Saturday, 24 September 2011

Best & Fairest Awards

The Ulverstone SC had their dinner last night. The Best & Fairest winners and top 5 were:

Senior Men - Ken Howe Award 3-2-1 by 2 people
26 - Conor Meaney
23 - Ben Foote
22 - Joel Stone
21 - Dallas Baldock
18 - Adrian Foote

Reserves - John Compagne Award
41 - Sean Hicks
29 - Nathan Vos
26 - James Brandsma
18 - Daniel Morse
18 - Josh Laing

Under 18's
56 - Cedric Cox-Haines
28 - Emerson Bowe
23 - Iain Roberts-Thompson
20 - Sam Thomson
10 - Sam Laing

Senior Women - Betsy Compagne Award  3-2-1 by 3 people
49 - Danielle Mitchell
38 - Phillipa Edwards
34 - Emma Cazaly
34 - Haylee Alderson
29 - Georgia Foote

It would be nice to hear from other clubs about their awards.


  1. You should of got coach of the year nick for getting ulvie to fourth if his your best player

  2. "You should of got coach of the year nick for getting ulvie to fourth if his your best player"

    You should have won Coach Of The Year Nick for getting Ulvie to fourth if he is your best player.
    And you are basing your assessment on.....? You watched a game this year..? Maybe two? You believe your opinion and judgement is worth more than the range of people (two each game)that awarded the votes? I'd be interested to hear how you come to such critical conclusions...?

  3. Conor was on 15 votes with 4 rounds to go. Conor was a bit down in the middle part of the year after his massive game against Launy City where he scored a hattrick and dominated. We pushed him back to defence two weeks before we played Dev in the last round with the view of him marking Kenny. He stepped his game up from here on in and put in some good performances against far more experienced players. He was on 15 votes with 4 games left. In these 4 games we only had the 1 win v Laun City and he and Benny kept us in the game in the first half whilst we struggled. In the other 3 we didn't score but Conor was instrumental in keeping the scorelines respectable.

    You may not rate him but he only turned 17 this year and has massive pontential so I'd just hold your judgement on him for now and see how he goes.


  4. I didn't realise he was so young (Connor) and am personally not too surprised to see him do well in the B@F. He was dangerous up forward against Knights in the first match and was actually surprised to see him play down back in the return leg. And when he did push up in the latter stages of the match he was also dangerous - a good prospect (pardon the pun!) for the future @ Ulvy. Well done

    Stone a quality player also...more flare than the rest - and Foote always plays well against Knights also, same story this year.


  5. Sounds like one of your players Nick having a sly stab at you under an annon....

  6. Who is Connor Meaney?

  7. Heard from a pretty reliable source that braden mann is coming back to the coast next season, any truth in this nick?

  8. The only thing I have heard, and this may or may not be true, is that if Brayden isn't successful with his trials in Melb he is thinking of coming back to the North West.