Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Pre Season Cup Is Already Here

It only feels like a few weeks ago Somerset were celerbrating thier championship and now only 2 weeks away the preseason comp begins.
Here it is as follws.

Round 1 Febuary 8th Valley Road
1230 pm
Somerset v Devonport

230 pm
Ulverstone v Burnie

15th February Montello
1230 pm
Somerset v Ulverstone

Burnie v Devonport

22nd February Valley Road (again)
1230 pm
Devonport v Ulverstone

Somerset v Burnie

Final has not been set yet, but one can only think it will be at Shark Park as they do not host a game in the rounds.
Also interesting it will be to see who lines up for who over pre season as a few rumors are starting to emerge.....

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

2014 Begins

Hi Guys,
The blog will be up and running again very soon. I am sorry for not posting after September but a new job has tied me down.
I ask could all clubs email me at to create new contacts as this year will be bigger and better right across football in the north/ north west area.