Monday, 23 July 2012

Tasmanian Team Selection Progress

FFT Technical Director and Tasmanian team coach Kurt Reynolds gives us the latest on how the Tassie side is shaping up

68 nominations for the state team have been received from clubs.

After receipt of nominations, Mr Reynolds has moved to organise a series of meetings with SPL & NPL coaches across the state - beginning last Thursday in Burnie, Friday in Launceston and tonight at KGV Park for Southern coaches.

“The squad is shaping up well and the nominations include a quality group of players, as anticipated," Kurt Reynolds said.

“The quality of the nominated players is high and as we work through the process it will be exciting to formulate the team mix and finalise the starting line-up.”

“I see this consultation with the PL coaches as a valuable “feedback/information” gathering exercise which also adds value towards making more knowledgeable squad selection decisions. Apart from that it is always a pleasure to talk football with key coaches in the state.”

“Beyond these discussions we can proceed with confirming a brief series of training or training game moments where I can view the players in action. These will be the key moments towards finalising the state squad that will take the park and will take place over the next couple of weeks,” confirmed Reynolds.

“We are eager to push forward swiftly with the selection process in preparation for pending match opportunities."
For more news on the Tasmanian team, including any match announcements, stay tuned to the FFT website.


  1. Choose your npl players you think will feature in the state team?

  2. Litchendonk

    Macintyre. Gratton. Deco. Wells


    Baker. Toner

    Mann. Nettle ton. Hunt


  3. donkey

    mcintyre wells gratton omeihou

    patty-la baker stone

    hunt mann holden

  4. Rumble.

    Mcintyre. Deco. Gratton. Toby.


    Rigby. Nick la.

    Patty la.

    hunt. mann.

  5. Rumble

    macintyre deco gratton omeihou

    rigby hingston baker

    hunt mann mulraney

  6. Donk
    Chilcott Gratton wells deco

    Baker. B. foot

    Hunt Mann stone

  7. litch

    toby/D Baldock/Wells/A Foote

    Pat LA/Hingston/Stone


  8. Melb victory is naming rights sponsor of t league, just announced here in melbourne

  9. Im flattered lads, but I am shit and not nominating,leave it for the young ones, and as young Alex Bligh proved, we have some young keepers that are worht the investment at the moment. I believe we have nominated rock to clean up Archie.

  10. Rumour is Hunt, Hingston and Mann only northern members of squad

  11. if you look on FFT the 50 man squad has been named with 25 players from the North and 25 from the South.