Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Facts and Rumors

Ok with the season only a few weeks away here are some of the facts and rumors around the NPL and the V League north of Cambell Town.
Somerset Sharks
The Sharks look the goods again and may go this year undefeated as thy have picked up some more big names for the 2015 season.
Keegan Wells returns after a year off along with Garry Hamilton and Toby Skeene who has been in the sunny Queensland for a few years.
Add the addition of youngsters Bill Mathews and Kiren Whithouse the Sharks are looking perfect on paper. Jeremy DeBomford should find this season a great to be coaching this year.

Burnie United
The Emus are looking more greener as each year goes past. Ray Parke is at the helm again this year and after the finish Burnie had last year will be very confident that they can match it with the front runners. Pete VanEk has had to pull the pin on the season before it has begun as work commitments will see him in the middle of Queensland during the season. Add Kye Seamore moving interstate a d Burnie start looking shaky in the defense. Connor Parke and Andy Gibson will control the middle again and Brad Ryan in the sticks.

Ulverstone Reds
It has been very quite in the Reds camp leading up to the summer cup. After finishing second in both comps last year I'm sure they will be looking to go one better. Coach of the year 2013 Stuart Mac will have the boys in fine tune. Are the Conkies going around again???? Also the rumor is they will not be fielding an under 18 side?

Devonport Strikers
With the program the Strikers have for their juniors, one can only think the will be very competitive again. In the V League Devonport will be in the top 3 again this year, with the return of Ryan Keep their is a bit of competition now for Casey Eaves. The rumor is if Keep gets the number 1 spot Casey will return to Somerset and play on the field. Also veteran Chris McKenna could also be their centre back for the season after Nathan Gratton has decided to take a year away from the V League.

Prospect Knights
The knights have been hurt this year after finishing strong in 2013, they have lost Mitchel Dent to the Rangers and Andy Compaign to Launceston City. I'm sure the club will be hoping for more better days this year as the rain last year reall effected the Knights preparations and game days.
Also I hear that Nathan Balym has jumped the fence and will sweep for City this year.....

Launceston City
This is the club on the move in the V Leauge. People are saying the cheque book is open and it's is starting to prove it may be right. After loosing Saeed Binladen who has moved back to his nation. He has been replaced by Andy Compain and house mate Toby Omenahue who had last year in the AFL. also chuck in their Dutch goal keeper and Korean midfield and you are starting to build a good team. Maybe they will lift off the bottom of the bottom of the ladder and have already tasted success this summer.

Northern Rangers
With new coach Brendan Litchendonk in charge this year I would only expect the Rangers to be in the top 4 this year, with Shane Brassington and the rumor of another import on the way the Rangers will be building in confidence. Todd Hingston with no doubt have another great year and will be looking for support from the rest of the troops. Derick Shipper has retired after a year in the V League so Coach Litchendonk will have a big gap to fill.

Riverside and Launceston United
Both teams will be looking to build on a poor season last year and one hopes it won't be a long season for both clubs.


  1. This article is a bit insulting to Riverside?

  2. No I don't think so, for two reasons. 1 I asked all clubs to get in contact with me and I havnt heard any thing from them, so 2. I can only judge them by last years performance and even Penny would back my comments...

  3. If I was still playing I'd be licking my lips to see "The Sharks look the goods again and may go this year undefeated." not exactly world beaters by any stretch of the imagination.

  4. I think there are two ways you could read this page, the way you have or like this. Somerset are no Barcelona or Chelsea but with the new pick ups they have gathered they will be very strong and with the other clubs loosing players will only make them stronger. Just remember they only dropped one game last year. I don't look forward to playing them this year.

  5. cant say how you are going to perform until you have a couple of games.After watching Riverside at practice game at weekend I think may be hard to beat.

  6. Its all good Sam. I didnt realise you were after a comment, but in saying that you have my email and mobile contacts.

    As for last year, definitely not happy with our performance and ladder position. But 2014 is a new year.

    Looking forward to getting the season underway.



  7. think Ulverstone may struggle early this season as have heard they haven't had many numbers on the park training? no doubt they will get the numbers there as we get closer to the season but will it be early enough?

  8. First round of Summer Cup is now Sunday 23rd February (just 11 days away), this will test all clubs to have enough players up and registered.

  9. Sharks have good numbers at training, probably more than last year. Unders' will be quality with good depth of talent, looking forward to challenging Port's great Under 16's from last year. We are hoping to have a better run in the Cup this year, would like to have a go at a VL team.