Saturday, 31 March 2012

Launceston City Vs Somerset Sharks Goal Highlights

Round 1 Results

Launceston City 1 Drew Somerset 1 HT: 0-1
Reserves Launceston City 7 defeated Somerset 2 HT: 5-0
Under 18's Launceston City 4 defeated Somerset 2 HT: 2-0

Riverside Olympic 2 defeated Launceston 1 HT: 2-0
Reserves Riverside 3 defeated Launceston 0
Under 18's Riverside 1 lost to Launceston 4

Burnie United 0 lost to Prospect Knights 3

Devonport 3 drew Ulverstone 3 HT 0-3
Reserves Devonport 5 defeated Ulverstone 2
Under 18s Devonport 7 defeated Ulverstone 2

Under 18's Northern Rangers 13 defeated Northern Development 0

Friday, 30 March 2012

Let The Games Begin

Round 1 of the NPL kicks off tommorow. With three games being played at 2:30 and the game of the round kicks off at 6:30 at Devonport. Devonport v Ulverstone There is no better way to start the year off with the two favorites to win the flag playing in round 1. Devonport has a shock departure early in the week with Luke Beardwood having to pull the pin due to work commitments. Coach Chris McKenna said" it was a big loss but the team would be able to fill the big whole left with another junior coming through. McKenna also said that the favorites banner hanging over their head was just a myth and thought that Ulverstone will be a hard task as they have recruited well in the off season. But Ulverstone will be with out one of their new recruits with Adam Conkie out for four weeks due to injury. Coach nick Owen would have to be happy with his team on paper looking dangerous and strong. This game should be a cracker. Launceston city v Somerset This game is shaping up to be a lot closer than people have predicted. Somerset have been hit hard with injury and will see a few of their bigger names out. Casey and danny eaves will both miss the trip due to hamstring and ankle problems while ryan Liston went under the knife for knee surgery. On a good note the club welcomes back nick Treloar who will fill the roll in the sticks. City will start favorites and should get a home win. Burnie united v prospect knights This will be another close game with both sides loosing key players from last year. Burnie will have a few juniors coming through and starting their prope league game. Zak Mitchell and Stuart batt will make their 1st team appearances.prospect have Tim Claxton back after having a few years off and the ever reliable Ben crosswell has re-signed with the knights. Both coaches will be expecting a tough and physical game. Riverside v launceston united Will this be a cricket score or will united hold their heads high and fight even with a number of their more senior players being sent off in the final round of the Hudson cup. Troy Scott will be looking for a constant gaol scorer after will guy and the Hughes brothers are out for a year. But I'm sure riverside will have se fire power and cruise to the top of the ladder after round 1.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Npl tipping 2012

Ok it's time. This year I will run a tipping if anyone is interested.I am trying to find a sports shop to sponsor some goods to make it worth while. Only a few simple rules. 1.Correct game is worth 1 point, correct game and score line is worth 3 points. Also wrong tip no points. 2. Tipping must be logged 6 hours prior to the first kick off of that round. 3. You must continue tipping through out the totall year to be eligible for the prizes. 4. If you don't have an account just put your tipping name at the bottom of the tips each round. Enjoy. Round 1 2012 npl Somerset v launceston city Devonport v Ulverstone Burnie v Prospect Riverside v Launie United

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Devonport keep perfect preseason

Final round of the North West summer was played tonight.  Both games being played at different venues again.
Devonport were the host to Somerset kicking off at 630.  Devonport won this encounter 3-1. Chris McKenna would be happy with his troops being undefeated in the 2012 preseason including winning the Mies family cup back in January.
Somerset will be looking forward to next week facing Launceston City and some new faces after not experiencing  the best start with an up and down preseason.  John Wheeler opted tonight to rest a few players including Chris Smith.
In the other game also kicking off at 630, Burnie hosted Ulverstone. This game ended a lot closer than many people would have thought.  I'm not sure in either camps of any senior players being rested but the game ended in a draw.  Burnie for the second week in a row went in half time with the lead thanks to Tyler Johnstone, but yet again unable to keep a lead. Will this be a problem for the proper league?  Ulverstone’s saviour was Lain Robert-Thompson.
There is no finals play off this year, rather the Cup was decided on who had the most points out of the six games each team played. Devonport 18 points Ulverstone 10 points Somerset 6 points Burnie 1 point.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Mark Baker's NPL Preview in Sunday's Examiner.

