Friday, 30 August 2013

More Catch Up Games Today

The second round of catch up games are on today with all games in Launceston. With the game of the round being played at Prospect Park with the winner making up the top 4. The Ranger are taking this game and the finals series very seriously with them bringing 6 or 7 V League starters. They will be Todd Hingston, the Lanu-Atkinson twins. Aiden Rigby and a couplet others. Prospect will be hoping to beat cross town rival at home and will be out to make up for last weeks loss. Riverside host champions Somerset with what should be better conditions at Windsor Park today. Riverside will be looking to scalp as many points as possible with the catch up games to make amends for a sub par season. Today may be the day for Olyipic as Somerset have rested a few senior players allowing the guys who have been on the bench most of the year to start today. What ever team the Sharks put on the pitch they will be posative in taking the points. Launceston City host Launceston United in the other game.


  1. Gee surprise, surprise. Rangers couldn't win a thing in V League so lets drop our players back who haven't played NPL all year. Shame on them and shame on FFT, let me guess? They make the top 4 then they will play a full V League squad!!! F^#king joke.

    1. Thought the rule was they can only use 5. Or does that not apply to catch up games?

  2. Feel sorry for all the blokes who got dropped for the rangers to let the 'v league ' players in , work all year to get rangers in to 4th spot then bam dropped ...... The v league players coming back must have no morals shows what kind of blokes these guys really are

  3. Under 18s were playing in Devonport so those who would normally have backed up in the NPL couldn't. Some of the other young guys would normally play L1 then back up and play NPL. Uneducated comments are so easy to make, so I'm sure some of you fellas will keep 'em comin'.

    Rod Fulton

  4. once again Rod opening your mouth,that is wrong when you have a member of your club telling people that they are going to drop players back.But that back fired didn't it.

  5. Who is this rod fellow?? Anyways, when are finals being held? Wouldn't mind planning my life