Thursday, 8 March 2012

Somerset v Burnie result

Tonight was a see saw game.Both sides were missing key players, Burnie has out Ash Smith,Elliot Stewart, Aiden withers Simon ling,and Peter Vanek but welcomed back Brad Ryan, Aston and Kyrom Johnson. For Somerset they were missing Aaron Moores and Ryan Liston. Somerset looked the better of the two sides in the first half. Having drive through the reliable Keegan Wells and Chris Smith. Danny Eaves had a nice through ball from Smith and found space hitting a shot from about 25 yards, hitting the top left hand corner. A goal which you would see in the English premier league. After the goal the game become a midfield battle. Just before half time somerset were awarded a corner. A low sharp corner from smith seen a deflection from a Burnie player into the goal. Judged an own goal. To burnies credit during the first half they crated some good chances. They created two goals but to be judged off side. Second half saw a more determine Burnie out fit, Burnie scored through Astyn Johnson who received the ball in side the box then carried it down low then Chipped over the keeper to make it 2/1. After the break it become more like the Burnie Somerst riveraly it used to be. With a red card coming from big sides and the more physical game coming into action.The game then become to see saw and both team creating chances but the game stayed 2-1 Somerset.


  1. Dev played Rangers tonight at Valley road, not sure what the final score was, Dev winning early in the second half. looked like both reserve sides to me though, however very high pace and pretty physical for a preseason friendly. Didnt know hardly any of the Rangers side? where have all of those guys come from?

  2. final score was 5-4 to rangers, some of the new players are from Hobart coming up for uni and such, few coming from the under 18s.

  3. Nick, is there a match report from Dev V Ulv?