Check it out gents.  A fine effort Mark, fantastic as always.

Mark's comments,

I've decided to post unabridged preview articles on The Examiner's website on Friday nights as there is always a battle between how much I'd like to write and how much space is available in the newspaper. This way we can get in a lot more detail and coaches' comments. It might also please those who would rather read preview articles before match day.
You can find the reports at from 5pm. If it's not on the home page it will be under the opinion/blog section. There is a complete preview with all nine coaches there now. It's 2300 words and an edited version will run in this Sunday's paper. If this starts getting a few page views then I'll look at doing the same thing on match days; having a longer report with coaches' comments online about 8pm.
Another aspect I'd like to add to both the online reports and ones published in the newspaper is results from reserves and under-18 matches so if you would like to offer these results please make contact with me. Let me know what you think and please offer any suggestions. You can email me at Cheers, Bakes

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Interview with Burnie coach Tony Cocker

Here is the first of many coach interviews for the year.
Thanks to Tony for this....
Why did you make the change from Ref to Coach?

Well, I've always had a passion to coach so even at the beginning of last year I was giving it a great deal of thought and decided to referee for one more year. It was a year of turmoil and uncertainty  as to what I wanted,so I made my mind up in june last year when I was injured that this  was my last year as a referee and coaching  was going to be an avenue I would take. After giving it great thought and talking with my partner whom I must say is full of support.  I applied for the position at Burnie and since then it has been a great response from the whole club,players and committee and I thank Burnie for giving me the chance.

After having a solid pre season have your gaols changed? If so or not what are they?

I will say that in my playing time the goals and expectations from the teams I played in was nothing but the best anything less was not good enough.To have  goals is very important I am one for believing if you have the ability to play the game and play it well you should always give 110%, With some of the talent we have at Burnie my expectation from them is very high.

The goals I set my self are the same just to get the playing group to gel as a team on and of the park. This is working well at the moment especially since the playing group is so young, the perception of old that Burnie would self distruct I believe has well and truly started to change as in all the games so far the playing group has fought to the very end of the ninety minuets.

Who are the up and coming players at Burnie this year to watch out for?

I would say up and coming we have Tyler Johnstone, Malcolm Walters, Connor Parke and Joshua Garland. All of these players have been training very well all pre season Tyler,Malcolm and Connor will play a huge part of the senior squad while young Joshua Garland is one of those players that is a work in progress he has a fantastic work rate again Joshua will be a part of the senior squad Joshua has really shown that he has great potential for a senior player at Burnie and the best thing about all of the players at the club they are a pleasure to be around and coach.

To have the likes of Andy Gibson Ashley Smith and Elliott Stewart in this group will be a big help for the younger guys as these three have been very good with younger players at training and on match day just the way they talk to these guys is encouraging to see as a coach and especially for the young ones.

Who have Burnie Gained and lost for this year?

As everybody is aware Burnie lost some players late last year players like Kamion Johnson Kyrone Johnson and Brodie Knight and also Peter Van Ech while it is always hard to replace quality players I believe with the clubs youth that is around we will have no problems. While we welcome back Kyrone Johnson we have picked up Stuart Batt and Brodie Best and that's all while Stuart has been with us since after the Christmas break and working very well and a player with a lot of potential a very good pick up, Brodie has just signed but from all I've heard another quality player I'm yet to see Brodie play but from what I've seen at training he looks promising.

