Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Preview of Round 14 in the Forestry Tasmania NPL

Northern Rangers Vs Launceston United – NTCA
Chris Hunt in action against Launceston Earlier this year.
Northern Rangers got away with a very close win last time these two sides met at Birch Avenue, will the wide expanse of the NTCA prove this game to be a different result.  With the constant rain early in the week, the passing game of Rangers will be slowed with the ground wet under foot and the wicket block almost certain to be tacky at best, but with mainly clear conditions, the game should go ahead regardless.
Launceston had availability problems last week and succumbed to the vastly improved Launceston City, they will need a considerable return to form to force Rangers to the last moments again this week.

Ulverstone Vs Prospect Knights - Ulverstone Showgrounds

Matthew Sesay will be hungry for goals
against Ulverstone this week.

One ground that wont be affected by the rain is the Ulverstone Showgrounds, Prospect have struggled against Ulverstone over the resent years, and a continuation of such results will make things very difficult for the Knights.   Knights will however take confidence from the match against Northern Rangers, particularly the first half where they should have put the game to bed.  A repeat of that first half performance against Ulverstone will have the Knights singing again.  Ulverstone however will be keen to cement themselves into the top four with a return to form after the surprise loss to Burnie last weekend.  Nick Owen would be confident this week, but must be wary of the Prospect forward line.

Devonport Strikers Vs Burnie United - Valley Road

Sam Cocks will be lucky to find himslef this far forward
on the weekend against Devonport.

Devonport seem to be quietly going about their business now, putting each team to the sword as they cross them.  The overseas injection has brought the consistency in results now with Robby McDonald bolstering an already talented side.    None can deny their ability to score goals, and with Chris Mckenna in some of the best form in recent memory, Burnie will struggle to contain their coastal neighbours.  Sam Cocks should line himself at up at sweeper, which will make for a delightful spectical as he goes head to head with Mckenna and McDonald.  Cocks will be sweating on the fitness of some of his better players in Ashtyn Johnston and Elliot Stewart, if they play, Burnie may just fancy their chances.

Launceston City Vs Somerset - Mitsubishi Park

City's Keeper David Smith has been in good form, 
A good game from him could be the difference
on Saturday between City and Somerset.
This is the battle of the improvers.  Somerset announced a return to form after their 4-1 win over Riverside on the road last week, so the trip to Launceston seems to do nothing to their confidence.  City have also had some good results lately, and would like this to continue against the Sharks.  An outside chance the game may yet get postponed, as the local council and FFT will assess the ground on Friday to see if it can be re opened for this weekend’s matches. It all bodes well for a close but high scoring match, and might well be worth the money at the gate if you are in the area.  A top four finish is on the line this week for City especially.


  1. I reckon there will be a upset this weekend.

    Knights 2-1 over Uverstone
    Dev 2-2 Burnie
    Laun City 3 - Somerset 1
    Rangers 4 - 0 Launceston

  2. Would be worth noting that Luke Burton of Devonport has not been in Australia for the past month and wont be returning this season

  3. duely noted and fixed, thanks Powermann5000.....who ever you are?

  4. Has anyone seen City's ground? Do you think the games will go ahead this weekend?

  5. Ulvie Knights Draw
    Dev 4-1
    Somersert 2-0
    Rangers 4-2

  6. Knights 4-1
    Dev 7-2
    City 3-2
    Rangers 9-0

  7. Knights 3-1 to break the voodoo.
    Burnie 3-2 in a classic coastal battle.
    somerset 4-2 quit a soiled team if they fire.
    Rangers 6-1 Rangers to pen them in and score a bag off goal mouth scambles.

  8. with the first part of my post im going to sound like a rangers supporter.!! Knights in no danger at ulvie,the seaside hamlet will be hit by a tsunami.having got that out of the way, and leaving the ...i hopes out, devonport ,city and rangers all too good.(FOOT NOTE) ......... Kevin Considine ......WHERE ARE YOU?

  9. Ulv def knights 2-1

    Dev def burnie 3-0

    Laun c def som 3-2

    rangers def laun 7-0

  10. A Devonport win and a Prospect draw or loss in the reserves today would see the young Strikers wrap up the Premiership with 4 games to go!

  11. Any reserve results yet Dev 4 burnie 0