Wednesday, 27 July 2011

State League? To be or not to be? Your thoughts.

Its an on going question, and at the request of AE, we put this to the football public of the North to discuss.


  1. depends if it has the level and competitive spirit of last state league for sure if not scrap it will probably even out both legs into one with the clubs from the north getting stronger and south also

  2. There are many pros as well as cons for the development of state league but as we are discussing state league starting again our AFL cousins are discussing folding theirs.
    If we are to start we need to ensure that it is a model that can be sustainable. In past issues we have tried the normal home and away system and the cost etc has been the downfall. Perhaps we try something different perhaps similar to the conference system in the States (NFL) and then having a shortened playoff with the qualifyers of this.

  3. Sides from the North to look like this:

    2 from Lton, 2 North West

    Dev, Ulv to be the "Red Strikers"
    Som, Bur "Blue emus"

    City, Knights "Launceston Knights"
    Lton,Riv,Rang "Launceston Olympic Rangers"

    Each side have a NPL side and players drafted into each of the above
    ha ha ha

  4. It is FFA and FFT plan to link each side to an A-League club which can only be a massive plus for future players!

  5. Geoff Rickley27 July, 2011 21:19

    realistically if we want this sport to progress further in tasmania and be taken serious by the public, the proposed state league will be the only way forward. It needs to be done properly and FFT will need to find a way for this to work for all clubs that will be involved.
    I would suggest FFT bringing in someone from outside of the organisation as it currently stands to lead a team of representatives to find out the best way to make this work

  6. More chance of getting to the moon then to see those Launceston mergers

  7. Same with the north west ones!!!

  8. There would obviously be 2 main concerns:
    -Costs involved, specifically travel
    -teams not in the league being able to survive, specifically the northern teams due to lack of depth

    Would it be viable to have 2 of the Launceston teams being Knights and City and right next to each other? Probably not...

    Something which would help financially would be sharing the pre season cup, while I think it still should be the Steve Hudson cup, its about time some other teams got a look into receiving revenue instead of paying Launceston

  9. I think Birch is the only ground available in the Summer in Lton isnt it?

  10. Its not a summer League !

  11. Anon 16:43- Dont believe anyone has had the opportunity to ask, as Launceston keep FFT out of the steve hudson cup and wont let them run it...

  12. There is no state league in hockey or basketball.
    Rugby Union has one only because it only has 10 teams statewide and not enough teams to runa a regional competition either north or south..AFL Tasmania operates a near fully professional league with salary caps and has many clubs questioning its viability after only 2 years back in operation. So unless FFA is going to fund and statewide soccer league and the travel it would sadly go the same way the previous attempts have gone..Possibly killing off soccer in Northern Tasmania..Tread very carefully for mine.

  13. It is not money that kills off a league it is a want to have it!

    AFL Tas pays 50k a year soon to 100k per team, so it's not money!

    Why do we need to care if other sports don't want it, let's be the first if not only
    and have a leg up on other sports!