I've focused on all the local youth we have at the club for our Summer cup games and everyone of them has shown they have the potential to play seniors this year.We have also welcomed back to the club Stevie Gibson and Ronnie Smith, Stevie and Ronnie have been training with us since we started back in November, Stevie will be a major part of our midfield and Ronnie will be part of the Senior playing Group and Ronnie's communication on and of the field is brilliant and the younger players can gain some good knowledge from a good player.

What sort of structure game style will you be trying to achieve?

The structure will depend on who we play so this could well be a 4 4 2 or 4 3 3 but what ever it will be It will be one that will be played through out the club. I am believer in possession football and very strong defensively so that is something we are continually working on. I am trying to achieve with this squad that they keep hold of the ball and not waste any opportunity just keep the ball if you loose it go get it straight back. But most of all I just want the paying group to enjoy their football and success will follow from there.

Where do you predict Burnie will finish and the other clubs as well?

I would like to say as any coach would win the league but realistically mid table is what I have set so anywhere above that is a bonus the confidence in the playing group is getting bigger each time they go out to play and after the effort they put in against Devonport they know themselves what they are capable of so the signs of being a very competitive playing group is huge. They now know them selves on what they have to do to achieve the goals and they can see the rewards in working hard at training and match day.

I think Devonport will be the bench mark of the season then it could well be Northern Rangers or Ulverstone then Riverside, Launceston City Somerset, Prospect and Launceston United

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Burnie may be no easy beats this year

Burnie held their own tonight in round 5 of the summer cup. With both squads at full strength Burnie used the knowledge of their home ground and went into the break 2-0. After the break the more experienced Devonport out fit come out and scored 4 un-answered goals to finally win 4-2. But yet again with burnies second match against a more fancied opponent they have held their own and even in the case controlled the first half. I will have a interview with coach cocker mid week... In the earlier match at Cardigan st, Ulverstone were to strong for the young sharks running away with the game 8-2.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Northern Rangers and Prospect Knights gain chances to redeem 2011 failures.

Rangers will play Clarence for the 5th time in four years
after they were drawn against each other in this years State
Wide Cup round of 16
Northern Sides Northern Rangers and Prospect Knights have been given the opportunity to redeem their early exit from the State Wide Championship series in 2011 with the draw in the 2012 State wide cup.  Both will play their 2011 opponents in the Cup, the difference being Prospect will have to travel to Clare street, while Rangers will have to play Clarence somewhere other than the NTCA, as their ground will still be closed following the cricket season.
Launceston City ge the chance to renew their rivalry with Taroona, with City playing their second Division One outfit in their campaign, this time at home.
Devonport have a tough ask coming up against Tilford Zebras at Valley road. Tilford are widely tipped to take the State Championship this year along with the Southern Premier League.
The only other Northern team left alive and kicking is Ulverstone, they will come up against Kingborough Lions at Lightwood park in the states south. This should be an entertaining match, and will be a good early test of Ulverstone’s aspirations for 2012.
As you have probably noticed, all Northern teams are playing Southern teams and this will make for an interesting spectacle as we prepare for a possible State League in 2013.  If the North fails this test, one can only assume we are less than ready for a State League in Tasmania.

Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy Group of 16 stage draw
Launceston City v Taroona
South Hobart v University
Hobart United v Olympia Warriors
Northern Rangers v Clarence United
Kingborough Lions United v Ulverstone
New Town Eagles v Prospect Knights
Glenorchy Knights v Beachside
Devonport City v Tilford Zebras
All games to played on Easter Monday, 9th of  April 2012

