Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Short list for Tasmanian squad announced

From the FFT website:
The 50-man shortlist comprises two training squads of 25 in the South and North, which will be whittled down to a 16-man state squad following two training matches.
The squad includes players from 15 different clubs and the NTC program. Southern League leaders South Hobart has seven representatives; Northern Rangers has contributed six, with New Town Eagles and Riverside Olympic close behind with five.

Northern Tasmanian Training Squad
Thomas Newman Launceston City
Shannon Rumbal Launceston Utd
Jason Singleton Ulverstone
Sam Morley Launceston City
Nathan Bartlett Launceston Utd
Nathan Gratton Devonport City
Ryan McCarragher Riverside Olympic
Todd Hingston Northern Rangers
Mark Baker Prospect Knights
Jesse Curran Devonport City
Scott Murray Northern Rangers
Nick Lanau-Atkinson Riverside Olympic
Todd Mitchell Riverside Olympic
Oliver Edmondson Riverside Olympic
Agele Luate Northern Rangers
Mark Cristy Riverside Olympic
Chris Hunt Northern Rangers
Kieran Mulraney Devonport City
Brayden Mann Ulverstone
Aidan Rigby Launceston Utd
Joel Stone Ulverstone
Patrick Lanau-Atkinson Northern Rangers
Mitchell Hawksley Launceston Utd
Toby Emenihu Prospect Knights
Declan Cuschieri Northern Rangers

Southern Tasmanian Training Squad
Nathan Pitchford New Town Eagles
Matthew Ferguson South Hobart
Jayden Hey Glenorchy Knights
Andrew Clark New Town Eagles
Eli Luttmer Taroona
Alex Holmes Glenorchy Knights
Paul Stevens NTC
Hugh Ludford South Hobart
Cameron Williams South Hobart
Jordan Muller Tilford Zebras
Liam Scott New Town Eagles
Nick Meredith Olympia FC Warriors
Shae Hickey South Hobart
Henry Fagg Tilford Zebras
Loic Feral South Hobart
Bobby Eaves South Hobart
Jamie De Smit NTC
Adam McKeown New Town Eagles
Aaron Cairns Clarence Utd
Kurt Engels Tilford Zebras
Harry Woolley Olympia FC Warriors
Warren Wadawu Olympia FC Warriors
Alex Lezczynski New Town Eagles
Andy Brennan South Hobart
Joel Schuth Kingborough Lions


  1. Only 2 or maybe players from the north will make the final team. Mann, Hingston and Stone.

    1. Ill tip Hingston, Mann, Stone and Hunt.

  2. Declan and Mitchell hawskley?? Ok who's taking the piss, come on. No Gibbo from burnie (and no I'm not from but or) Whet are all the men? Bunch of kids, will get smashed and embarrassed!!

  3. not meaning to offend anyone but mann, hingston, stone, maybe hunt, rumble and singleton are the only ones with any chance of making the final state squad. expect it to be very southern based

  4. Hunt has been the standout for Rangers all year. He should make the final squad. And why not put a couple of the young ones in as well. They might not be quite ready but the experience would be priceless. They are our future.

  5. singleton best fullback in the northern comp dunno whats down south
    mann,hingston,stone and singleton maybe hunt

  6. Young alex sciulli has to be close to best left back, solid as a rock and runs all day, there are a few of the younger ones that I think could have gone to better young players, hawksley? Declan? Scott Murray and Toby auprised me as well, saying that hope they have a dip and really go for it as I'm sure other players that missed out would kill for the opportunity.

  7. I think the idea of a under 19 state team and a senior team should be put forward to fft, Even if Melbourne victory were to bring down a youth team for tas to play, its a good way for the youth of tas to get notice if you arent involved in a TIS program.

  8. Rumbel will never get there because of attitude tell him something and won't listen and looking at footage he has cost lonnie a few games.

  9. Is ulverstones keeper in the mix?

  10. Singleton isn't the best full back at Ulverstone, let alone NPL. Good luck to him however.
    Hingston and Mann would be the only real chances of making the starting 11 state side with Hunt, Gratton, Stone and Rumble a chance at getting spot on the bench.
    It will be hard for guys to train at full pace for the state-side if they have had big games on the Satruday.... will this see some of the 25 selceted players taking it 'easy' on a Saturday to save themselves for the training matches??

  11. Worst state squad in years they stand no chance what so ever no experience bunch of kids with hardly any quality in there

    1. Is anyone in the squad under 18? I don't think so, also Rooney started playin epl when he was 15!!

  12. Have to agree with the under 19 team and senior team, would be a great opportunity to let the young lads see the level that others there age are playing, and could have a fairly decent under 19 team as there are at least 30 playing seniors week in week out

  13. surely D Baldock or Tabrett from ulvie. Even Wells from Somerset are better center backs than deco,

  14. Tabrett hasnt palyed us much this year has he?

  15. Righto you muppets, some players didn't put their hands up so no point picking players that didn't.
    Clubs were asked to supply a number of players that would have a chance, then the coaches got together to have their say on who would be best(not sure which coaches attended the meeting with reynolds)
    So how about you go and ask your clubs first as to why players your were not picked.
    I thought more dev players would have been in the mix also.

    Secondly to the obviously former great that said:

    Anonymous26 July, 2012 16:25
    Worst state squad in years they stand no chance what so ever no experience bunch of kids with hardly any quality in there

    If you've been watching the NPL over the last few years you would have noticed that the age of the players was decreasing, thus probably why the squad is so young. The better players in the comp are the younger ones that are really talented or with a bit of experience.
    I do hope that you are considering a come back to bring a bit of experience and quality back to the comp. The team will be made up of mostly southern players I would say as they are generally better players(whole other argument as to why they are)

    Good luck to the other northern clubs in the victory league also.