Sunday, 17 July 2011

Match Report Laun City 1 - 2 Ulverstone

Match Report Launceston City v Ulverstone

It was a tale of two halves at Mitsubishi Park. In the first half, City had the better of things and created numerous chances. Ulverstone goalkeeper, Will Cox-Haines, had his best game of the season and denied City a number of times. City struck the framework at least twice in the opening half. City got the goal they deserved through a slick move down the right with a quick one two and then finished just inside the near post (excuse my ignorance again for not knowing names). The City keeper, David Smith, made one outstanding save during the half to deny Conor Meaney from long range. 1-0 at half time.

Ulverstone came out a different side in the second half and started applying plenty of pressure. The Reds lost Tom Maine early in the second half after copping a whack on the nose via some friendly fire. City’s defence would prove hard to crack and it wasn’t until just after the 30 minute mark of the second half when Kyle Baldock side-footed the ball from the edge of the area into the top right corner. The winner came from a free kick that Michael Grey earned on the edge of the area. Baldock got rid of most of the cobwebs in the top right corner with his equaliser, but Ben Foote’s precision free kick made sure there were none left. City had pressure on late to equalise but, after 7 minutes injury time, Ulvie held out for a 2-1 win

We were probably lucky that we weren’t 2 or 3 down in the first half. To the lads credit they turned that effort right round in the second half and probably deserved the win on that effort. Lino Sciulli will probably be cursing his luck after the missed chances in the first half and the 2 unstoppable goals that beat him on the day.


  1. should have been a draw ;)


  2. Why does the City keeper talk with a fake English accent?

  3. Ha :)A draw probably would have been a fair result JW! They deserved a point for their first half perfrmance.

    For the record... I didn't say last week v Knights should have been a draw. I said we probably deserved a point. slight difference. But why let semantics stand in the way of good banter!


  4. I was there as a neutral as Rangers had the bye, was a game of 2 halves, three well taken goals