Saturday, 31 March 2012

Round 1 Results

Launceston City 1 Drew Somerset 1 HT: 0-1
Reserves Launceston City 7 defeated Somerset 2 HT: 5-0
Under 18's Launceston City 4 defeated Somerset 2 HT: 2-0

Riverside Olympic 2 defeated Launceston 1 HT: 2-0
Reserves Riverside 3 defeated Launceston 0
Under 18's Riverside 1 lost to Launceston 4

Burnie United 0 lost to Prospect Knights 3

Devonport 3 drew Ulverstone 3 HT 0-3
Reserves Devonport 5 defeated Ulverstone 2
Under 18s Devonport 7 defeated Ulverstone 2

Under 18's Northern Rangers 13 defeated Northern Development 0


  1. Lton U18' won 1-4
    Lton Reserves Lost 3-0
    Lton Seniors Lost 2-1 (HT 2-0)

  2. Dev unders beat ulvie 7 - 2
    Dev ressies beat ulvie 5-2
    Ulv dev seniors draw 3-3

  3. Riverside seniors 2-1 against united not 3-1

  4. Question since dev game was a draw who won penalties or extra time or do both clubs have to split prize money for preseason winner

  5. No penalties or extra time. To be honest don't think either team really cared, is there even a trophy or prize money?

  6. Would've gone to goal difference I would think & Dev would have been in front there I reckon

  7. Full city-somerset highlights at

  8. Dev v Ulv was a great game to watch. Two complete different halfs. Ulv played a great pressure game in the first half and Dev showed determination to come back at get the draw after being 3-0 down at half time.
    The honours on the day were split and deserved.
    Best players for Ulv were Stone, Conkie, Foote, for Dev was Curren, older Wilson and Douglas

  9. whats happening up at knights ,i went to watch a training run and was sadly dissapointed .yet yesterday they carry on as if it was yet another round from last year.

  10. does anyone know if they will post the video of the dev v ulvie game?

  11. Thought Dev / Ulv was a cracker. Obviously a heap of pride involved when these 2 sides clash and I look forward to the return leg later in year. Strikers second half was top draw and what a difference the old man made when he came on!
    For what my opinion is worth (not much!), thought Daniel McGinn was best on.

    As for knights, I think to write off any side on the basis of roumours and heresay is very dangerous. Knowing a few of those boys well I know it only spurred them on to prove to doubters that they were not one hit wonders!

    Looking forward to checking out the rest of the teams over the next few weeks! I'm sure from what I watched saturday that out northern sides can match anything the southerners can bring!


  12. Knights beat a very weak Burnie side so not the best indicator. Got a good line up, if not very fit

  13. anon 1:46

    What is your point ?

  14. strikers second half better than ulvie's first half AE? i think not. a penalty, a scrappy goal, and an own goal 2 mins before full time.. i know they all count, but i dont think dev deserved the draw

  15. Anon 11:03

    Dev didn't deserve a draw???? No probably not, maybe they deserved all 3 points! I'd say they had more possession, more shots & controlled the game for longer (if only just)!

    Still, a draw was the fair result I'd say, deal with it & move on!

  16. anonymous @ 11.03 (Whoever u are?)

    I guess we both call it how we see it. I thought the strikers intensity was huge in the second half and as I stated above, Kenny had a huge impact on that.

    To be honest I thought Ulverstone showed little in the second half. Sometimes you can get too pumped up and get a little ahead of yourselves and it can flatten you. Ulverstone were definitely flat in the second half.

    Goals don't matter, they only have to cross the line between the sticks. for me its about the way the game is played. And this game was a tale of 2 halves of dominance.

    When was the last time you looked at a ladder and it had a column for screamers and scrappy goals? (do they give out extra points for diving headers than they do for tap ins?)

    You can play poorly and score good goals and vice versa. The fact was they created the opportunities, took them and it is 3-3.

  17. oh yeah, forgot to add my name to that post.
    It seems a few others do the same (Im sure no one hides on purpose!)

    Alan Eadie