Sunday, 18 December 2011

Northern Futsal Final and Teams of the Year

On Saturday night the final of the Northern Futsal Premier League was played at Devonport Stadium. The pre-match entertainment was the semi-final between the Onetouchables (Predominantly Rangers players) and FSe Futebol (Ulverstone players). FSe Futebol won their way through to the final with an 11-4 victory.

Unfortunately, for FSe Futebol, They had to front up one hour later to play against the number 1 team in the north, Monkey Mite. It didn't take long to see which team was the superior and Monkey Mite should have been in front by a lot more at half time. It was only the performance of Mikey Grey in goals that kept the scoreline to a somewhat respectable 3-1. In the second half Monkey Mite continued on its merry way and the final scoreline read 10-2. Chris Hunt was named best on field in the final.

Northern League

Team of the Year
Pat Farrell - GK
Adam Beard
Pat Lanau-Atkinson
Gabriel Tams
Mitch Duffy

Player of the Year
Pat Farrell

Golden Boot
Mitch Duffy              25
Gabriel Tams            23
Andy Compagne      18
Aaron Campbell       16
Greg Duffy               16
Jack Hudson            16
Tobius Omenihu       14
Nic Lanau-Atkinson 14
Chris Hunt               13
Mark Ambrose        12

North-West League

Team of the Year
Michael Grey - GK
Tim Reid
Connor Lizotte
Keenan Douce
Joel Stone

Player of the Year
Joel Stone

Golden Boot
Josh Laing                26
Joel Stone                24
Connor Lizotte         16
Jordan Douce          15
Nick Owen              13
Keenan Douce         13
Tim Read                 12
Thomas Maine         12
Brayden Mann         11
Jacob Wiggers         10