Thursday, 1 November 2012

Somerset Sharks are on the up

Somerset Sharks have appointed long club person and life member Kevin Considine as their 2013 head club coach.
After having a couple of years away from the sport due to work commitments,Kevin thought it was time to come back and bring the sharks back to its glory days.
After speaking to Kev last night he is in a very posative mind that the Shrks will do well in 2013 and cant wiat for preseason to start.
When asked about player movement and returning players Kev stated "I have had alot of feed back from last years squad(2012) and they are happy to go around again and with a few of the players from the 2006/07 preimership team returning it will give us a good balance of youth and experience.

Traing will comence with a couple of kick abouts before christmas to allow people to catch up before a big preseason starts to be ready for 2013.

Also after having alot of problems with their ground over the last few years.Somerset are happy to say they have a profesional grounds person working hard on the ground to finally get it right for the start of the 2013 preseason cup.It has involved re-digging and grading the ground then re-soiling and top dressing.

For more details about preseason or joing the Somerset Sharks contact
Kevin Considine 0438084577
Sam Cocks 0409793053


  1. older players is better than folding for somerset i guess. All the best guys hope you can field 3 teams :-)

  2. I think you will find that Somerset will have a strong squad this year under Considine.As i have heard of a return of alot of players,as in Kaimon Johnson,Sam Phillips-crole the two Considine boys plus a few others and with the likes of Keygan Wells the Eaves and Chris Smith they will be just as good as any of the V-leauge sides next year.Maybe a few friendly's should be in order.So if the talk is true i very much doubt that they will have no worries fielding 3 teams ANON 2:38.

  3. Haha surely you are having a laugh!

  4. the pitch is always going to be a bog hole.