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Round 5 n/w summer cup

This year is the first time a can ever remember the summer cup being played at two different venues either on the same day or even at different nights. This weeks first game is at 4:30 at Cardigan st. Somerset host Steve Hudson cup finalist Ulverstone.This game will be interesting as there still is a bit to play with both teams sitting on 6 points.Ulverstone should start as favorites due to not having to play Monday and also welcoming back some quality senior players, with Adrian Foot, Braden Mann, Adam Conkie and a few other regular senior starters.Somerset will be with out their captain Keegan Wells as he was sent off last Thursday against Burnie. Somerset will be looking to goal scoring machine Chris Smith to try and keep them close or to get over the line against Ulverstone. In the other game Burnie host Devonport at Burnie at 6:30 holding a twilight match.Devonport will be at full strength not having to play since last Friday and one would reakon coach McKenna will start him self after resting last week. Devonport will look to controll the midfield battle with young guns Bradley Chillcot and Jesse Curren in fine form.But I'm sure coach Cocker will be expecting his boys to lift after learning a lot from the state cup held Monday. Even though Burnie lost they held their formation and created a few chances against this years southern summer cup winners. Burnie rested a few senior players against somerset last Thursday and would be full strength for Saturdays game.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

No Home Ground Advantage in the North.

Nick Lanau-Atkinson fights for second half possession
The home northern sides were bundled out of the State Wide cup in convincing  fashion in the northern games.
Riverside hosted Glenorchy Knights but suffered a first half hangover, conceding three goals to the better prepared Glenorchy Knights.  Jason Huigsloot, Simon Strang and Aaron Marney all netted for Knights at Windsor Park in the first half, with Riverside struggling to create a chance.
The second half was a closer affair with Riverside getting into the game, but the damage was done and Holmes was commanding the Knights defense, giving the quick but small Riverside forwards no chance.
Riversides goal keeper Mark Littlechild was in good form in goals and kept the score respectable for Olympic.
It was a disaster for Launceston United at Birch Avenue, conceding 2 first half goals and then 2 more early in the second half to trail first division outfit Taroona.  It got worse for Launceston as they turned their frustration onto the referee.  After a number of free kick requests were waved away by Chris Parr, the Launceston forwards turned on him with a barrage of dissent.
Father and Son, Hugo and Eli Lutmer go to battle in the air
together against Launceston United.
Captain Nathan Bartlett was cautioned for shoulder charging his Taroona opposition early in the half, then received his second yellow card and ultimate dismissal for dissent a short time later.  Two other Launceston players followed suit with 4 yellow cards shown between them, all for dissent, and this resulted in Launceston seeing out the game with just 8 players on the pitch in the end.  One of the victims was their form striker Thors Nimely, meaning Launceston will start the Premier League season against Riverside without their captain or star striker.
Regardless of the 3 man advantage at the end of the game, Taroona could not extend their lead, and were eventual four goal winners, with Hugo Lutmer scoring first, a double to Tom Loftus and Tom Young scoring one also.
Burnie were not able to get over Kingborough who continued their strong early season form with a 3-0 win over the North West Coasters.  Pearce getting a brace for the Lions and Farquar kicking one for his club.
Launceston's Jack Hudson prepares to tackle.
It was a goal fest at Olinda Grove with University beating Somerset 5-4 in normal time.  Chris Smith scored a hat trick for the Sharks, but it wasn’t enough, even with a supporting goal from Jason Noonan as University were able to answer the challenge with 5 goals of their own.
At this point Launceston City are the last hope for the North, leading Metro at time of writing this article 3-2.
Riverside 0 lost to Glenorchy Knights 3 (Hiugsloot, Strang, Marney)
Launceston 0 lost to Taroona 4 (T.Young, Lutmer,  Loftus 2)
Kingborough Lions 3 (Pearce T 2, Farquar) defeated Burnie United 0
University 5 def Somerset 4 (Smith 3, Noonan)

Metro 2 (George 2) lost to Launceston City 3 (Macri 2, Sciulli)

Andy Brennan Wins South Hobart the Steve Hudson Cup.

