Thursday, 18 August 2011

Live Blog Here On Saturday the 20th Of August.


Prospect have tied up their maiden title, and congratualtions to all involved.

** GOAL DEVONPORT - 3-2, not sure who scored, can someone fill us in

** GOAL RANGERS - 2-0, Schipper plays a short corner, plays into the box and crosses to the waiting Hingston who scores.

** Hunt through one on one but Grey in goals comes out and makes a save outside of his box, cries for a free but again Spicer having none of it.

SUBS: off for Rangers Jago and Tams, on is Summers and Beard.  Nicholson drops back to right back for tams, Summers to midfield while Beard takes Jago's spot up front

Issa Dumbuya Throws in for Rangers during todays game.
GOAL DEVONPORT - 3-1 Mckenna keeps his 100% score record in 2011 NPL matches and pulls one back, is there time?  Ulverstone threatning at the NTCA.

**GOAL KNIGHTS -  3-0 Knights through Croswell.

** Ulverstone send a a nice free kick, rebounds and ends in a poor attempt.

**  Pooley scuffs a clearance to the feet of an Ulverstone Attacker but the shot flashes wide.

** Half time at Harley Prd, Knights are up 2-0.

** Half time here at the NTCA, Rangers up 1-0

** GOAL KNIGHTS - 40th minute, Seasay scores for Knights to make it 2-0, its looking safer by the minute for Knights.

** Hingston scuffs a shot it falls for Nicholson at the far post but brilliant position from Michael Grey in goals saves the chance.

** Cries for a penalty for for Rangers waved away by Mark Spicer.

** GOAL RANGERS - Andrew Nicholson get one on one in the box and tucks it away.

** Ulverstone slam a shot into the up right.

** Chris Hunt for Rangers goes up the goal line, cross to Dumbuya who miss hits it.

** Ulverstone again one on one with Pooley, Stone again, well place but Pooley pulls of a great save. still 0-0 at the NTCA.
** Ulverstone the best chance, Joel Stone through one on one, saved by Pooley in goals, ball plugs at the feet of Stone but Cuschieri clears off the line.

** GOAL KNIGHTS. 8th min at Harley prd and Knights are 1-0 infront thanks to a own goal, possibly Croswell the scorer
** 0-0 at NTCA with Rangers the better of it so far, but only just for the moment.

And we are away at the NTCA. Beautiful sunshine....for the moment.

I will do all I can to live blog the match details from the NTCA here on Saturday the 20th of August.  If I get a reliable informer, I will include Prospect Knights Vs Devonport City as well.


  1. I'll be at the Harley Parade fixture. will post ongoing scores!

  2. Knights 1 - strikers 0

    Croswell scored

  3. 2 nil - sessay