Sunday, 30 September 2012

Interview with Walter Pless regarding new League Structures

Listen in as David Wood from Ultra 106.5 FM discusses the new League Structures with Walter Pless.

David Wood is a presenter for Hobarts Ultra 106.5  FM and a
referee for Football Federation Tasmania

Walter Pless (if you have been hiding under a rock) is a
knowledgeable  individual with a huge passion for our sport,
running an insightful website found @
His comments are highly insightful as a result of his experience
as player through previous state league's and now his in depth
knowledge of the game as the premier journalist of our sport
in Tasmania.
Pic -  Tilford Zebras.


  1. I know nothing was said about the npl, but well said Walter. I think both leagues will struggle next year. Will be interesting.
    Just one other thing...... David, what are you on? I want some lol


    anyone up for a trip down south ?

  3. this blog is dead, back to the old advocate and examiner for me.

  4. when and where does launy city train. I'd like to go along and try and get in the team