Monday, 2 July 2012

Football Federation Tasmania Buy More Time in T-League announcement.

Two Clubs that have applied for T-League are Prospect Knights
and the Northern Rangers.
FFT have today issued a press release that puts us in no better picture as to where we were yesterday, only that a major sponsor is in discussions and that FFT believe they are close to gaining a commitment.
As most people were already aware, the T-League looks promising, but for clubs who will have aspirations to be a part of this league, FFT are not making life easy to get organised.  At this stage FFT are remaining on track to announce successful clubs in August, which will leave most clubs, approximately 6 weeks to finalise everything and commence training in mid October.  Im sure many would have been hoping for an announcement sooner ifp possible, but this is unlikely.
The press release reads:
The Football Federation Tasmania Board Has approved the T‐League, The new Tasmanian State football league, to commence in 2013, Subject to the finalisation of a contract with the major sponsor.
“We Wanted to honour the end of June Deadline that we set ourselves to the football community, and today we are able to say that we’re almost over the line,” Mr Boulous said.
South Hobart and Launceston City also applied for T-League
“We’ve gone out to the community and the support we’ve received in difficult times has been really heartening and exciting for football.
“We’re waiting on finalising a contract with our major sponsor and when complete, the league will have the green light”.
Mr Boulous said that until the sponsorship contract was finalised with the major sponsor; it was unlikely that FFT would be making further comment on the T‐League.
Announcements on successful  applicant clubs, sponsors, opportunities for clubs and the football community to engage in planning for the T‐League and the underpinning league structures that cater for players, male and female of all ages and abilities will follow later this month.
FFT outlined in the T‐League application form that clubs that were successful in gaining entry into the T-league would be announced by 6 August 2012.
FFT Remains firmly on track to meet this timeline.


  1. No word yet on the make up of the lower leagues then? NPL senior mens,NPL Reserves or under 23's?, Under 18 or 19's? What's the word? Is creation of a better 1st division on the agenda?

  2. My guess Rangers, Devonport and maybe city to be the northern teams.

    Wouldnt surprise me if FFT went for 6 southern and 2 northern however

  3. My guess


    Launy City

    South Hobart

    Only picked City over Prospect as City have history of state league. Surely only 1 of the 2 get in. Devonport would be my only definite. Rangers and City cover Launy well enough. If Zebras are based at KGV they can cover the northern suburbs and the other clubs cover the rest of Hobart pretty well. Glenorchy Knights and Clarence the big omissions from south.

    Should be an interesting period regarding which players move to T-League teams. There could be more movement the other way away from T-league clubs. Time will tell.

  4. According to Walter pless site the reserve teams of the state league will play in the NPL senior comp. Not sure what will happen with the NPL reserves league.. Will the state teams have to fill these as well? or have a 6 team reserve league?

  5. Agreed with above. Only Rangers and Dev are capable of entering a team atm. Everyone should look at the positives of the T League for our state and not the negatives. We want our up and coming stars to have something to aspire for after they finish their U14 State Teams. We should be in this for the future of our game not what individuals think.

  6. Would think that Clarence would be in there ahead of one of their hobart teams. Or perhaps 6 hobat sides plus Devonport and Rangers

  7. as I understand it, the t league sides will be expected to field teams in the the NPL and SPL. The SPL will be stronger for it, the NPL im not so sure. I also believe there will be 1 NPL side per club and an under age or youth side. This means the Northern LEague One will be expanded. You could argue that this will decrease the participation in the sport at senior level, we will wait and see.

    I am looking forward to the challenges of a state league, whether NRFC are a part of it or not, If FFT are serious, they will move heaven and earth to make it a success and the underpinning leagues that will support it. I just hope they listen to the North, as we are with out doubt then end that stands to lose the most if it flops. Having said that, bring it on!

  8. Still waiting for an answer to the first question. Anyone got any idea on how the unders will take shape? Surely have to align with the south in regard to under 19. Statewide Cup is a farce otherwise.

    1. not sure on this, I would personally rather see the state go for u18s rather than u19s, the best should be playing seniors by 16-18,

    2. It would be more applicable to rename the proposed T league The D League (Disaster) because that is what it will be. The high flyers ought to get out of their ivory towers and talk to the people who have been there twice before. Costs time travel and lack of spectator support is crippling in this the most de centralised of all Australian States

    3. Why do you believe the best should be playing seniors by that age donk? I think it shows the standard the league is at when there are players that age in the top league. Plus the quality young boys should stay in unders to help improve the overall standard and help develop those that may not develop until an older age ( you are an example of this). There will always be the odd player that will be pushing seniors at 15-16 but to have half a dozen or more is not good. Look at Launceston and more recently Burnie. Players that are not up to it destroy the integrity of the league. I dont want this comment to start a slanging match but why didn't the best team win last year? Results against Launceston!

    4. Not all, just the best, Jesse Curran, Yitay towns, Tenzing anderson and many more are better players now for the opportunity to play up and gain that experience at senior level, we pick and choose who comes up and in the case of young Harry Thannhauser, have given him the opportunity to train with the seniors, but continue to play with the unders and get the occasional jump off the bench, and when he has come on, he has owned it. He loves too.
      Im with you regarding taking them all up and leaving a team staved of experience in the 18s, but in the senior group case for us this year, we needed those kids in Jan to end of March, then the Uni students came back and a few more jumped on board and suddenly we are over stocked, the young kids have a taste and in fairness are better than the older guys in some cases and didn’t want to go into the 18s at that stage, and we had built a squad around them.
      This year has been an exception for us in the 18s, we only took two players up (from 18s) Yit and Josh Burk, (Dec, Patt, Scott Murray and Tenz were all playing up last year and are all senior players now in a team that deserves to be fighting for the title) We lost a heap of the rest of the older 18s in some unfortunate and random set of events, some left with parents to the mainland as a result of hard economic times, two just wanted to go and work, one had a major knee operation and two just went missing. That left us with effectively no experience and a very young 18s side on which we could start building a side which should stay together for a period of 3 years, whilst they havnt had the results we would like, they have been better than some scores suggest and Rod has the full support of the club and we are really happy with his work. Maturity has been their biggest enemy, they will come good and the group have a strong desire to succeed and progress through this. We are happy with their progress, and I don’t think any of them would feel like they have been let down by the senior lads or the club, quite the opposite, but I will say this, and Adam whitemore is to be credited with changing the focus in this regard, the aim of the club is not to win Under 18 and reserve premierships, whilst its great and we will always try, the club most produce footballers first and foremost, and in theory, Senior premierships will follow, and hopefully, we can produce an A-League player in the future, that would be the measure of success.

    5. If your physically up to it age is not even a consideration.If a 14 year old is in your best 11 then as a coach he would be in my side,PELE played in a world cup final at 17.

  9. Captain Oz, if you said that in your T League meeting, Northern Rangers will be a shoe in. Impressive response and philosphy.