Friday, 16 March 2012

Northern Rangers and Prospect Knights gain chances to redeem 2011 failures.

Rangers will play Clarence for the 5th time in four years
after they were drawn against each other in this years State
Wide Cup round of 16
Northern Sides Northern Rangers and Prospect Knights have been given the opportunity to redeem their early exit from the State Wide Championship series in 2011 with the draw in the 2012 State wide cup.  Both will play their 2011 opponents in the Cup, the difference being Prospect will have to travel to Clare street, while Rangers will have to play Clarence somewhere other than the NTCA, as their ground will still be closed following the cricket season.
Launceston City ge the chance to renew their rivalry with Taroona, with City playing their second Division One outfit in their campaign, this time at home.
Devonport have a tough ask coming up against Tilford Zebras at Valley road. Tilford are widely tipped to take the State Championship this year along with the Southern Premier League.
The only other Northern team left alive and kicking is Ulverstone, they will come up against Kingborough Lions at Lightwood park in the states south. This should be an entertaining match, and will be a good early test of Ulverstone’s aspirations for 2012.
As you have probably noticed, all Northern teams are playing Southern teams and this will make for an interesting spectacle as we prepare for a possible State League in 2013.  If the North fails this test, one can only assume we are less than ready for a State League in Tasmania.

Milan Lakoseljac Memorial Trophy Group of 16 stage draw
Launceston City v Taroona
South Hobart v University
Hobart United v Olympia Warriors
Northern Rangers v Clarence United
Kingborough Lions United v Ulverstone
New Town Eagles v Prospect Knights
Glenorchy Knights v Beachside
Devonport City v Tilford Zebras
All games to played on Easter Monday, 9th of  April 2012


  1. Nice write up CA. Kingborough will be right up there as favouurites. Probably even more so than Tilford. I Tip Devonport to sneak past them and for Kingborough to get a solid win!

  2. What are the Stats for Rangers vs. Clarence over the past couple of years in this comp CA. It seems they have played Clarence regularly.

  3. Im glad you asked me that.
    Played 4. 1 win one draw 2 losses.
    2009 (SWC) lost 2-0
    2009 Quarter Final State Championship drew 2-2, lost on pens
    2010 Quarter Final State Championship Won 1-0
    2011 Quarter Fianl State Championship Lost 3-1

  4. You can't count 09 as a draw. Loss on penalties is still a loss

  5. Yes I can you anonymous half wit! as stated 1 win 1 draw 2 losses. I just did, they are our stats and i will rig and plunder them to my hearts content!

    You can do as you please with your stats also, but im willing to bet you cant recall a result for your club on a any given date in 2000. Name the date and ill give you the result and where it was played for any Northern Rangers Senior game since 1999.

  6. Capatin Oz is correct for statistical purposes where a game is decided on penalites the game result is recorded as a draw and the penalites decide who progresses, FIFA fact


  7. Capt Oz going a little overboard with the response there! Claim the draw by all means and back up "your boys" but you need to pull your head in a bit as far as retorts to others' comments are concerned or risk losing what little credibility you have left in your write-ups and other remarks on matches! There is no doubt that you are knowledgeable when it comes to NR results but I'd suggest that that is about where it ends for you.

    As I sit and proof read this I'm sure all you will read here Capt Oz is "blah, blah, blah, blah.....Rangers, Rangers, Rangers", you'll make very little sense of what is written and argue some inane point that will be backed up by another of your "army" - yet i post it anyway!

  8. Would have got a far more respectful response if not from an anonymous post.... I detest Anonymous posts but as the readers wish for them to remain, we allow it. As for your response now( probably same Anon) Ill take your comments on board.
    But I will say this, If you believe my only credibility lies with reports on NRFC, why are you still visiting and commenting on this site?