Thursday, 25 October 2012

NPL BLOG for 2013 (And remainder of 2012)

HI Guys,Girls,Bloggers and Annon's
The NPL site has taken a break over the short off season.
After speaking to fellow blog admin(The Donk) we will be up and running back to normal next week with things happening over the preseason, Player and Coach movements, Players deciding to step up to play state league or decided to be either loyal to thier club or keep playing with their mates they have formed over the years of football.
I guess while im ranting i and on behalf of Brendon, Would thank each and every person who has been invovled or visited this site in 2012.
On that note as well if there is any one who has a spare few minutes a week and would love to be involved with the blog feel free to email me.
Donk will be paying a wage for the person who comes on board as well.(He is not aware yet).

Northern Rangers 2012 NPL Champions
Todd Hingston- George Dale Medal
Nick Owen - Coach of the year
Bryden Mann - Golden boot.


  1. Well done to Nick, Donk, Samwise and Ayds for this year!!! Can't wait for next year (just not the preseason running)

  2. and congrats to the Rat on his Fred Paice and golden boot