Friday, 1 July 2011

This Week's Fixtures

Riverside v Somerset          Windsor Park
Fourth spot is still within reach for Riverside if they have a good finish to the season but it has to secure a win over the Sharks this weekend to keep the pressure on. Somerset may miss Bobby Eaves, if the reports are true, and this could be enough to unsettle their side and give River the advantage. Riverside won the first round encounter 4-2.

Ulverstone v Burnie          Ulverstone Showgrounds
Ulverstone have had the last two weekends off and should be fired up to take on Burnie this week. Ulverstone will be looking to have a win to keep the pressure on whoever loses the Rangers/Knights clash and to keep the gap between them and 5th place. Finishing 4th in the league leaves you with a long trip to take on South Hobart so third spot or higher will be the aim. Burnie will be looking to bounce back to some form after losses to Knights and Taroona in their past two matches. Ulverstone won the first round 3-1.

Launceston City v Launceston United           Mitsubishi Park
These two teams have played twice this year with the ledger all square at a game each. City won the league match 4-3 but United won the cup match 2-1. United will fancy their chances of beating City again but City are a proud club and will remember that defeat as if it were yesterday. United are running out of games to get a result and you would think they are close. Is this the weekend?

Prospect v Rangers           Prospect Park
Bang! Massive game! Judging by the blog comments, the two teams don’t like each other much and with a shot at a premiership at stake, this is a must win for both teams. It will be hard for either team to score you would think, with the two best defences in the league on show, however South Hobart put 6 past Rangers last week to prove their defence has weaknesses. Also, the last time these two met, Knights conceded a third of their total goals conceded for the year. Rangers won 3-0. With plenty of tension and lots at stake, this will surely be game of the round. The winner will go to the top of the ladder.

Devonport – Bye
This is one week Kenny won’t score! Rest up old fella.


  1. Anonymous said...Somerset to win even with Eaves in reserves

    Ulvestone to get over the line - to much to play for

    United to get their first win in the league this year

    If Prospect play their best 11 tipping a win to them in a fiery contest

  2. Sharks seniors 4-1 over river in a good game river played 2nd half with 10 sharks scorers smith 1 Nettleton 1 Denehey 2
    Reserves 3-2 to sharks eaves 2 best
    Unders. 1-0 win to river

  3. U18s' United 3 - 1 City

    Seniors United 1 - 6 City

  4. i can now say that the reason rangers didn't ask knights to play sth hobart at harley parade is the ground is a shambles.
    Ruined what could have been a far better game.


  5. Todd you want to bring up a game you lost 6-1 hmmmm maybe you wld have a closer game at PP not! Ow but that's right your ground wasn't fit to play on!

  6. anon 02 July, 2011 19:28


  7. It's no wonder everyone hates Rangers

  8. todd...if harley parade is a shambles, what does that make the NTCA???.....why don't Rangers play at Georgetown, which, as I recall was one of the aspects included in their application to join league back in the 90's???

  9. todd don't blame the ground for your game,Well done to rangers but we no that when you have to give a 10 meter pass you can't but a 5 meter you can so enjoy the win a don't blame your game over the ground and you can ask any 1 that played and watch you were s##t,and your club would argree so stop being a sook you big girl!

  10. Anon 2:26 remember the game come GD night. 3 votes T. Higston. Oh, wait a second, thats right your club doesn't attend the fft dinner. Your probably just upset he gave you a bath.

  11. Anon 02:26 are you sure your talking about Todd there and not Mark Baker, description sounded very much like him to me.

  12. Gee Im glad Sam Luck played ;)

  13. Rangers v Knights was a good game between traditional foes. Nice and tight with Rangers just the better on the day.

    Cant take much out of the Rangers v South Hobart game, South put 7 past Glenorchy on the weekend.

  14. Here we go again Rangers talking about the GD !

    And good to see they are humble in Victory once again.

    I suppose we all have to accept the true colours of this side, shame really !

    But I suppose when the supports cheer off the ref then we know what they are all about !

    p.s. was the ref and ex Ranger Coach that denied the goal?

  15. Todd poor first half. Dominated in 2nd half when Rangers needed it and scored. That's what the best players do

  16. South put 8 and 5 past Clarence. 6 v zebras, 7 v knights. Apart from beachside who parked the bus noone has got within 5 goals for the last 2 months

  17. I think you will find the Ranger supporters clapped off a galant Knights team, with a bit of tongue in ceek fun with Spice as well.

  18. Perhaps Rangers and Knights need to make a separate blog in which they can argue and bitch on, without everyone else having to read it. Who really cares whose ground is worse, or if Sam Luck played footy.

  19. good called foot and mouth or fingers and chips haha.