Thursday, 20 February 2014

Rangers Are Looking Towards Youth In The Hudson Cup And The Coming NPL Season

This week we will get a closer indication of the actual line up of our NPL side, with most of our starting players available in the Southern Summer Cup now that our players from the UK have arrived, There are still a fair few guys unavailable across the weekend with various commitments and injuries.  I really want to focus on developing our next crop of players in the Premier League this year, so where the commitment and hard work is demonstrated from those young players, they will be rewarded, perhaps at the expense of older more experienced players, who some might think should be picked first, but my aim at NPL level is to develop young players first.

Shane and Adam will be given the opportunity to have some form of a run on Sunday depending on how they pull up from the Southern Summer Cup, They only arrived on Wednesday arvo and we need to fast track their preparation somewhat, so I am happy to give them a run during the day if they are up to it.  Im sure the young players will appreciate the opportunity to play next to them, and witness how they prepare for a game.

Launceston had a 4 all draw with our Reserves/U18s last week, Im not sure what can be read into that, as that was a rushed together side in the end on our part, and I am sure Launceston are still building towards week one, we wont be to concerned with what Launceston are doing at this point, we need to get our playing style right, and every game at this point in the season is an opportunity to do that.

Last week we have seen some outstanding performances from some of our young players, so I am looking forward to the likes of Roary Ward, John Wani and Daniel Sparrshot to repeat that, and show it was not a flash in the pan.

I want to walk away on Sunday with the same feeling from last, not regarding the result, but the knowledge that our players are doing as they are asked, and demonstrating the importance of following our game plan.


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