Friday, 28 February 2014

Rod Andrews issue apology over comments

Firstly before I release the statement form Devonport I would like to have my say. As both Braydon and Joel are my mates I'm sure both boys and their family's will see where I'm coming from.
Being the Aussies that we all are will always give a hand shake or a pat on the back to wish any one well in their career or chosen sport.
But we on the coast, which we are pretty tight knit are sick to death of seeing players, people moving south to be promised every thing but shown nothing.
A lot of people say they want or either go south to further the career or have better chance of getting picked up in their chosen sport.
Well I disagree as the V League is the stepping stone to go further no matter what club we play for. But if we want to talk about successful clubs well we can't go past Devonport. They finished runner up in the V League and the finals series also finishing 3rd in the NPL but also champions in the reserves and 3rd in the under 18s. So what ever these clubs must be offering must be larger than just football(soccer)......
Here is the statement from club president Rod Andrews.

Earlier in the week, I made some comments on this website, specifically regarding Joel Stone and his move to Hobart. These comments have caused a great deal of hurt and anguish to the Stone family and as such they deserve an unqualified apology from me.

I love the Northwest Coast of Tasmania, and am deeply passionate about its future. Sadly, that passion sometimes gets in the way of considered thought. I’m also determined to do all I can to showcase the game and do the right thing  for the entire North West Football community. My comments did nothing to unite football followers up here – on the contrary.

To the Stone family, again, I can only offer my sincere apologies for the stress and hurt I’ve caused. If I could go back in time and change how I’ve responded to all of this, I would.

I’d also like to apologise to Somerset President  Nigel Brown. Nigel, my response to what in in hindsight was a pretty mild and in most part pretty accurate post, again was the end result of a crap week and not thinking things through. I hope to catch up with you and apologise in person on the weekend.

Finally, I’d just like thank both Joel and Brayden for what they have done for the North West Community. These blokes have done so much – they help coach our juniors, turn up to working Bees, club functions and basically conduct themselves like professionals – not to mention how many kids they have inspired to take up and/or continue the game . The whole of the Coast owes you both a great dept.


  1. Rod, apology accepted but not needed, you like a few others have the guts to put your name to your posts. I like this forum, it allows for not only information to be gained on other clubs, but also allows for the usual banter that exists between rival clubs. Long may we all have thick skins and enjoy the Australian style of humour. I for one know that you will always be the first to offer me a beer at Valley Road, and so it should be so.
    Those of us who have been around our sport for a long time, know and understand the trials and difficulties clubs suffer and survive through. I repeat what I have said before, we need Victory League, I support Victory League...but not at the expense or risk of losing a club on the coast.
    Soccer supporters will always encourage and support those players who endeavor to better themselves at a higher league.
    However Rod, after watching your 2 teams last week, I believe that Devonport has an abundance of real quality youth, many of whom will stay with the Strikers and no doubt ensure you remain very competitive in Victory League.
    Oh..and can you please kick that old goalie back to Cardigan Street when you finish with him.

  2. As a former playing member & coach of the Devonport club and one that many would argue WAS actually 'poached' to travel across the Forth River to play State League whilst my former club, Ulverstone, were still members of the same competition, but not for much longer as it turned out, I cannot help but feel a little embarassed and somewhat ashamed of what has transpired over the past couple of weeks. During my time playing with Dev we were met with many a stumbling block that the powerbrokers of Tasmanian Soccer from the south would put in place to halt our progress, it could never be said that we ever felt the need to publicly cry foul about ever being dealt a bad hand. We simply met each challenge head-on with the commitment & solidarity that has been the signature of many a team from this area of the state in the past, and something I am sure all those involved at Dev will also display after all of the dust of the pre-season build-up has settled. Whilst it takes a large slice of humble pie to openly admit that you may have approached the situation incorrectly, one can only think that the horse may have already bolted in regard to the two players involved ever returning, if and when this may be. While a well written public statement from the 'boss' of the club can be excused a little, what can't be excused is the social media bullying by those 'twits', or is it tweets, not really up with all this modern jargon, that took place afterwards. Doesn't look like the verbal taunting has ceased since I left the club Rod!? Interesting! Well, what will be interesting are the clashes between Dev and the two southern teams concerned. Let's hope there won't be any need for suspensions on or off the pitch when they meet.
    Snow Compagne

  3. Snow Compaigne - the only man who can take a subject that has nothing to do with him, and make it about him

    1. Hahahahahaha awesome

    2. And that, my friends, is the sound of the nail being FIRMLY hit on the head! Snow Compagne having a chirp about suspension, verbal taunting, bullying etc etc. Now I've heard it all!!

  4. Thanks for the apology Rod, it takes a great man to admit when he's wrong and for that it is very much appreciated. Your a top bloke Rod and there is no hard feelings, as the Devonport Strikers will always have our support. We do agree with a lot of what your saying about the NorthWest Coast and its future, it is very frustrating and can understand how your passion can sometimes get caught up with it all. All in all lets just get on with the season and put all this behind us. We'd like to wish you and the Strikers all the best for the season
    Nigel Stone