Thursday, 1 September 2011

Devonport Hold The Edge For A Trip To York Park.

Devonport must go into this Saturdays match against Newtown Eagles with the slightest advantage, after rediscovering some of their form following the win over the Southern Runners Up, Tilford Zebras at the weekend.
Devonport Strikers Import Robbie McDonald
A long road trip awaits Newtown, who would be less than conditioned to two successive bus trips, and this could prove to be the difference in what is expected to be a tough game.
Devonport have only lost once at Valley road this season, a marked improvement on previous years where they have struggled with home form, and home ground advantage will certainly play a part in this weekend’s fixture.
It will be the last time Tom Mcginn oversees the Strikers for the mean time, and its understood to be  Daniel McGinn and Robbie McDonald’s farewell matches for the 2011 season.
Its un clear if McDonald will return in 2012.
Craig Macey is rumoured to be Tom McGinns replacement in 2012, but this is mere speculation on my part.
Daniel McGinn is a promising player who for some reason has struggled to break into the starting line up, despite being a class player who pops up and scores late for Devonport on regular occasions, perhaps he has been intentionally used as an impact player, but I can’t help but think he could have had a greater impact on the NPL should have he received more senior game time.
Chris McKenna has only failed
to score once this year.
Chris Mckenna has had a stellar year and will need to play well to push his side through to a date with either South Hobart or Clarence United at York park next week.
As has been well documented, Devonport’s slow first halves are the only thing the club need overcome to put themselves in the box seat, as their best football seems to follow a good old fashioned berating from the coach at half time.
The biggest obstacle for Devonport will be an inform Adam McKeown up front and arguably one of the best keepers in the state in Nathan Pitchford.  Nathan’s father Steve took over at the helm of the club after George Krambousanos made a spectacular exit during the year, Steve Pitchford has done nothing but good things for the Eagles since assuming the position, and will be keen to keep his giant killing record intact.
A greater emphasis on the strikers defense will go a long way to securing them the win on Saturday as they have struggled to keep clean sheets against quality sides in 2011.
From the North, good luck to the Devonport Strikers, and I’m sure if you are a keen follower of our game, you need no incentive to attend this match at Valley Road.
In the other fixture, South Hobart will lock horns with Clarence United at KGV on Saturday evening, a match South are expected to win, but as they often do, Clarence are hitting some form at the best time of year and Andrew Brown would surely like to retire his senior coaching career with a State Title, and he will have a full strength, fully fit side to pit against the undisputed kings of Tasmanian football in South Hobart at present.


  1. Bamboozledonkey I will not be coaching anywhere next year. FACT

    Rumor has It that the author will be playing in the ulverstone goals in 2012
    after being offered a pie, coke and a contract for cheap british paints.

    Best of luck to derro port hope up get up and pitchfork has an average game.

    Kris McKenna to score his 40th goal of the year and announce that he is expecting twin girls. Simone Wilson to sleep in and miss the match. Shaq to grow another inch and be best on ground.

    Congratulations to knights on the league it sounded like it was a ripper knight(haha)

    See you all at the GD dinner for another hilarious nights early winners and un covered piano genius'.

    King Leo

  2. This blog is very quiet without Rangers and Prospect playing. At least it is always entertaining to hear them brag when they win or make excuses when they lose.

  3. Anon 15:37

    put your name on your comment or are you scared as I would like to know of any post of Knights bragging??

    And for your info there is only one team that can!

    Go back into your hole with your toys little boy!


  4. AB, that was way too easy!

  5. I guess we will see Knights at the George Dale dinner for the first time ever in a couple of weeks.

    AB you bite way too easy mate.

    King Kenny

  6. anon 18:21

    Easy would be to put your name on it !!!

  7. King Kenny,We hope your there so you can hear us,about how we won the league,we would love to remind everyone again winners are grinners by the way we had people there 2 years ago.

  8. I think rangers are stirring again,I don't no why they didn't win anything.

  9. King Kenny,

    Given we are better organised this year and it doesnt fall on the same night as our dinner plus we have to pay for a table anyway, yes we will be there ! I am humbled to hear your concerns over us attending so I will look forward to you buying me a beer !


  10. Not wure why eveytime there is a comment clearly stiring the pot it is straight away put on Rangers hands.
    Capt Aus

  11. This blog still going?

    Ps Mckenna for GD easy!