Saturday, 9 July 2011

Match Report Ulverstone v Knights

Ulverstone 0-3 Knights 
Knights scored early after a mistake at the back by Ulverstone. Adrian Foote attempted to pass the ball back to Will Cox-Haines in goal but only managed to hit it into a nearby Ulverstone defender. The ball bounced into the path of a Knights striker, who drove home well from a 45 degree angle. (I was too busy worrying about my lot to notice who scored for Knights on all 3 goals. Please give scorers if you know). The second goal came about 35 minutes into the half when Ben Hutchinson failed to clear a ball he probably should have. In a crowded goal box, a Prospect player pounced on the opportunity to make it 2-0. It stayed this way until half time.

The second half looked to start badly for Ulverstone when Dallas Baldock fouled a player in the corner of the box after another defensive mix up. The hobbling Ben Croswell stepped up to take the penalty, however he missed the target to the right. Ulverstone gained confidence from there and started to really worry the Knights. Unfortunately for Ulverstone, Prospect put the game beyond doubt with about 5 to go. It appeared to be a well taken goal and the Knights player claimed it was intentional, but I suspect it was a timely miskick.

I guess there was a touch of karma in this outcome. We probably didn’t deserve a point the first time we played but we at least deserved one today. The Knights 3rd goal came about due to us having only 2 remaining defenders, with all our numbers searching for a goal pushing forward. Their first two goals were only due to our mistakes and their strikers’ ability to pounce on those types of chances. Our defence did a good job of negating attacks. Tom Maine didn’t allow Sessay to get in behind our defence and Conor Meaney did a good job containing Ben Croswell. Our strikers, Josh Laing and Kyle Baldock, played well but we are just lacking a striker who consistently scores goals. Across the field, it was a much improved performance from our Burnie game and we showed plenty of fighting spirit.

The first half was fairly even but I think we had the better of the second half. Having said that I think the Knights were really good defensively and we only managed less than a handful of decent chances even though we were putting a lot of pressure on. The good chances we did have were expertly blocked by the experienced Beardwood in goals. The Knights did carry Croswell for most of the game and I would think that he carried an injury into the game rather than getting injured during the game. In the end, they won because they defended well and took their opportunities when they fell. We made mistakes in defence that were crucial, they didn’t.


  1. It's interesting to hear the views of Ulverstone coach but from knights point of view we missed many chances and controlled the game all day and if fair should have been 5-0

    ps Croswell strained a muscle 5 mins in but was and is ok

  2. I am pretty consistent with telling it like it is. Knights played nervously for most of the second half and only felt comfortable after the 3rd goal went in late. Apart from the penalty miss I can only remember one clear cut chance that was well saved by our keeper. Sure, they had a few half chances but you can't say they should be goals. So I would agree that you probably should have scored 4.

    If fair, you would at least acknowledge that Ulvie had 3 or 4 clear chances to score. We had three shots block on the line in quick sucession in the first half and Beardy made at least two reflex saves to deny us from close range in the second half.

    I accept we lost because we made mistakes and didn't finish our chances. But for you to talk up that effort as controlling and implying it was dominant... well you're not fooling me.

    Crossa might be OK now but was definately not OK during the game. He limped all over the place and had no impact on the game. I was almost going to encourage our players to put in a few crunching tackles on him but he was more beneficial to us on the park as he was doing nothing.


  3. Nick you are truly showing you have no idea and to say Ben had no impact, didn't he score and isn't that impact ?

    Ulverstone was ok in the front 3rd but poor everywhere else and it was a similar game to the first round only a differant score.

    I can understand you need to talk up your play to keep your players motivated but nobody is fooling you, you have done that yourself.

  4. Crosswell took a couple of hard hits last week against Rangers

    possible reason why he was a bit sore yesterday

  5. The fact that your name is missing from your comment suggests that your knowledge of the game is questionable. I stand by my comments and will agree to disagree with you.

    As far as pumping my players up, if you go back through the posts and look at the last three match reports you will find no such pumping up. I only give credit to our guys when it is deserved.


  6. although i did not see the game, i don't know how a 3-0 result to knights should have had ulvestone sharing the points to be fair??
    1-0 win yes. but 3?
    just cope it on the chin and look towards your next opponent.


  7. Ulive hanging onto a top 4 place, after looking home only a few weeks ago.

    Still to play Devonport and Rangers, plus a huge game with City, will they keep there nerve.

    Hope they do, they have had a good year

  8. Nicks report is how he sees things, its all subjective.

    Knights whinging again!

  9. anon 17:18

    So Knights cant say how they see it ?

  10. I think Nick does a great job to put a report together each week. Some may have a different opinion and that's OK as well.

    Maybe Knights can add there report of the match so everyone can pick it to pieces too...

  11. he obviously didnt see a lot, there were 3 goals and he missed all 3?? bit suss

  12. Anon 0:05

    maybe you should read the coments! It was no more than giving a point of view, but hey if you don't want to hear it don't read it!

    Isn't this a blog? Maybe best for all clubs not to say anything and just chat about the weather, now that's interesting! Or we can grow up and stop abusing people right to express their opion and not just that of the author!