Monday, 18 April 2011

Young Guns Interview 1 - Bradley Chilcott

Brad Chilcott giving us the full-frontal spread down in front of Devonport's NW Summer Cup winning side

Name: Bradley Chilcott
Number: 7
Position/s: Center midfield right midfield left back right back center back sweeper

Where did you play junior soccer? Ulverstone

Were you in any representative teams? North West under 10s 12s 14s 16s/ state in 07
Is anyone else from these teams playing senior football in Tas? yes most players are

Who has been the most influential coach for you so far? Andrew howe

Are you aiming to play at a higher level than the NPL? No i enjoy playing football but I have other goals in life

Who has been the most helpful player at your club in terms of fitting in around the place and developing your game? i grew up at my club so fitting in was no problem and john (snow) compagne helped me most with my game

What do you like most about your club? every one gets along really well

Who are the top 5 players in the NPL? Give 1 sentence on each as to why you rate them.
1. Todd Hingston, his ability to not move out of the center circle and get more touches off the ball then anyone on the field.
2. Matty Sessay, his speed, good touch and knows how to put the ball in the back of the net.
3. Kaimon Johnson, he reads the play so well and would have to be one of the strongest players in the NPL.
4.  Sam Hughes, for a young player who nearly made it into the Tas team last year must mean something.
5. Chris (Kenny) McKenna, he is a great leader and his ability to never say never and to do it week in week out.

Thanks to Tom McGinn and Bradley for answering the interview so promptly. Hopefully I receive a few more soon to put up over Easter. If you think you're worthy, or know someone who is, your coaches should have the details. I have had trouble getting hold of a representative from Launy Utd, Launy City and Somerset. I may need up-to-date contacts for these clubs. If anyone can help with some details it would be appreciated.


  1. good interview
    Chilla is a down to earth bloke and what he has to say makes an interesting read

  2. agreed not a bad little player not their best but ok for his age