Saturday, 30 July 2011

Match Report Devonport v Ulverstone

Devonport 3 - 0 Ulverstone
H-T 1-0

It was a physically contested game without too many highlights other than the hat-trick scored by Chris McKenna. Ulverstone held out well in the first half after numerous corners and free-kicks. Kenny scored his first with an unstoppable drive just inside the far post with about 30 minutes gone. Conor Meaney did a pretty good job on McKenna in the first half despite the goal, as he at least provided a contest to put him off on most occasions. The only other event of note in the first half was when Joel Stone received his first yellow for persistant infringement.

Ulverstone came out with a bit more endeavour after the half and the contest evened up a bit, although they were unable to create any clear cut chances. McKenna's second goal came from a throw in. He outjumped 2 defenders to flick the ball into a dangerous area. The ball then came back across the face of goal where Kenny found himself unmarked to tap home an almost unguarded net. Joel Stone received his 2nd yellow after a tackle on the half way line broke down a fast break. With the Strikers 2-0 up and Ulvie reduced to ten men the game was all but over. McKenna finished of his hat-trick after he again outjumped two defenders  to expertly head home a quality cross from the right.

Before the knockers start giving us the '1 man team' routine, I would say that is far from the truth. Sure, they are certainly a better team with him in it, but you would say Rangers are a better team with Hingston or Knights are better with Sessay. Devonport certainly defended well and only allowed 1 or 2 decent chances for us to score and Keep in goal dealt with these no worries. Although McDonald didn't stand out, he showed glimpses of being a class player and most other players were solid. I don't think Devonport played overly well on the day but they were better than us and got the result which, I think, reflected how the game went.


  1. Can He be stopped??

  2. NOPE. the man will run riot on the weekend.

    will the rangers score enough to win the game

    will devonport keep up the scoring game of late

    some big names on show for the weekend will they all stand up

  3. I know this is all opinion based nick, but.....
    Were you watching the same game as me?? McDonald was best on ground by a mile. He played the perfect midfielders game, was never knocked of the ball, won every physical contest,kept posession at all times and found plenty of space by working super hard off the ball.

    Ive only seen him twice now, but he stood out for me more than any other player in a game this year (excepting the young bloke from devonprt 2s who totally dominated from midfield, future star of the NPL!)

    Highlight of the day(or should be lowlight) was when your skipper intentionally threw the ball into a strikers players face who was standing completely still infront of him, only for DeCani to wave play on, instead of showing the red card it deserved!

    You are right about Mckenna not being a one man show although I thought his game was top draw still. I reckon the whole one man team thing could probably just be put to bed. not sure it needs to be brought up at all, no matter who the team or individual is! It's just a stupid baseless comment from people trying to get a bite!


  4. the young bloke from the dev2s is jesse, and he is going to be more then a future star of the npl.

  5. a strikers fan no doubt?

  6. Thats it, Jesse. Had a mental blank when writing last message. Looked the part in his 15 mins in the senior game too. exciting talent!

    Yeah im a strikers fan and former player.

    Hadn't made the trip up to see them play for a while and was very impressed with McDonald and Jesse (Curran??).


  7. AE.. why did the throw in deserve a red??? what says that isnt part of the rules?? Decani was off the show all day, without a doubt.

  8. Unless the rule has changed in the last year or so, that is a send off offence.

    My biggest issue is that the referee let play continue like nothing happened at all. Not sledging the player (ive done many dumber things in my time). Just suprised the inncident went by like it didn't happen.

  9. FYI:

  10. Whoever you are/ support I would get down to watch Rangers v Devonport at NTCA! I think the two best teams in the comp currently, no disrepect to knights who are just a shade behind, have got results though. However Saturdays game will showcase the best in the North and will be an awesome match to watch! I'm tipping the game of the year in the league. Both teams as close to full strength and the League title on the line! Massive Game with it all on the line!

    I know i can't wait!


  11. MP I think you will find that the following weeks with Dev v Knights will be the game you are talking about, so people wait a couple of weeks for the real game !!!