Sunday, 11 March 2012

No Home Ground Advantage in the North.

Nick Lanau-Atkinson fights for second half possession
The home northern sides were bundled out of the State Wide cup in convincing  fashion in the northern games.
Riverside hosted Glenorchy Knights but suffered a first half hangover, conceding three goals to the better prepared Glenorchy Knights.  Jason Huigsloot, Simon Strang and Aaron Marney all netted for Knights at Windsor Park in the first half, with Riverside struggling to create a chance.
The second half was a closer affair with Riverside getting into the game, but the damage was done and Holmes was commanding the Knights defense, giving the quick but small Riverside forwards no chance.
Riversides goal keeper Mark Littlechild was in good form in goals and kept the score respectable for Olympic.
It was a disaster for Launceston United at Birch Avenue, conceding 2 first half goals and then 2 more early in the second half to trail first division outfit Taroona.  It got worse for Launceston as they turned their frustration onto the referee.  After a number of free kick requests were waved away by Chris Parr, the Launceston forwards turned on him with a barrage of dissent.
Father and Son, Hugo and Eli Lutmer go to battle in the air
together against Launceston United.
Captain Nathan Bartlett was cautioned for shoulder charging his Taroona opposition early in the half, then received his second yellow card and ultimate dismissal for dissent a short time later.  Two other Launceston players followed suit with 4 yellow cards shown between them, all for dissent, and this resulted in Launceston seeing out the game with just 8 players on the pitch in the end.  One of the victims was their form striker Thors Nimely, meaning Launceston will start the Premier League season against Riverside without their captain or star striker.
Regardless of the 3 man advantage at the end of the game, Taroona could not extend their lead, and were eventual four goal winners, with Hugo Lutmer scoring first, a double to Tom Loftus and Tom Young scoring one also.
Burnie were not able to get over Kingborough who continued their strong early season form with a 3-0 win over the North West Coasters.  Pearce getting a brace for the Lions and Farquar kicking one for his club.
Launceston's Jack Hudson prepares to tackle.
It was a goal fest at Olinda Grove with University beating Somerset 5-4 in normal time.  Chris Smith scored a hat trick for the Sharks, but it wasn’t enough, even with a supporting goal from Jason Noonan as University were able to answer the challenge with 5 goals of their own.
At this point Launceston City are the last hope for the North, leading Metro at time of writing this article 3-2.
Riverside 0 lost to Glenorchy Knights 3 (Hiugsloot, Strang, Marney)
Launceston 0 lost to Taroona 4 (T.Young, Lutmer,  Loftus 2)
Kingborough Lions 3 (Pearce T 2, Farquar) defeated Burnie United 0
University 5 def Somerset 4 (Smith 3, Noonan)

Metro 2 (George 2) lost to Launceston City 3 (Macri 2, Sciulli)


  1. Hahaha shambles at birch avenue. Another year of implosion

  2. Uni v Somerset
    30th Minute 1-0 to Uni - twice taken penalty after keeper adjudged to have moved forward early in saving the first attempt.

    47th Minute - Casy Eaves sent off for Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity
    51st Minute 2-0 to Uni
    66th Minute 2-1 to Uni
    70th Minute 3-1 to Uni
    73rd Minute 3-2 to Uni
    76th Minute 4-2 to Uni
    80th Minute 4-3 to Uni
    82nd Minute 5-3 to Uni
    84th Minute 5-4 to Uni
    and stayed that way though 4 minutes of added injury time.

  3. Final score City 3 Metro 2

  4. Does this help the case for the 2013 T league...Hopefully last years top Northern 4 will put up a better show than the bottom 5...One off travel on a long weekend should have been a walk in the park for the NPL teams especially those playing League one sides.The T league will see travel every second weekend , those who enter will need to have much more depth than seems to have been on displayed in the qualifying rounds of the statewide cup.

  5. For the northern comp to remain viable the last thing we need is a T League.

  6. Found this on Walters forum regarding Launcestons send offs, was laughing so hard when I read it, Im sure their Irish coach must have been ropeable:

    Anon 14 yep 3 seperate incidents all 2nd yellows for dissent. The 3rd incident as I was in earshot was disgusting. For a player to go up to a linesman and call him a @#%@ wit is terrible. Should get more than the mandatory sentence.

    Also the Launceston captain did not leave the field of play, stood next to the the fence after he was sent off and stayed there all game,even though he was told by a number of Rangers players watching the game, that he better go to change rooms or his sentence will be worse. Not sure what happened with the 3rd send off, however was something to do with dissent.

    Launceston were terrible and no discipline 4 nil down before the send offs.

    1. so if launceston is so bad why are you blokes talking about them ??? it would have been the worst game by them this year by far, but think back people who was the only team in the hudson cup to give sth hobart a run for there money? Launceston.. so before you start sling shit at them, maybe you should look in your own backyard first.

  7. Joel Stone got 3 weeks for saying F*** off... I wonder if there will be consistency.