players and supporters all the best for the year. My reason for leaving has absolutely nothing to do with football.

    2. Oh and I never called the advocate once, they called me.

    3. Thanks for your reply Braydon, it shows what true character you really have. Maybe not your self being paid but a few others that are happy to tell that they have been approached and offered money.
      But I wish you all the best

    4. Thanks Sam, you too mate!

  4. I am of the opinion that if other players on the coast wanted to play Victory League then they would be a the club already. Chasing players and talking them into playing doesn't sit well with me as it has an impact on the relationships with other coastal clubs. There are players at other coastal clubs who would be good enough to play Victory League and we would be happy for them to come and play but it would have to be their decision to approach us. It is no secret that every player in the Victory League squad is on a level playing field so we have nothing to offer other than you get to play at the highest level in Tasmania. If that is what a player wants then they will come and try out. If they don't, they don't. In terms of the young brigade playing, I have a pretty good history of having faith in youth. It hasn't always paid immediate dividends but it is something I am more than happy to do. It should be an interesting season.


  5. I understand that the weekend's games have been moved to Sunday, Sam? Is that correct? Does anyone know why?

  6. Yeah correct - wedding reception at Devonport Clubrooms on Saturday and the new President didnt check the booking book......infact he didnt know there was a booking book.
    My fault, apologies


  7. Yes all games on Sunday as Devonport have a wedding reception booked at the club.