Friday, 22 July 2011

Devonport v Hobart Olympia

Tom McGinn with his thoughts on Devonport's Statewide Cup semi final clash with Hobart Olympia.

“We are looking forward to the game and on a normal ground would be going in with huge confidence as over the past few weeks we have strung some good victories together. Not that we will use the ground as any excuse as we are still confident however will be a new surface and it will  take a little time to get used to the bounce.

We have a full squad to pick from with no injury concerns and will make it good for me as only maybe some personnel or positional changes.

Like any team we are aware that they will try very hard to close us down quickly and especially McKenna however as proven this year with Chris scoring in every game that is not always that easy.

In defence we have tightened up really well with us only letting a handful of goals in since early on in the season and all the boys including our goalkeeper have been performing well

Robert McDonald has fitted in very well with his partnership with young chilla and our midfield once again has given us good drive.

Obviously our wide men and forwards will hopefully be the key as hopefully we will make the running as we are an attacking team.

Regardless of any ladder position I always respect any opponent however being coach of Hobart Olympia in the past I know that they will be ready as they take north south games serious.

My hope is we can win this and take it to a north – south final for the good of the game in the state.”

Hobart Olympia has already knocked off 2 NPL teams on the road to the semi finals in Somerset and Ulverstone. In both games the Warriors got off to quick starts. They led Somerset 5-0 after about 25 minutes and led Ulverstone 3-0 after only 20 minutes. It may pay for Devonport to take a cautious approach for the first 30 minutes until they get used to the synthetic pitch. Olympia has had the luck of the draw so far this Cup as they have been drawn at home for all 4 Cup games. Hopefully, this is the week they go down. Devonport may have to compete, not only with a fired up Warrior outfit, but also with a vociferous Warrior crowd. Good luck Strikers!

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