Sunday, 11 March 2012

Andy Brennan Wins South Hobart the Steve Hudson Cup.

Northern Rangers 4 (T.Hingston, A.Luate 2, G.Tams) def Launceston United 0
Newtown Eagles 3 (Van derlinden, Mckeown) 3 def Launceston City 1
South Hobart 4 (S.Hickey,  A.Brennan 4) def Ulverstone 0
Prospect Knights Forfeit to Glenorchy Knights.
The South Hobart Keeper Saves an Ulverstone Attack
Andy Brennan completed a fine Steve Hudson cup winning the tournament golden boot and helping his side South Hobart to a fourth successive Steve Hudson Cup.
Ulverstone notably missed the services of Brayden Mann, Joel Stone, Adrian Beard and Shaun Conkie, but did pick up Michael Wolfert for this match with Adam Conkie.  South Hobart only seemed to be missing Greg Duffy who is away on leave.
It was a pretty close affair for the majority of the match, despite the eventual blow out in score.  South Hobart opened proceedings early when Andy Brennan was put through by South Hobart’s French star in Loic Ferral.  Brennan controlled the through ball well and slotted it with skill and precision, and many felt the score could get ugly early.
Ulverstone did well however to get back into the game and stay there by soaking up pressure in their back third and hitting South on the counter.  The main issue for Ulverstone was too many players running forward, and no one willing to hold and show feet.
When Ulverstone did get through, generally their final touch let them down and the keeper was able to collect, or the shots were well over the bar.
South Hobarts Dylan Postma
South Hobart was clearly worried only leading 1-0 after 70 minutes of play, and you could feel that Ulverstone were a defensive error from equalising.  South were desperate for the goal that would no doubt close the game, and they found it when Shea Hickey hit an outstanding shot from the top corner of the 18 yard box, and it sailed into the opposite top corner of the goal, leaving the Ulverstone keeper with his feet firmly on the ground.
At 2-0 the game was effectively won, with Ulverstone losing Adam Conkie to cramp, they lost their drive completely from midfield.   South Hobart however were not happy, and went about what can only be described as a bamboozlement of attacks, which left Andy Brennan with 3 goals in less than 10 minutes and gifted South Hobart the Steve Hudson Cup for 2012 with a 5-0 win.
Ulverstone can hold their head high, as the score line probably should have been closer, but credit to South Hobart, they were a class above today.
In the other consolation matches, Prospect could not field a team to compete with their sister club in Glenorchy Knights, so Launceston put a team together for a friendly, unfortunately Launceston President Maurie Krushka didn’t have any more space on the score board after the 9th goal, and the score line was lost after this with Glenorchy smashing whatever it was that Launceston could scramble together.
Northern Rangers defender Luke Tuma
Launceston City gave their reserves a run against New Town Eagles, and New Town came away with a 4-1 win, this included a hat trick to Adam Mckeown while Jack van Linden continued in his goal a game form, chipping in with another for the Eagles.
Rangers finished with third place, courtesy of a 4-0 win over Launceston on Friday night where Agele Luate scored a double before half time.  Gabriel Tams and Tod Hingston netted singles each.
Brennan won the player of the final and took out the golden boot with 10 goals across 4 games, while Ben Foote won the player of the tournament.
Can I thank the Players and Referees and in particular Ian Calcraft, Nathan Pitchford, Piero Cabera and James Ballard for helping me with the results and goal scorers, and the coaches kind enough to return my messages or chat to me after the games so I could provide you all this information, they were Ken Morton, Dane Hudson, Marshall Pooley, Gabriel Tams, Nick Owen and Mark Eagen.
Thanks to Sam Nugteren and Mark Jefferson for taking a few pics for me also.
For prompt posting of results during the winter, the responsibility lies with the clubs to nominate someone to contact Nick Owen, Sam Cocks or myself with your game details.  WE will do all we can to post results by 4:30 each weekend but need your help.
If someone has some pictures and wants to write a few words on your games, we will gladly post it up here, with no guarantees regarding spelling and grammar.
I trust you have enjoyed the readings and pictures during this Hudson Cup.
Brendan Lichtendonk.


  1. Great work Donk. TBW

  2. Prospect covering themselves in glory there! Shambles...

  3. Fantastic work Brendan, always providing a fantastic read and great for the promotion of the beautiful game in Tassie. Good also on Nick and Sam for helping make this a great site.

  4. it was south's 5th title in 5 years in fact and hugh ludford who scored the second rather than shae hickey. it was a well contested match that some heavy challenges and lots of goals which is always good to see in a final

  5. Nick, is there a match report from Dev V Ulv?

  6. Thanks Brendan for the work you and others do in posting this information.

  7. I don't have internet at home for the moment. Devonport flogged us. Not surprising. They were at full strength minus Kenny. We had 3 first team regulars and 2 others vying for senior spots. the rest were reserve players having a run. McGinn got the better of the 40+ Sean Hicks down the wing to provide crosses for the first 2 goals. Don't remember much about the other 3. 5-0 at half time. Stayed that way til the end. Leon Thurley made no real impact when he came on for the last 15 minutes.