Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Player and Coach Movements

Just thought I'd open a post to let you speculate about player and coach movements and appointments.

I cant confirm all of these but:

Chris McKenna to coach Devonport Seniors

Tony Cocker to coach Burnie Seniors

Bobby Eaves to South Hobart

Brayden Mann to Ulverstone

Joel Stone to coach Ulverstone U/18's

Sam Cocks and Chris Smith to Prospect

Any other rumours/truths to add?


  1. It is true I am definitely going to play at south. I find it extremely hard to believe that sam cocks and chris smith will leave young families at thier age to play for free. And the best out if all those is Joel stone. I think that is a fantastic move by ulverstone to incorporate a talented senior player into future coaching structures

  2. Shall be interesting to see how a referee coaches Burnie.

  3. South of Oatlands there is only one coach from the 8 Premier League Clubs who was in the job at the beginning of 2011 season and still there for start of 2012.

    South Hobart - Morton to Morton
    Zebras - Frediani to Kelly
    Clarence - Brown to Bolton
    New Town Eagles - Krambousanos to Pitchford
    Glenorchy Knights - Harrison to Hey
    Kingborough Liuons - Freeman to Rhodes
    Olympia - Hey to Previdi
    University - Wright to Slicer

    How does that compare to the Northern Clubs?

  4. so who's coaching who in the NPL?

    Knights would surely re-appoint Huddo, Troy Scott is at River, McKenna at Port, Rangers have the dream team.

    Whats happening elsewhere?

    John Wheeler still at the sharks?
    Egan going for another year of refining his offside trap?
    Burnie ???
    City have gone quiet on here, what's happening at prospects no.2 club?

  5. Burnie has a referee coaching them from what i hear. Unsure of his name

  6. Yeah it says in the article above.... Tony Cocker. NPL ref of the year 2010.

  7. Rod Andrews seen playing in Devonport six a side competition , rumored to be playing again for Devonport.

  8. prospect knights to lose half a squad ?

  9. why would they lose half a squad?

  10. quiet a number of people

  11. my question is why? and who?