Thursday, 28 July 2011

Mark Baker to play 300 games this week for Prospect Knights

Prospect Knights midfielder Mark Baker will run out this weekend for the Knights and play his 300th game for the club. I’m sure it will be far from his thoughts as he works to ensure Knights keep their Championship destiny in their own hands with a win over cross town rivals Riverside, but should Knights be in front at the final whistle, the celebrations will be that little bit more special.

It’s an achievement that will probably pass with little fuss as Mark tends to go about his business in a quiet manner, but it’s an achievement that deserves recognition none the less, 300 games at one club is s fine effort, perhaps Anton can share some stats and points of interest regarding Mark Bakers history at PKFC.

Congratulations to Mark, he serves our game outstandingly through his efforts at the Examiner not to mention what he offers to the sport as a player and leader and he deserves a little time in the spot light himself after his tireless efforts in promoting the game.

Lets be honest, where would the NPL be in terms of newspaper coverage without him.


  1. Congrats Mark. A great contributor to our game on & off the park.
    Chris McKenna

  2. good luck mark well done on the achievement. would like to say hope you win however that would be a white lie. tmcg

  3. Good work Bakes, wishing you and Knighters all the best on the weekend all the way from the Uk and move a step closer on winning the League!

    James Wilson

  4. Mark, you are a champion on and off the park and I personally wish you all the best and hope to see many more games in the future from the most decorated player Knights have had in the modern era.

    p.s. Just dont score any goals !


  5. Well done Mark,You are an outstanding player and always are a hard opponent.Also cover the NPL in the Examiner with fine fashion.
    Congrats again mate.
    Sam Cocks

  6. Congrats Mark,
    Looking forward to the 25 page liftout in Examiner.


  7. congrats mark,it's been great playing with you for all those years. cheers Nathan

  8. Congratulations mate, have a big game and put yourself in the paper ;) Gabriel Tams

  9. Great achievement Mark. Your commitment in training and games is second to known. Have really enjoyed play along side you for the past 4 years and also battling against you prior to that. All I ask is please score just one more goal this year. I'll try and hold back a bit so you can shine on the weekend. LOL

  10. Well done Mark, youve been a loyal and highly valued member of the club for 15 years. I remember your first senior game well.You also managed to involve other members of your family..Sue and Des who remain friends and valued by the club.


  11. 300 games of being a dirty hack.. Might try and get a few of our boys to pay you back with a few tomorrow or atleast warn them to watch out for their knees.

    Great achievement mate. Well done.

    Will have a beer with you after the game,


  12. Well done Mark ,it was always a pleasure playing with you for all those years . Keep up the good work.

    Tommy Yum Yum (alias robbie scott)

  13. Congrats Mark. An outstanding individual and bloke. Ben Foote should get you a nice present as he copys what your write for his write up in the advocate lol

  14. Congrats Bakes! A great achievement on the park to go with your great work off
    the park. Oh...and try not to injure yourself tackling anyone this weekend!

    From your journalistic superior,

    The other Examiner reporter.

  15. Congrats Baker a fair and top player who is as loyal as a german shepard all the best A . Macri