Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Prospect Knights Awards

All votes are 3,2,1 by 3

Under 18’s

1.       Jake Jillett                                           41
2.       Anton La Palambaro                       37
3.       Zac Van Asch                                      34
4.       Josh Hartnett                                     32
5.       Mitchell Chugg                                  31


1.       Deb Lawrence                                   55
2.       Karla Jones                                         40
3.       Skye Van Asch                                   32
4.       Kresta-Lee Davis                              27
5.       Danielle Dwyer                                 19


1.       Andrew Compagne                         34
2.       Chris Pickering                                   29
3.       Damien Thomas                               24
4.       Rhys Kinslow                                      23
5.       Matthew Heald                                21


1.       Matthew Sessay                              49
2.       Greg Duffy                                          36
3.       Toby Omenihu                                  33
4.       Chris Hill                                               29
5.       Chris Pickering                                   26
6.       Ben Crosswell                                    26
7.       Mark Baker                                         24

Greg Duffy won the Brian Davidson Players Player Medal

Thanks to AB


  1. Obviously a great year from Pickers. 5th in the senior award & 2nd in the reserves shows he had a great year. Very underrated player for a number of years.

  2. Apparently Prospect Knights have picked up some Somerset/Burnie boys?
    Any truth to that rumour or just people trying to shop around?

  3. that would be exciting news for prospect,i wish them well.hope its not just players chasing a title.maybe we will see more player movements like this prior to the muted state league of 2013.

  4. mckenna coach of derro port, rat to loose 4 inch's. nettleton of somerset to quit after comitting marrige. T scott of riverside to invest in new string and make a senior come back in the middle.

    plus other shamblesness

    king leo

  5. Anon 20:5

    care to name names under your anon post ?

  6. Chris Smith & Sam Cocks apparently to Knights wanting to win a title.
    Cannot see why you'd want to travel to every game unless they are moving to L'ton. Perhaps Knights are offering them a few free pairs of boots and rego like always.. May see them working in at Sports Power or casino? Or perhaps what I heard is pure bullshit? No idea and carefactor 0 just what I've heard.

  7. Can't see these lads chasing a title at all.You more than likely see them at Somerset next year.But if its true that Mckenna is coaching Dev Smith may go join his old pal over there.AS they were good mates in there younger days.Would be good to see.

  8. anon 18:47

    Interesting to see your coments, you must have more knowledge of the Knights than I have given you mention free boots and rego and jobs but thanks for the free advert.

    I know this is not a fact based site but at least be somewhere near the truth in future.


  9. Personally i cant share your carefactor. Quite an exciting proposition, as a Knights supporter. I am however not in favour of poaching players so as to be the kingpin in weakened competion. That said some player movement is pretty natural, and if it takes a couple of pairs of boots , then i dont have a problem with that.