Northern Rangers 4 (T.Hingston, A.Luate 2, G.Tams) def Launceston United 0
Newtown Eagles 3 (Van derlinden, Mckeown) 3 def Launceston City 1
South Hobart 4 (S.Hickey,  A.Brennan 4) def Ulverstone 0
Prospect Knights Forfeit to Glenorchy Knights.
The South Hobart Keeper Saves an Ulverstone Attack
Andy Brennan completed a fine Steve Hudson cup winning the tournament golden boot and helping his side South Hobart to a fourth successive Steve Hudson Cup.
Ulverstone notably missed the services of Brayden Mann, Joel Stone, Adrian Beard and Shaun Conkie, but did pick up Michael Wolfert for this match with Adam Conkie.  South Hobart only seemed to be missing Greg Duffy who is away on leave.
It was a pretty close affair for the majority of the match, despite the eventual blow out in score.  South Hobart opened proceedings early when Andy Brennan was put through by South Hobart’s French star in Loic Ferral.  Brennan controlled the through ball well and slotted it with skill and precision, and many felt the score could get ugly early.
Ulverstone did well however to get back into the game and stay there by soaking up pressure in their back third and hitting South on the counter.  The main issue for Ulverstone was too many players running forward, and no one willing to hold and show feet.
When Ulverstone did get through, generally their final touch let them down and the keeper was able to collect, or the shots were well over the bar.
South Hobarts Dylan Postma
South Hobart was clearly worried only leading 1-0 after 70 minutes of play, and you could feel that Ulverstone were a defensive error from equalising.  South were desperate for the goal that would no doubt close the game, and they found it when Shea Hickey hit an outstanding shot from the top corner of the 18 yard box, and it sailed into the opposite top corner of the goal, leaving the Ulverstone keeper with his feet firmly on the ground.
At 2-0 the game was effectively won, with Ulverstone losing Adam Conkie to cramp, they lost their drive completely from midfield.   South Hobart however were not happy, and went about what can only be described as a bamboozlement of attacks, which left Andy Brennan with 3 goals in less than 10 minutes and gifted South Hobart the Steve Hudson Cup for 2012 with a 5-0 win.
Ulverstone can hold their head high, as the score line probably should have been closer, but credit to South Hobart, they were a class above today.
In the other consolation matches, Prospect could not field a team to compete with their sister club in Glenorchy Knights, so Launceston put a team together for a friendly, unfortunately Launceston President Maurie Krushka didn’t have any more space on the score board after the 9th goal, and the score line was lost after this with Glenorchy smashing whatever it was that Launceston could scramble together.
Northern Rangers defender Luke Tuma
Launceston City gave their reserves a run against New Town Eagles, and New Town came away with a 4-1 win, this included a hat trick to Adam Mckeown while Jack van Linden continued in his goal a game form, chipping in with another for the Eagles.
Rangers finished with third place, courtesy of a 4-0 win over Launceston on Friday night where Agele Luate scored a double before half time.  Gabriel Tams and Tod Hingston netted singles each.
Brennan won the player of the final and took out the golden boot with 10 goals across 4 games, while Ben Foote won the player of the tournament.
Can I thank the Players and Referees and in particular Ian Calcraft, Nathan Pitchford, Piero Cabera and James Ballard for helping me with the results and goal scorers, and the coaches kind enough to return my messages or chat to me after the games so I could provide you all this information, they were Ken Morton, Dane Hudson, Marshall Pooley, Gabriel Tams, Nick Owen and Mark Eagen.
Thanks to Sam Nugteren and Mark Jefferson for taking a few pics for me also.
For prompt posting of results during the winter, the responsibility lies with the clubs to nominate someone to contact Nick Owen, Sam Cocks or myself with your game details.  WE will do all we can to post results by 4:30 each weekend but need your help.
If someone has some pictures and wants to write a few words on your games, we will gladly post it up here, with no guarantees regarding spelling and grammar.
I trust you have enjoyed the readings and pictures during this Hudson Cup.
Brendan Lichtendonk.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

State Wide Cup 2012.

