Wednesday, 3 August 2011

This Week's Fixtures

Rangers v Devonport                                     NTCA
Massive! Devonport will still have a chance at the title if they lose but they would be relying on Ulverstone to beat Rangers in the final week: a scenario they would rather avoid. For Rangers, if they don’t win, their title defence will be unsuccessful. Last time they met it was a 3-1 win to Devonport.

Prospect v Launceston City                          Prospect Park
This is a must win game for the Knights. Should they lose and Devonport win, the Strikers take the title. The Knights will be fairly confident going into this match against their over-the-fence rivals and I am sure the news of Throup and Macri being sent off last week was music to their ears. The last time these two met it was a 5-0 win to the Knights.

Ulverstone v Riverside                                  Ulverstone Showgrounds
Ulverstone are certain to finish fourth and will use the remaining two games to experiment with the formation that they will use against South Hobart in the final 4 series. Riverside are currently 1 point ahead of 8th placed Burnie so they should be well motivated to lift themselves up a few spots on the ladder. Last time these two met, Ulverstone triumphed 1-0.

Launceston United v Burnie                        Birch Ave
Can Launceston United get a win in the league? You would think they are a chance against a team that sits one place above them on the ladder, however the result last time out favoured Burnie to the tune of 8-0.  


  1. Rangers v Dev will be a great game. Shame we all have to play at the same time and cant get there to watch it.
    There will be some key match ups.

    McKenna vs Luck. Both strong bodies. McKenna to win that battle.
    Hingston/Schipper v McDonald/Chil. McDonald i hear is carrying a injurie. Rangers better midfield.
    Hunt v Gratten - Rangers will need to keep the ball from the air as Gratten heads well. Hunt will out do him for pace.

    So i think it will be a draw.

    Which will leave Knights in the box seat next week

  2. Cant see Rangers and Devonport being a draw, not sure who will win but I sure there will be a result

  3. Well anon 0401 one thing for certain, is that Rangers will not kick the ball in the air.

  4. to their detriment probably concede a few trying to play it from the back

  5. rangers underdogs, but at full strength for the first time in a long time!!

  6. Would like to get my hand on FFT's crystal ball for rostering the last round of 1 v 2 and 3 v 4 what a cracker !

  7. been at fullstrength all year havent they

  8. Rangers play the 'prettyiest' soccer by far. But i agree with annon 0:54 that they give away goals by trying to play too much out of there back half. Will be interesting to hear if they change that tomorrow. Rangers should win at home, but i have a feeling that Dev will roll them and say goodnight to them

  9. Rangers have had a lot of injuries throughout the year, with a couple of players missing a heap of games.

  10. I would like to wish all teams all the best for the games this weekend and for those involved in the final four all the best, I would also like to thank all clubs for a great year and i hope to see you all again next year as i am not avaliable for the rest of the year due to a nasty calf injury

    All The Best
    Tony Cocker

  11. anon 16:44

    they play a makeshift forward line every other week

    should be an outstanding game goals for both teams get down and watch it i reckon

  12. Dev 2-1
    knights 3-0
    burnie 3-1
    riverside 2-0

  13. It was 3-2 rangers Anon 1:01