Saturday, 2 July 2011

Saturday Results for the 2nd of July

Launceston City 6 defeated Launceston 1
Northern Rangers (Hunt, Hingston) defeated Prospect Knights 1 (Croswell)
Somerset 4 defeated Riverside 1
Burnie United 2 (Bremner, Stitz) defeated Ulverstone 1 (Hutchinson)

Prospect Knights 0 drew Northern Rangers 0
Somerset 3 defeated Riverside 2

Under 18s
Launceston United 3 defeated Launceston City 1
Prospect Knights 0 drew Northern Rangers 0
Somerset 1 defeated Riverside 0


  1. At Least united U18s' Well Off, 7 points clear of 2nd place rangers and a win next week will crown them champs. Seniors was disappointing generally speaking

  2. why not drop your senior team back to 18s to ensure the win next week?

  3. 1st i thnk the seniors then will probably get smashed.

    2nd United U18s will smash rangers

    3rd it's not MY team as i'm a just a parent. It's up to the coaching staff to make those decision.

  4. Why not play the unders in the senior comp, may get a win for a change

  5. U18's is a mickey mouse league anyway. So if Launceston u18 team are that good they'd be ahead of half of their senior team. There's alot of players getting around the league playing seniors that are eligble for u18 still.

  6. Dev have all their best 18's in the reserves. They would walk the u18's if they wanted to. Best kids should play seniors asap. Rangers look like they have 3-4 u18's in the seniors - big guy at the back, Patty up front and Murray in midfeld. They'd smash 18's if they dropped them down. River also have plenty of unders playing up. 18's is weak comp, development not results should be the focus there

  7. Somerset has at least 6 Unders playing seniors and about the same playing reserves. Proving ther worth in the under 19 cup.