Thursday, 1 August 2013

Round 16 Could Be Full Of Suprises

Round 16 has some very important and dangerous games being played this week with several different out come could change the ladder dramatically. Bad weather and ground conditions will be on all coaches minds and with 3 games scheduled for the Launceston area would be a little worrying as the Meander Valley Council close the ground at the sniff of rain. If they close the grounds again and it is the three grounds that were closed 2 weeks ago will cause headaches for FFT as the rumour is if any more games are called off and catch up games need to be played the finals series will be scrapped. If that’s the case a lot of clubs will be disappointed as they are vying for top 4 and to play finals. Launceston City v Launceston United 12pm Mitsubishi Park Launceston City are starting to show where they should be on the ladder with a few good results over the last month and will be looking to take the 3 points from the winless Launceston United. The NPL game is before the V League fixture so this will strengthen the City squad and if not already now will be favourites. Roger Mies is still showing he has what it takes to compete against the younger guys and one would think if he had great delivery to him like other clubs he would easily be the leading marks man. Knights V Rangers 2:30 pm Prospect Park In a game that would be called a grudge match. These two teams always lift against each other and you a guaranteed a great game. Prospects ground will slow both sides up with all the rain. Prospect have been hit with a few injures over the last 2 months but will be looking to take the 3 points at home. Andy Compainge and Sean Harris have been combining well up front and will look to cause headaches for the Rangers defence. Ray Heald had this to say” Missing this week Sean Harris, Gallager Innis and Pip Atherton, in comes Andy Compagne, Anton Lapolombara and Josh Hartnett Again a must win for us at home if it stops raining, haven’t trained on the ground this week still to wet, council needs to spend some money on drainage Always a close game with rangers, we will be throwing everything at them this week hoping to move into the top four. The Rangers will be looking to open up a gap from 4th to 5th place with a win away. With the V League playing on Sunday this may allow the Rangers to bolster their squad for this game considering how important this game is. The Rangers play a free flowing and fast passing game but maybe the ground will not allow this at all. Brendan Lichtendonk said this” This week its a must win for our Premier League boys, with both Prospect and ourselves fighting for that spot in the top four. We know it will be a tough match. No changes for us from our draw with Burnie, though we may make a few positional changes. Prospect are a good side, better than there position suggests, so we know we are in for a big battle. Ulverstone V Devonport Strikers 2:30 Ulverstone Show Grounds In another do or die battle this has the making for a great game. 2nd spot is up for grabs and both teams will be wanting it. Ulverstone will be looking to get back on the winners list after last week loss and will use that for drive. Shaun Conkie should be back for this match and with Adam and Connor Meanie creating dangerous attacks, This should be a high scoring game. Last week The Reds were with out Matty Hubbored and with his inclusion this week will strengthen their defence. Devonport find them selves back on the track after having 2 weeks off with the bye and ground closures, They would be hoping for another week of as the V League team plays in Hobart and are taking a few of the NPL players. Rod Andrews said this” After a couple of weeks without games and points we are really keen to get a good result against Ulverstone. The Reds have definitely had the wood on us this season and seem to lift every time they play us. We have a few selection uncertainties, and when I left the table last night we were still unsure about V.League debutant and regular Centre Half Jack Dance’s availability, and speedy young winger Mitchell Blake is injured, so these aspects coupled with our V.League team being in Hobart, mean our depth will be truly tested again this weekend. The other battle will be related to the quality of the post game food – and noting what a cold sausage can do to club relations (see previous blogs on this subject), I hope Ulvie can deliver in this area. Riverside V Somerset Sharks 2:30pm Windsor Park Riverside find them selves at home this week facing ladder leaders Somerset. Riverside will be looking to match the Sharks as they know they can. Riverside started very strongly against the Sharks in the last encounter but lost ways after a sending off. Wayne Penfold will have his troops up and about and will be excepting nothing but a win. Sammy Hughs has had a quite season but you can never ride him or Riverside off. Somerset will be looking for a win and a Devonport loss over the weekend which will allow them to have one hand on the prize with a 8 point gap after this round. But the Sharks know Riverside are no easy beat and especially at home. Kevin Considine said this” After a tough win against Ulverstone last week, the Sharks travel to Riverside in what could be a real danger game? Even though Rivers recent form has not been that good, they are a tough team to crack and with the possibility of several key players missing we will need to be at their best to collect the full points. Ladder After Round 15 1 Somerset 12 11 0 1 55 10 45 33 2 Devonport 12 9 1 2 39 15 24 28 3 Ulverstone 13 9 0 4 31 20 11 27 4 Nth Rangers 14 8 1 5 30 26 4 25 5 Prospect 13 7 2 4 33 20 13 23 6 L'ton City 13 3 2 8 21 43 -22 11 7 Riverside 12 3 1 8 16 25 -9 10 8 Burnie 13 3 1 9 17 37 -20 10 9 L'ton United 12 0 0 12 3 49 -46 0


  1. Can anyone tell me if Rangers and Launny City will get a percentage of the gate from their Victory League games played at KGV this weekend? Obviously, they were meant to be home games...but surely it is only fair that they don't end up with empty pockets by choosing to put the competition first?

  2. I can tell you that city were manning the gate prior to their game yesterday however most would have been there early to watch the first game therefore glenorchy would have got most of it.

  3. only fair for rangers and city to get some gate, prospect took the gate at the ntca on Saturday for their moved games