Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Devonport secure another local talent

Bobby Eaves has commited him self to playing the 2013 Victory League Season with the Devonport Strikers.

Eaves playing for South this year.
I have asked Booby a few question about next year and the club he has joined.

S.C After having a few runs with Launceston City and Devonport, You decided to play with Devonport?

BE I have been in talks with lots of people and clubs since the previous season finished and was a bit all over the place to decide where I wanted to go. I had a couple o runs with city and was going to with rangers but work has been a major part of my decision and devonport was the more convenient choice ad I feel I can fully committ being the closest option.
S.C Have you been offered a coaching role with the juniors?
BE I haven't been offered anything specific in terms of coaching but I would like to help in some sort when I can as that is where I really love the game, in junior football. I am in the process of starting my own junior work in the local area but playing is really my main focus this year.
S.C What are your self and Devonport hoping to acheive in the 2013 State League?
BE I think it's pretty obvious that devonport are hoping to win but it's also a big passion of theirs to do it with local talent and there is alot of it about. Personally I am hoping to have an injury free year and try to prove myself as a top player. I love playing and learning so playing at the top level is the only thing on my mind.
S.C What will your roll be with in the squad, I.E position played?
BE I haven't had alot of time to really talk to Chris and nick but I would be hoping to play in my Favourite position in centre midfield. I am slightly fonder of the attacking midfield position at the moment so I will see what happens. I am also hoping to be some what of a leader In Terms of being a senior player.

S.C Devonport have recruited alot of local tallent,Moral and confidence must be high at the club?
BE like I said above it is clear that devonport want to promote local talent and with alot of young talent at their own club it is definitely gonna put a lot of pressure on the senior guys to perform. Interesting times but it's exciting, everyone is a real buzz

S.C Were there any other clubs hoping to get your services for 2013?
BE I was in talks with all three northern clubs and again with south Hobart but with south Hobart being so far away it was really between the northern teams and convenience was the biggest factor for me.

S.C Chris McKenna and Nick Owen are young coaches,So far how would you rate the training sessions?
BE it will be interesting to see how it goes as it gets further along but so far it's been alot of small sided games but pretty high intensity which is good. But Chris and nick were/are both top quality players so they know their stuff and everyone is stupid if they can't learn something of them.
S.C I wish you all the best in 2013 and the future

Bobby while at Somerset with his family                                            Representing Tasmania


  1. Devonport have a lot of depth in the midfield. stone, foote, chilcott, eaves, gorrie. defence may be there downfall with Mann up front with Kenny if fit or mulraney.

  2. Errrrr sideshow bob ay