Monday, 3 September 2012

Who will win the George Dale medal

I know there is a bigger thing to talk about this week but the blog has gone to sleep again. I do wish the Rangers all the best and to be state champions.
But who will win this years George Dale medal?
Take a look at a few players that have been consistent this year with our being suspended.
To me Ben Foote will go close after the reds had a great year.
Chris Hunt from the Rangers has scored a few and looks good in the high lights.
Maybe even Kegan Wells may pole a few.
My gut feeling this years leading vote getter will not be valid due to suspension.
Brayden Mann would be my pick but too many yellows let him down.
So Ben Foote by 6 votes over Chris Hunt...
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  1. Ben Foote, Joel stone and brayden Mann were our 3 top vote getters.
    Would love to see one of those boys get up but Todd hingston is a proven vote getter. He'd be favourite if I was book maker and if brayden is ruled out for his 5 yellows. Ben Foote is a proven vote getter also so it'll be the battle of the beards me thinks. Can't imagine anyone outside the top 3 clubs polling well enough to take it out.

  2. I thought you were only ineligible if you'd been red carded?

  3. Hunty and Toddy will do really well for us I reckon! Brayden will do well (I also thought you were only ineligible if it was a straight red) One of the refs told me that if you get a yellow in a game, they were discouraged from FFT not to select that player for votes for that game. Obviously most refs wouldn't care about that though. Ben Foote is a machine of a player, and always plays well against us...Jesse Curran for Dev would've polled well early, but then was injured...Dev too many votes spread out I would guess. I'm going for Toddy again... jet player, and refs love that beard!

  4. Thanks felas but i reckon you've got it wrong there, and i missed 3 or 4 games. One of the Ranger lads is my tip. I expect it to be very close as Todd would have polled well but also taking votes off him would have been Hunt, Ambrose, P..L. and even Donk ( 3 votes in our first match against you fellas) as well as a few others like Issa, Luate, Beard and Declan.
    So my tip is a 2 or 3 way tie between Todd, Brayden and Ambrose!(Thats if Ambrose played all year?!?)

  5. 1: It will be very close and quite low polling numbers I reckon

    2: Ben, Thanks but I didn't get in the top 3 for NRFC, beardo, toddy and hunty did. I ended up missing 5 games. Would be something very special to win it though.

    3: Is Braden actually ineligible or not, anyone know for sure? even with 5+ yellows he will poll very well!

    4: Will the players that got FFT caps on filmed games correlate to 3 votes on the night? Maybe not, Patty LA got 3 or more caps this year but didnt get in the top 3 for us...

    5: Ben, you will poll well mate and you don't always need to play all games to win... 4 or 5 best ons and a few 1 and 2 votes will do. I think 20 odd votes won it last year... not sure about other years though?

    6: Will Gabriel 'FRED PAICE' Tams win another reserves one?

  6. Brayden smashedn it most of the year, and I think will win by the lenght of Flemington straight. I expect it to be over with around 5 rounds to go, the same with Gibbles smashing the ressies I reckon

  7. Goals & Beards get votes I can tell you that!

    I wasn't here for most of the year but the Mann would be hard to go past with that amount of goals!

    Todd with his Beard is always close to the ref's mind. Possibly too many votes taken from each other in the Ranger ranks aswell.

    Brayden will win me thinks, Hunty to get 2nd.


  8. who were the top 3 vote winners from each club? what about last years joint winner?

    1. haha kidding aren't you??

  9. Oh really? That's suprising.
    I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

    1. Whats surprising?
      Watch out for Nathan Gratton also! should be up there

    2. Because I thought Mark would have polled in his clubs top 3!

  10. I know for a fact that referees are told not to give votes to a player that has been yellow carded in that gamethat is the only thing standing between Mann and a certain victory. Although the refs can seem to remember the rules most weekends so who knows?

  11. The Hunt, Foote tie first. Hingston 3rd.

  12. Baker red carded in the second last match = ineligible + not the greatest year + lacked support from teammates. Winner would have to come from top 3 clubs.


  13. Chilcott, Douglas & Gratton are the top 3 for Devonport.

  14. Righto
    Top 5 in order

    1. This will be just about spot on

  15. Can Brayden win it?

  16. Mann to win the Mens
    Yit Towns to win the Reserves
    That big bloke from Devonport to win the U18s...whats his name?
    Not sure about the women

  17. Off FFT:

    The state's most sought-after individual awards are the Vic Tuting and the George Dale medals for the player of the year in the Southern Premier League and Northern Premier League.

    Last year, the George Dale was shared by Todd Hingston of Northern Rangers and Mark Baker of Prospect Knights (pictured) - with Todd incredibly winning his third consecutive medal. The Vic Tuting was won by Jonathan Ladic from Tilford Zebras.

    The awards are voted by the referees of each match, who confer and give 3 votes to their player of the match, 2 votes to second best afield and 1 vote to the third best - in their judgment.

    Players who are suspended by receipt of a red card or accumulating five yellow cards across the season are ineligible to win the award according to the competition rules.

    In recent years, FFT has published the lists of the top 3 vote-getters at each club as a preview to the award - and they are:

  18. According FFT 5 accumulated yellow cards means you are ineligible.

    Mann to get the most votes but wont win.

  19. Northern Premier League
    Burnie: Andrew Gibson, Steven Gibson, Bradley Ryan
    Devonport City: Bradley Chilcott, Kamil Douglas, Nathan Gratton
    Launceston City: Mitchell Dent, Sam Morley, Alex Sciulli
    Launceston United:Nathan Bartlett, Jack Hudson, Aidan Rigby
    Northern Rangers: Adam Beard, Todd Hingston, Christopher Hunt
    Prospect Knights: Mark Baker, Sean Harris, Toby Omenihu
    Riverside Olympic: Mark Cristy, Nicholas Lanau-Atkinson, Ryan McCarragher
    Somerset: Brody Denehey, Ryan Liston, Keegan Wells
    Ulverstone: Benjamin Foote, Brayden Mann, Joel Stone

  20. Brady Gray is a jet.. when i saw him play he was brilliant. Reminds me a lot of McKenna the way he attacks the ball from corners. He will do well learning from the big fella.

  21. Hopefully Tody smashing a few away like last year, thinking he had no chance, then "shit Ive won and have to get up there", very funny.

  22. Move this one back up top! Here are the three players most likely to take George home.
    3. Todd Hingston - Jet. Don't think he will win, but won't be surprised if he does. Three in a row already, I'm fairly certain that that would play in the mind of the referees. They may deliberately give votes (or maximum votes) elsewhere in a team brimming with ability.
    2. Ben Foote - Always polls well. This year, Ulverstone have finally won enough games for him to have a real chance of winning it. Only danger is that the ineligible Mann takes too many votes.
    1. Nathan Gratton - Polled extremely well last year in a team led by the great Chris McKenna. With McKenna absent from most games this year Gratton is a dead certainty to poll heavily and is (in my books) the favourite.
    Only other real possibility is Chris Hunt, but having said that Shane Woewodin and Adam Cooney won Brownlow medals, so it could be anyone!

  23. Another tie could be on the cards this year!

  24. Todd had a better year this year than last, so will go OK will depend on those who have taken votes off others.

    Has to be a winner from top 3, one would think, as they were miles in front of the other 6 teams.

    Winner is out of Hingston, Hunt, Foote, Stone, Gratton (I doubt it however)