The qualifying rounds of the State wide Cup will be played on Monday, and the fixtures are as follows.
Launceston United V Taroona – 1:00pm  Birch Ave.
Kingborough Lions V Burnie United – 2:00pm Lightwood Park.
Olympia Warriors V Derwent United – 7:00pm Warrior Park.
Metro V Launceston City – 2:00pm North Chigwell .
Hobart United V Southern FC – 2:15pm Warrior Park.
University V Somerset – 2:30pm Olinda Grove 2.
Beachside V Nelson – 4:30pm Warrior Park .
Riverside V Glenorchy Knights – 12:30pm Windsor Park.
Winners will join Prospect Knights, Northern Rangers, Devonport City, Ulverstone, South Hobart, Tilford Zebras, Clarence United and Newtown Eagles in the round 16 to be played on Easter Monday.
All Northern teams would fancy their chances of progression, though Burnie have the toughest ask, not only travelling about as far as the State wide Cup will take them, but taking on a side full of confidence after their Southern Summer Cup win.
Riverside will also need to be on top of their game if they are to get over Glenorchy, but Glenorchy’s form so far has been far from impressive, and Riverside do play Windsor park well, and have pulled off some upsets there in the past in this competition.
Launceston will hope they can start the serious stuff on the right foot with a win over Taroon at Birch Avenue at 1pm, many have commented on how Launceston have come a long way this year, and this will be a good test just before the season gets underway.  One thing is for sure, Launceston have had little trouble scoring goals in the Hudson cup, so hopefully this can continue.
Somerset will be playing their regular opponents in this competition when they meet University, and again, Uni have been struggling.  I wonder if the sharks old mate Bobby might be found supporting his old club on Monday?
City also by rights should get over Metro, who cant quiet seem to recover since being relegated from the SPL a few years back now, and Launceston City have shown some fight so far in the preseason.   I expect the embarrassment of being knocked out by a league one side might be motivation enough for Lino and his boys.
No games on the Coast, but some interesting ones to watch if your about in Launceston.
On a side note, Devonport Strikers had an easy win over Ulverstone on Friday night in their North West Summer Cup fixutre, that will do Devonport for a place in the final, its up to the other three to fight out the second place.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Rangers v launceston United ( 3rd v 4th Hudson Cup)

Rangers 4 - launceston United 0 Scorers Agele Luate 2 Gabrial Tams 1 Todd Hingston 1 Tonight's match had both sides running either young and up and coming players or letting their reserves have a run. The only noticeable senior player for united was Shannon Rumble,while Rangers rested some of their star players as well. Missing was Chris Hunt,Sam Nuggaten,Brendon Lithchendonk and Mark Ambrose.This allowed Rangers to use some of their talent that is knocking on the door to hold a senior spot. Josh Myer who is from Melbourne had his first senior run and fitting into the Rangers style of play well, setting Hingston up for his goal.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Somerset v Burnie result

Tonight was a see saw game.Both sides were missing key players, Burnie has out Ash Smith,Elliot Stewart, Aiden withers Simon ling,and Peter Vanek but welcomed back Brad Ryan, Aston and Kyrom Johnson. For Somerset they were missing Aaron Moores and Ryan Liston. Somerset looked the better of the two sides in the first half. Having drive through the reliable Keegan Wells and Chris Smith. Danny Eaves had a nice through ball from Smith and found space hitting a shot from about 25 yards, hitting the top left hand corner. A goal which you would see in the English premier league. After the goal the game become a midfield battle. Just before half time somerset were awarded a corner. A low sharp corner from smith seen a deflection from a Burnie player into the goal. Judged an own goal. To burnies credit during the first half they crated some good chances. They created two goals but to be judged off side. Second half saw a more determine Burnie out fit, Burnie scored through Astyn Johnson who received the ball in side the box then carried it down low then Chipped over the keeper to make it 2/1. After the break it become more like the Burnie Somerst riveraly it used to be. With a red card coming from big sides and the more physical game coming into action.The game then become to see saw and both team creating chances but the game stayed 2-1 Somerset.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Round 4 n/w summer cup

