Friday, 9 March 2012

Rangers v launceston United ( 3rd v 4th Hudson Cup)

Rangers 4 - launceston United 0 Scorers Agele Luate 2 Gabrial Tams 1 Todd Hingston 1 Tonight's match had both sides running either young and up and coming players or letting their reserves have a run. The only noticeable senior player for united was Shannon Rumble,while Rangers rested some of their star players as well. Missing was Chris Hunt,Sam Nuggaten,Brendon Lithchendonk and Mark Ambrose.This allowed Rangers to use some of their talent that is knocking on the door to hold a senior spot. Josh Myer who is from Melbourne had his first senior run and fitting into the Rangers style of play well, setting Hingston up for his goal.


  1. Watching the game Rangers had basically their senior team, yes Ambrose and Hunt were missing but other than that was basically their senior squad

  2. Anon 1 you should know that rangers we terrible yet had about 20 scoring chances! Agele Luate could've finished with 5, Patrick LA couldve had a brace and many others had plenty of chances and of course they had a huge amount of possession.

  3. I put it to you anon, though it doesnt realy matter a squirt of cat piss, but Sam Nugteren and Brendan Lichtendonk will be regular senior team contributers and did not play, and we only had Pat LA for half, given there are still players to come into the senior squad that have yet to play Hudson Cup and Des Schipper may yet return, fridays squad was hardly the senior squad. 60-70% of it though, yes.

  4. I can remember Lonnie Unted having the same discussion after they did exactly the same thing to protect their players against Rangers losing again 4 nil.

    Comments Rangers played nearly their whole side and we played our reserves. What happened Lonnie didnt win a game, and Rangers miised their 3rd straight premiership on goal difference.

    In fact Lonnies team of hacking reserves would have had a better performance yesterday, than their precious seniors, who just want to chirp referees and whinge each time they dont get a free kick.

    Launceston disgusting yesterday.

  5. Fridays game was a carbon copy of last years final round game between the 2 sides, with Rangers trying to play football and Launcestons reserves hacking anyone in site