Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Pre Season Cup Is Already Here

It only feels like a few weeks ago Somerset were celerbrating thier championship and now only 2 weeks away the preseason comp begins.
Here it is as follws.

Round 1 Febuary 8th Valley Road
1230 pm
Somerset v Devonport

230 pm
Ulverstone v Burnie

15th February Montello
1230 pm
Somerset v Ulverstone

Burnie v Devonport

22nd February Valley Road (again)
1230 pm
Devonport v Ulverstone

Somerset v Burnie

Final has not been set yet, but one can only think it will be at Shark Park as they do not host a game in the rounds.
Also interesting it will be to see who lines up for who over pre season as a few rumors are starting to emerge.....


  1. Fill us all in on the rumours Sammy

  2. Summer Cup format is changed. Due to the Statewide Cup being brought forward the 4 clubs have decided to go to a different format.
    There will only be 2 rounds. Round 1 will be 22nd February at Valley Road and round 2 will be 1st March at Somerset.
    There will be 6 games starting at 10am and running every hour, each game will consist of 2 x 20 minute halves, therefore each club will have 3 matches on the day.
    This should allow all clubs to give many players a hit out each day.

  3. Great to have the site back up Sam.
    Somerset update = Jeremy DeBomford as Senior Coach and Kevin Considine as Technical Director. Remaining coaches to be announced early February. Training started late after a huge effort to get the club back on track last year.
    Losses include; Sam Cocks (age), Ryan Liston (uni), Andrew Wilcox (uni), Chris Smith (age), Tyler Duniam (gap year), Kaimon Johnson (afl), and possibly 2 others.
    Gains include; Garry Hamilton (taroona), Keegan Wells (gap year) and possibly 5 others.
    Several new Ressies players showing up and Under 18's and 16's looking strong again.
    Looking forward to a competitive season again. Go Sharks !!

  4. Thanks for the update Nige, I think I can speak for both Chris and I that we will be back next year as being 31 isn't that old lol. For me it's the birth of my little girl and Chris his little boy

  5. FFT Northern Presidents meeting this Wednesday, might hear some updates on the clubs, seems I'm not going to get much off this site at the moment.
    Come on guys, we need to talk about our local sport, clubs and competitions otherwise we all lose interest.
    Rumours are Burnie will have a women's team back up again (great news), but Ulverstone may not field an Under 18 side !

  6. Great to have you back Sam, and congrats to you and Chris regarding your new arrivals......well not you AND Chris,(SMITH COX SHARKS LOVECHILD???) as that would be quite a story! you and Chis and your respective partners would be more appropriate.
    And anytime you want an independant Pitch Analysis up at Cardigan Street please let me know Nige, as I know a lot of your players really appreciated me doing this last year.