This weeks action starts tonight at cardigan st,kicking off at 6. Somerset will host Burnie in a split round. Tomorrow night devonport host Ulverstone. Tonight's match will see two different sides with somerset filling the best side to date with the return of Danny eaves.Coach Wheeler said he is very cautious of the young Burnie side and with the experience of Elliot Stewart and Ashley Smith."they are getting better each week" wheeler said.But this week Burnie will be fielding an under strength side resting its senior players ready for the cup qualification on Monday. The other game is played at Devonport tomorrow night to finish round 4.Ulverstone will be resting both Konkie boys as Adam has a niggaling injury and Shaun will be rested for the Hudson cup final against south Hobart Sunday.But on a brighter note they will not be resting Adrian foot,Breadan Mann or David Horn.We may even see nick along side Breadan this week as I think he will rest a few more.As for the undeafeated Devonport I think they will put together another strong side.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Steve Hudson Cup Final Round Fixtures – Official.

Friday Night 5.45pm - 3rd/4th Northern Rangers v Launceston United
Sunday 11th of March.
11.00am Seniors New Town Eagles v Launceston City
1.00pm Seniors Glenorchy Knights v Prospect Knights     
3.00pm SHC Final South Hobart v Ulverstone
10.30am Under 18 Launceston United U18 v Launceston City U18
12.30pm Under 18 South Hobart U18 v Glenorchy Knights U18

