Monday, 30 April 2012

Have your say time

Ok, At this point in time we are getting many hits but not many comments. Some times it may take a certain topic for people to post something. So if there is something that you have been waiting to say now is the time. It may be an idea or just general post. Feel free to write what you want. But keep in mind posts will still be moderated...

Friday, 27 April 2012

Round 4 Results

Launceston United 5 def Somerset 2

Riverside 3 def Burnie United 2

Northern Rangers 1 (A.Luate) lost Devonport 2 (K.Mulraney 2)

Ulverstone 4 (Mann 4) defeated Launceston City 0

HighlighLaunceston United Vs Northern Rangers

Monday, 23 April 2012

NPL Tipping Round 4

Somerset v Launceston United

Launceston City v Ulverstone

Burnie United v Riverside

Rangers v Devonport

Ladder After Round 3

N.B 12
Captain Aus 12

Chance 11
Gibbles 11

Patty L.A 10

Twang 9

A.B 8
T.D 8

Bobby 7
Ben Foote 7
Sam 7

D.C 6


Round 3 Highlights, Prospect Knights Vs Somerset Sharks

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Goals From Prospect Knights Vs Somerset Sharkes

Round 3 senior results

Prospect Knights 2 (Crosswell, Duffy) Somerset 0
Ulverstone 5 (S.Conkie 2,Baldock 1, Mann 1, A.Conkie1 )Burnie 0
Rangers 6 (Hunt 2, Hingston, P.Lanau-Atkinson, Petrusma, Towns) Launceston United 2 (Egan, Hudson) Devonport 3 Launceston City 0

Northern Rangers 4 (Tams 4, Petrusma) def Launceston 0
Launceston City 6 def Devonport 4

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

NPL Tipping Round 3

Prospect Knights v Somerset Sharks

Northern Rangers v Launceston United

Ulverstone v Burnie United

Devonport v Launceston City

All Games are at 2:30 pm

Ladder After Round 2

Captain Aus 8
Chance 8

N.B 6

T.D 5
Gibbles 5

Patty 4

Sam 3
Bobby 3
Ben Foote 3
Twang 3
A.B 3

D.C 2

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday Results
Northern Rangers 3 (P.Lanau-Atkinson, T.Hingston, A.Laute) def Prospect Knights 1 (C.Pickering) HT: 1-0
Northern Rangers 2 (Y.Towns, G.Tams) drew Prospect 2
Under 18s:
Northern Rangers 3 defeated Prospect 1
Burnie United 0 lost Devonport Strikers 6
Burnie 2 lost Devonport 5
Under 18's
Burnie 1 drew Devonport 1
Launceston City 1 drew Launceston United 1
Riverside 1 drew Ulverstone 1 (B.Mann)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Mark Baker's Preview.

Dont forget to check it out, no point us writting a preview when we get quality coverage like this.
Link is on the right of screen.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Npl round 2 tipping

Burnie united v Devonport 430 pm Rangers v Prospect Knights 6 pm Launceston city v Launceston united 230 pm Riverside v Ulverstone 230 pm Ladder after round 1 NB 5 points Chance 3 points Bf,Ab,Dc,Jsb,Twang,Patty,Sam,Td,Smp 2 points Capt Aus,Bobby 1point

Monday, 9 April 2012

State Wide Cup Results

Northern Rangers 0 lost to Clarence United 3 (Emmanuel Tsakiris 35′, Hedge 75′, Cairns 77′) [Mitsubishi Park]

 South Hobart 4 (Brennan 3, Merkuzic) defeated University 1 (Patrick Watts) [Darcy Street]

Kingborough Lions 4 (McDonald 28′, Pearce T 60′, Marchioli 69′, Palmer 90′) defeated Ulverstone 0 [Warrior Park]

Hobart United 3 lost to Olympia Warriors 5 (Woolley 3, Kumpelienan, Meredith)  [Pontville]

Glenorchy Knights 3 (Marney, Letiko 2) defeated Beachside 0 [KGV Park]
Devonport City 3 (Mulraney 2, Gratton) lost to Tilford Zebras 5 (Welch 2, Engels 2, Walsh) [Valley Road]

Launceston City 3 (Duncan, Macri, Goodwin) 2 v Taroona 5 (James, Hamilton 2, Dove, Loftus) [Mitsubishi Park]

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Devonport 3 - 3 Ulverstone

Spectators certainly got their money's worth on Saturday when the first instalment of the Leven/Mersey derby took place at Valley Rd.

The first half shocked many, and Ulverstone headed to the changerooms leading 3-0. Ulverstone's first goal saw Iain Roberts-Thompson thunder a shot into the top left corner after being put through by Adam Conkie. The Red's second goal was another rocket, this time from the boot of Brayden Mann. The last goal of the half was scored by Kyle Baldock, who diverted a shot on goal with a little flick to wrong foot the Striker's keeper. Devonport strung together some quality play themselves in the first half but had trouble threatening the Ulverstone goal.

That all changed after half time, though as Devonport started to put pressure on Ulverstone more and more and eventually they earned a penalty that was coolly slotted by Daniel McGinn. The penalty looked dubious from my vantage point as I believed our defender won the ball, but I have been reliably informed by other Ulverstone spectators that it was a fair decision. The big turning point of the game was when McKenna subbed himself on. He played well when he came on but the rest of the team grew an extra leg when he came on and the pressure was relentless. the Strikers second goal came from a goal mouth scramble. Not sure who scored sorry. The equaliser was heart-wrenching for the Reds when Jason Singleton, under a ton of pressure, headed a cross into his own net.

Ulverstone threw away a 3 goal lead but it was hard to fault any player from either side throughout the whole day. It was just a really good spectacle of football. It is also worth commending the young players for both sides. Dev's two younger subs came on and lifted the intensity of an already intense game. Ulverstone's younger players also put their had up and looked like they fit in well at that standard. Signs that a State League side from this area would be more than competitive.

Game Highlights Launceston City Vs Somerset Sharks