Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Final Week: Who Takes The Title?

Prospect Knights
Northern Rangers
Devonport Strikers

There are a few scenarios that could play out this weekend with three teams still in the title race.

For Devonport to take the title, they must beat Prospect and hope that Rangers lose or draw with Ulverstone.

For Rangers to take the title, they must beat Ulverstone and hope Devonport can beat or draw with Prospect.

Prospect have the simplest equation. Win and the title is theirs. Goal difference is well in the Knights favour and it would take a fairly big miracle for it to have any bearing on the outcome.

Prospect v Devonport
Prospect have had an outstanding year and they only need to hold their nerve for one more week to take the title. This is easier said than done though against a Devonport side still gunning for top spot. The last time these two met, Knights had a convincing 3-0 win.

Rangers v Ulverstone
If Rangers could write the script for Saturday they would have themselves down by a goal with 10 minutes to go and then score two late ones to win. This will ensure that Devonport keep pushing all the way through the 90 minutes to get a result. Should Devonport hear a half time score of 3 or 4 -0 to Rangers they may take their foot off the pedal in the second half. Ulverstone have nothing to play for but they have good memories of the NTCA ground and they will be looking to ruin Rangers title aspirations.

Launceston United v Somerset
Most people thought United would get a league win this year. This is your last chance lads. Good luck. It won’t be easy though.

Burnie v Riverside
Both teams merely seeing out the season.


  1. Nick,

    Last outing for Devonport and Knights was 4-1

  2. Bit of a worry Nick if you say Ulverstone have nothing to play for !

    I would have thought the chance to change the shape of the final 3 is something to play for or even a win is always something to play for !

    Sounds like you have ticked the box for a Rangers win !

  3. You've hit the nail on the head when you say Knights only have to keep their nerve for one more match. I think if they lose that is what will cost them. Far superior team than Devenport but the chance of claiming their first premiership will even the game somewhat.
    If Ulverstone were fifth i'd give Rangers a chance of putting 9 or 10 past them but I would think Ulverstone would be putting plenty of people behind the ball and playing on the counter in preparation of playing South Hobart next week. Rangers start praying for Devenport to stand up.
    Ulverstone may just have a chance of snatching a result if they play on the counter. Rangers have conceded plenty especially against lower ranked teams playing this way so Devenport still may consider themselves a chance. Plus any team with Mckenna leading it will not give up easily.
    Devenport a small chance but a chance all the same.
    All in all a great finish but both Rangers and Devenport will need plenty of luck to stop what will be the biggest celebration the city of Launceston has ever seen.
    Knights 2 Devenport 1
    Rangers 4 Ulverstone 2

    If results go as above it would be good for Knights and Rangers to put their heads together next weekend and put on a big day for football followers by playing a double header against their southern opposition.
    I'm assuming Rangers wont have access to the NTCA due to them having it this week so a double header at Harley Parade may be the way to go.
    Rangers v Clarence at 11:30
    Knights v New Town at 2:00
    I wouldn't think it would disadvantage Rangers too much and it would be a great way to get some publicity for the games. Just an Idea.

  4. ntca ias booked for a final should it happen..

  5. Stupid comment yet again about devonport taking their foot of the pedal! They wont, no matter what the scores a tother grounds. Is not their style, never has been, never will be.

  6. All sides go out to win, so wont be a question of anyone not ging out to play. All teams have games next week, with home finals at stake.

    Knights in box seat, with destiny in their own hands will win the league

  7. Ashy will ahve the champers on order already for Knights party lol

  8. How are the grounds going to hold up, covers have been down at NTCA since Monday morning, so wicket will be OK.

  9. Rangers 3-1

    Devonport 2-1

  10. Dev will do Rangers a favour i feel... Both clubs are close and would rather see each other win it.

  11. I would just like to congratulate all teams on a well fought out season! What a wonderful end to a season, where 3 separate teams have the chance to be crowned champions. Whatever happens, I'd like to say congratulations to Knights for a very strong year, the big improvers in my mind. Always a great rivalry between our clubs, but that's what football is made for!!!

    Devonport strong as always, with "the man" Kenny banging in goals, leading the way. Might not be as old as you think mate! pity you lost me $50 when we played you last time round.

    Ulverstone without Brayden, Beardy and a few others has seen some other lads step up to the plate, much to their credit. Excellent first half of the season, few more wins in the second half could've kept you in the race for a little longer....still the finals series to play, good luck to you in that.

    Somerset quite the opposite, apart from the win against Dev early...a pretty ordinary start to the year, but to your credit you all buckled down and showed how to do it in the second half of the season with some good wins and close well fought games. Cracker by Smith in our game....goal of the year? either that or Nickos for rangers vs City second game.

    City with 5 draws? convert those into wins next year and things could be a lot tighter....I personally never like playing against you lads. very proud club, will bounce back next year I'd say.

    Burnie with a lot of discipline troubles early on, and then players leaving...pretty good effort with all that going on. Personally think it'll be good to get those young lads getting senior games...maybe not the ideal way to give them games, but you gotta play the cards you're dealt. Good job Samwise, and good luck next year.

    Riverside is never a side to discount, this year wasn't to be with their captain sidelined through injury for a good chunk of the year. Let's hope you lads bounce back next year too, few wins under your belt and you'll start getting that winning mentality back. Always a good fought tussle between our teams.

    Launnie have a VERY young side! let's hope these boys stay on with you and before long you'll start getting results on the board. Strike force is a lot more impressive than last year, you just need to scrap that offside trap you use.

    Sorry if I've offended anyone writing this, sincerely meant to congratulate, not condemn!

    So good luck to all 3 contenders this week, may the best team win!


  12. Anon 00:01

    I can assure you Devonport dont want Rangers to win !!!!!!!!!

  13. Nice summary Gibbles.

    Best of luck to the 3 clubs left with a chance.

  14. Funnily enough I reckon that Devonport probably want Devonport to win and Rangers & Prospect no to. Just a thought...