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Steve Hudson Cup Results

Steve Hudson Cup Results
Northern Rangers 5 (C.Hunt, M.Ambrose 2, T.Hingston, A.Luate) def Prospect Knights 1 (B.Croswell) HT 3:1
Newtown Eagles 3 (Van Linden, Mckeown, Ayres) def Riverside Olympic (N.Lanau-Atkinson) HT 1:1
South Hobart 4 (Postma, Brennan 2, Morton) def Launceston City 1 (Goodwin)
Ulverstone 4 (Mann 2, A.Foote, B.Foote) def Glenorchy Knights 3 (Kamarno, M.Nowicki  OG)
Agele Luate for Northern Rangers
Northern Rangers went into the final round match of the 2012 Steve Hudson Cup needing a win to stay in contention for the final, while Prospect needed a win to have any chance of getting off the foot of the table. Last place sits the final week out with the bye.
Prospect are starting to get some of the premiership side back together, this week Chris Pickering and Sean Harris returned to the line up.
Rangers saw Mark Ambrose return to the starting line up with Simon Petrusma returning to the squad from the bench.
Wet and slippery conditions greeted the sides, as Rangers settled in quickly, moving the ball with one touch pass and move football, and kept Prospect chasing early in the half.
A solid ball from Todd Hingston through midfield to Agel Luate had Luate off and away down the right wing, his cut back found the outstretched boot of Chris Hunt to bury the first goal of the match inside 10 minutes.
Rangers were able to double the lead when Mark Ambrose struck a soft shot from the edge of the 18 yard box and his shot slipped under the diving keeper.
Prospect rallied, and always looked dangerous on the counter.  Ben Croswell turned his defenders at the top of the 18 yard box and kicked through a fine shot that ended in the bottom right hand corner to give Prospect a leg up at 2-1.
Agel Luate managed to score for Rangers within 3 minutes of conceding the goal after he found some space and went one on one with the keeper and finished his shot to restore the Rangers lead and this was the score to half time.
Prospect only had two players on the bench, so it was expected that they would tire in the second half, when Todd Hingston created some room for himself to fire off a shot from just inside the penalty area and score, Rangers were looking dangerous with the score at 4-1.
Riverside's Keeper Mark Littlechild flies to clear the ball.
Prospect to their credit though pushed another player forward to try and reign in the Rangers lead rather than lay down and cop it sweet,  and they created some good chances in the process.  A fine cross from Andy Compagne was tapped out by the Rangers keeper  to the feet of a Prospect striker  who had an open net to score in, but his shot hit the cross bar and the ball returned into play.
Mark Ambrose made the most of the additional space up front when he was sent through with no defenders insight, he rounded the keeper and slotted the shot to put Rangers out to a 5-1 lead and the final result.
Newtown eagles went ahead inside the first 5 minutes over Riverside Olympic when Nathan Pitchford sent a fine long diagonal ball to the right corner, Van Linden latched onto the ball and slipped it past Mark Littlechild in the Riverside goals.
Riverside responded well to conceding the goal and created various chances, but again Nathan Pitchford thwarted the Riverside efforts.  Riverside did however get back on level terms before half time when Nick Lanau-Atkinson pulled one back.
The second half was tight again with Newtown scoring twice through Adam McKeown and Bradley Ayers while Riverside were only able to muster up one goal when Nick Lanau-Atkinson doubled his tally. The 3-2 final score recorded Eagles second win of the cup.
Nick Morton for South Hobart
South Hobart easily over came Launceston City in the end, but not without a late scare, after leading 3-0 at the break, City scored the first goal of the second half to peg the margin back to 3-1.
South opened the scoring through Dylan Postma and Andy Brennan netted a first half brace for South Hobart to be comfortable at 3-0, but it was early in the second half that saw City’s Nick Goodwin narrow the lead and give Launceston City a sniff.
Nick Morton came through for South Hobart to cancel any chance of a late game fight back for City when he netted a good goal from an acute angle with 10 minutes left to play.
Ken Morton said after the game “I thought we played well today, backing up after yesterday’s loss to Zebras, It was important that we carried on trying to play good football.  We just got a bit sharper up front with the breeze behind us.”
Ulverstone Celebrate Adrian Foote's goal that sent the Reds
into next Sunday's final vs South Hobart. Two out of the last
three years, the loser of the Cup final Vs South Hobart, have
gone on to win the NPL title.
“Andy (Brennan) was a bit sharper today and we got good penetration, Mizeal was good as well in the first half, he gave us good width and got in behind.”
“Dylan Postma who has been out of touch scored a good goal, we did better in the front third and Loic Ferral was outstanding in midfield today”
All eyes then turned to the Ulverstone V Glenorchy Knights game, where a 2 goal win would assure Ulverstone progression to the final, or a goal fest more than 3-2.  As it was the game was stuck at 3-2 in Ulverstone’s favour, this result had Rangers through on a count back after beating Ulverstone earlier in the cup.  But Ulverstone dug deep and scored the important fourth goal needed to get them to the final.
Glenorchy started well and led Ulverstone before Ben Foote scored to put Ulverstone back on level terms.  An own goal scored for Knights got them back in front at half time.
Second half and Ulverstone pushed on looking for a berth in the Final with South Hobart and were thrown a life line when Brayden Mann got his first goal thanks to a goal keeper clearance,  then he sunk a goal from a corner to put Ulverstone 3-2 in front.   With just 10 minutes left, Adrian Foote hit a fine first time drive from on the edge of the penalty area that snuck over the keeper and under the cross bar and Ulverstone lead 4-2, Knights did find a consolation goal with 2 minutes left on the referees watch,
but it was too little too late.
Nick Owen said after the game “the first half was rubbish, we couldn’t hit a pass to save ourselves, then second half, we played a few people in different positions and it went alright, we had some good finishes for a change”
The Result leave South Hobart and Ulverstone to battle it out for the Steve Hudson Cup next week in the final.

Final 2012 Steve Hudson Cup Table.

South Hobart
Northern Rangers
Launceston United
New Town Eagles
Glenorchy Knights
Riverside Olympic
Launceston City
Prospect Knights

Next week’s fixtures.
Final: South Hobart Vs Ulverstone.
3rd Place: Northern Rangers vs Launceston United.
5th Place: Newtown Eagles Vs Glenorchy Knights.
7th Place: Riverside Olympic Vs Launceston City.